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Eileen of Honolulu, HI Verified Reviewer

Without understanding exactly what the insurance was for I signed up as another advantage with my company. I had coverage along with also a hospital indemnity policy along with a cancer coverage. Every time my children went into the dentist - they'd send $25 to me. One of my children got Xrays -. The tests arrive at your mailbox right in under 10 days - paper checks. It was quite simple to file claims on the net and also the cash honestly felt just like free cash because I wasn't expecting it (although I know finally I'd paid into it before ).

The hospital indemnity policy paid every time to me. I think for deliveries you receive a 200 reimbursement. However, my pregnancy had complications, I had been at the hospital for a week with remedies and Aflac ended up paying me nearly $3000 - that helped me pay the section of the hospital bill my insurance did not pay - with some leftover.

It ended up being a small pain to receive my hospital records into the asserts department that is Aflac - however the moment I did - 10 days, I got a test signing. Less hassle than I'd expect for a claim. I miss using policy and started my own company. I'll sign my company for this insurance. The testament a business is a client, right? For being simple to use Thank you Aflac.

Gina of San Antonio, TX Verified Reviewer

I have had AFLAC for 3 decades now. As they have done exactly what they say they'll do for me, I really don't have anything negative to say about the business. I have never had an issue getting my Hospital Indemnity insurance claims paid out. It's been a blessing in disguise since I end up at the hospital and get ill. I find if you email them the information that they 16, claims become paid out faster. Additionally, it does not hurt to send them than what they request a bit more.

Should they require a UB 04 send an itemized bill. So long as I've submitted everything that they require and requested me for I have never had any issues with any of my claims being processed and paid out fast normally within four days per week depending on when I facsimile info or email them. The AFLAC agents are good and helpful. I have never had any issues. Continue the Fantastic job AFLAC.

Brian of Sevierville, TN Verified Reviewer

Following our Aflac went in impact, my wife dropped. They've paid the state in a day once I send in the paperwork to everything. For many years I had been doubtful about Aflac. I wish I'd done this years ago. I suggest it.

CODY of Bismarck, ND Verified Reviewer

aflac review logo insurance faq

I have a large number of troubles that are healthcare. I had been put on FMLA on August 27th, 2019 until Sept. 30th, 2019 impending the next appt since the pain in my illness along with also a collapse. On Sept. 30th, 2019 my doctor sent me off to the rest FMLA, which I had to beg her to do because she did not need me working at all. I understand over 90 days AFLAC pays but I am not prepared to go through SSA on disability for a lifetime. I want 8 operations as of today. In addition to my disorder.

So with the disability filled. Only so EVERYONE knows... their promises dept is WAY behind just like about per month. It is not their fault. I had been Salty with them at the start before I awakened and realized they were not likely can't assist any quicker.

My claim is being performed. Know that for anybody filing and after now. . The asserts dept. is on compulsory overtime working until midnight rather than 5. . Attempting to have caught up. However they're falling behind as claims are currently coming in than could be managed now. If filing following this post for disability anticipate per month waiting period. But strive to be simpler and better than I had been. They're attempting to catch up.

Mark of Gilroy, CA Verified Reviewer

Is the truth. Had Aflac additional to insurance. Roughly $20.00 extra charge monthly for policy. Had 4 years prior to the crash. Got hit in my Harley. Broken ankle and leg. Ambulance and operation $60,000 in medical bills $4,000 from the pocket. Aflac paid me $268.00. That ought to be sufficient.

Trevor of Christiansburg, VA Verified Reviewer

Had surgery hurt on the job in an accident. Aflac paid me for the operation without fix due to the heading on the surgical report. Since the Drs didn't understand what was wrong it was an operation. Rather than reading reports to cover I was compensated by them about going for that which was. That they didn't pay me to my esophagus along with different 17, even searching time.

