Admiral Car Insurance Offers Comprehensive Car Cover For Women

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Admiral car insurance is one of the leading insurance companies that offer high quality insurance products at affordable premiums. Admiral is a leading UK-based independent insurance firm. It was established 1993 specialising in auto insurance. Admiral was voted the top auto insurance provider by the annual Personal Finance magazine for five consecutive years * making it the only company to win such prestigious recognition. It also became one of the biggest selling insurance products in the world.

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Admiral car insurance

Admiral car insurance has several main insurance product categories including Third Party, Fire and Theft and General Liability cover. It also offers a range of additional product lines to complement its main policies. These include: Breakdown cover, Protected Delivery, European cover, Employer's Liability Insurance, and Road Risk. Each of these product lines has different benefits and features. Some of these are:

* Protect your own interests - free 250 excess cover means that if you get involved in an accident and need quick medical treatment you will not have to pay for this yourself. This free cover will be suitable for people over the age of twenty-five who drive a vehicle that is not registered under the Government's temporary Car Insurance scheme. * Get quotes up front and easy - with just a few clicks of your mouse you can instantly get admiral car insurance quotes. You don't even have to visit their website. You can receive a quote via email or telephone.

Reliable and Experienced

admiral car insurance has been at the forefront of providing extensive cover for many years. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced professional drivers who will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are covered if something does go wrong. You can trust them to give you a quote based on the type of vehicle that you have, the age of the driver, and your experience of driving. If you have had a speeding ticket or other offence, you will be fully covered by admiral car insurance as will be the case if you have made any claims during the last twelve months.

Easy claims Management

when you make a claim it can sometimes be hard to know where to start next. Admiral car insurance products provide a fast, simple, and easy way to make a claim. You can make a claim for damage only, for goods damaged by vandalism or theft, or for medical expenses. You will even be able to make a claim for death or injury if the cause of death or injury was other than collision.

Comprehensive and Third Party Only Covers

every aspect of admiral car insurance is inclusive. You will be offered a complete cover for both damage to the third party and also for damage to your own car. You will find that the third party only will cover damage caused by your own fault or accident and that comprehensive cover offers cover for damage caused by vandalism, theft, malicious vandalism, acts of violence and events like riots. Comprehensive cover will not pay for your car being stolen or damaged through fire and theft. You will find that the majority of policies offer third party, fire and theft as standard and you may choose to include these extras for an extra premium.

Fire and Theft Bonus

this bonus is available at a discount to all new customers of admiral car insurance and there are no age restrictions or minimum qualifications for this bonus. The fire and theft bonus offers a percentage discount on your basic car insurance premiums when you take this extra step. If you already have three stars or a higher level of car safety then you may want to consider upgrading to this level of protection. You will be offered an alternative quote for this level of protection at the rate you were previously quoted but with the added bonus of having the discount for having three stars.

Admiral car insurance gives you the added comfort of peace of mind as it offers fully comprehensive car insurance for women. You will be protected against a wide range of policy risks including fire, theft, weather risks and events like riots and accidents. There are many different types of policy available to suit your needs and there are many options open to you when it comes to protecting yourself whilst you are on the road. If you feel under covered or have questions regarding your policy please contact one of the experienced advisers on-line today and one day your worries could be a thing of the past.

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