Admiral Car Insurance, the Best Option For Us

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If you're over the age of 50 then you will be pleased to know that it is now relatively easy to find good quality Admiral car insurance. You can find it easily through the Internet by simply typing "Admiral car insurance" into any search engine. You will find that there are a number of different websites offering discounts and deals on this highly rated insurance product.

So what should you look out for when comparing Admiral car insurance?

Admiral Car Insurance, the Best Option For Us

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Top 3 Car Insurance Companies: Saga Insurance (over 50s), NFU Mutual (for over 50s only), and the auto insurance specialists known as A.C. Good or Adriana's. All three of these insurance products cater primarily to drivers within a specified geographical area, so you will see an overlap in coverage. Also, both Saga and NFU offer group insurance and you can also see a number of pros and cons comparison sites comparing these three products side by side. Both include more than 50 vehicle-insured covers so ensuring you are protected against total loss and third party liability, which could occur at any time.

How To Find The Top 10 Car Insurers: All of the insurers we have listed here provide excellent customer service. We have contacted all of them via telephone, email, and online forms and asked each to respond to our research. From our research, we have mapped all the insurers into the top 10 car insurers based on several key factors.

Firstly, we decided to list all the insurers into two categories, those offering fully comprehensive car insurance and those offering collision cover. There are some insurers who may offer a combination of these but our research had proved that this was rare. Comprehensive cover usually includes injury cover, comprehensive cover, and third party cover. Each of these provides the driver with peace of mind, the main difference being that comprehensive cover is usually required for young drivers with no accidents or tickets while the costlier third party only cover is suitable for experienced drivers with at least one car accident or ticket.

The second factor that went into our selection process was the extent of the excess, which is the amount the insurer pays towards a claim before they take over the rest of the cost. The type of excess used to determine the size of our top 10 list. We decided that the higher the excess the more expensive the premiums, but that some insurers would be suitable if the excess was lower than the cost of the premium. Excesses are usually quoted as a percentage of the car's market price.

Finally, we looked at the level of customer service each of the insurers offered. Not surprisingly, all of the top insurers provided excellent customer support and there were never any claims made against any of the insurers. This may not always be the case; if you were unfortunate enough to make an accidental claim you would want to check to see if the company would offer compensation to make this right. Not all insurers offer this so be sure to ask before you agree to sign on the dotted line.

In terms of benefits, we decided on those three which gave us the most peace of mind. Admiral Insurance was our choice because we are well covered and our premiums are low compared to other high-street car insurers. The next insurer on the list was Third Party, which has good customer support and a competitive rate. We also took a look at The Club, which provides car insurance cover for members. Their website does a very good job of explaining their cover and what to expect. Finally, we selected Carters, who offers value for money and has very reasonable premiums.

Overall, we found that our experiences made the whole process go smoothly. Admiral car insurance was the best choice overall, thanks to our three advantages that they offer. Unfortunately, we missed out on three other advantages, namely a courtesy car cover for the second hand car we happened to have, which saved us a great deal of money as part of our annual policy. The total cost of our annual premiums was just over a hundred and fifty pounds. While this is far from pocket change, it's something we're happy to have had. We certainly recommend Admiral car insurance to anyone looking for a good deal in the UK car insurance market place.

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