Again moved from this heading report. 2 weeks after appearance was refused. I've 8 images showing harm to the operation and fixes. The report says that regions mended and were torn. However, Aflac read the accounts the heading. Don't expect them to cover you if anything happens seriously for you. 45 days for me. Twist them

Franklin of Aurora, CO Verified Reviewer

This provider is a rip-off. They'll take your cash, Show You advertisements that say they are there to assist you whenever you're needing to pay bills in case you've got an Accident Injury or sickness and wind up in the hospital but if you file a claim without any surprise -- your claim does not fall under some of the subtitles. Do not waste your cash. It is a rip-off. They are only there to take your cash and won't ever cover.

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Kristine of North Kingstown, RI Verified Reviewer

After all of the back and forth, I'm pleased to report that I got my refund.Initial review: May 5, 2020

I'd signed up to get a cancer coverage. I realized I didn't want it cancelled together with all the rep one month. All of a sudden, in 2020, the provider begins taking 15/week from my paycheck out. I called the rep I named a complaint registered . They continue to refuse to reimburse the $75 they state that I never cancelled and owe me to me. So who paid for the coverage for 2017, 2018 and 2019 Unsure how they could do watch out dishonest, really unprofessional, and not inclined to admit they made a mistake.

Brian of Savannah, GA Verified Reviewer

I received this coverage. It had a problem when. I had a shoulder replacement and had an injury on the job. It was awful being out of work. Hundreds of dollars less than my paycheck. So to Assist Correct, However, I had an Aflac Disability Policy? No! Maybe not on an at work Crash. I will inform you that depending upon your Employer they Do need to cover ANY of the illness time that is accrued to you. They can... However, they do not need to and aren't required to by law. My Employer of nearly 10 years didn't

Megha of Huntsville, AL Verified Reviewer

I bought four AFLAC policies (two for myself and 2 for my partner ) in January 2019 once I onboarded together with my brand new firm. It's been taken from my paycheck. I have never had to submit a claim. I discovered and suffered a torn ACL first week I needed to get surgery. On March 11th I phoned a claim to submit ahead of my operation to discover, I was not in the computer system. They had my coverage from years before, although not my brand new ones. They said to give them to get me. I thought, 'No problem. So that will make sense, I have never filed a claim earlier'.

March 17th: AFLAC is called by me. I figure out I was not in the machine and was advised to talk with my companion about it was an issue on their end? So, I moved into my HR dept. My HR rep stated she'd talk with the AFLAC rep and get it all settled. March 19th: I've operation. March 23rdI telephone my claim to document. Not in the computer system. I email my HR rep, that had been shocked that it was an issue. I had been told that they went to have it repaired and I'd hear something. March 31st: I email. Same response. Still awaiting it to get fixed.

April 16thI left my business. I emailed my HR rep and was told my advice had been submitted by that their AFLAC representative and was awaiting a single touch. I had been told that their AFLAC rep could be in touch that day. 1 week and that I have heard nothing. I emailed my HR rep that was previously requested his contact details. Still waiting. April 22I contacted if I had been in the computer system AFLAC to determine. Nope! I talked with a rep that needed to write a letter to summarize the issue. She was fine enough, but I must wait to listen to anything.

I am disappointed in AFLAC/whoever their rep is for my firm. It shouldn't be a hassle to receive rewards. EVER. Thank god I'm not in a bind like men and women, but I compensated for my advantage, and that I need my money. I have paid $700 for Physical Therapy sessions and my operation copay out of pocket. Since I do not have a policy amount Now, I can not even submit a claim!

As I go, I shall update this review, but I am irritated. Be careful once you register. It appears their agents are hit or miss in job duties and their own work. They do not look at the fact that customers arrive with asserts, not only commissions, and it's their obligation to be certain they're placed into the machine from the very start.

Sandra of Auburn, WAVerified Reviewer

I'd short term disability with Aflac. They paid nothing to get my handicap... They didn't approve of my er trip, or off my time... I won't ever cover this extra insurance ... Just another strategy to dupe you from your cash! Do not do it!!!

Gina of Fletcher, NCVerified Reviewer

Be sure to inquire to form these reviews. Nothing but a page of one-star reviews will be seen by you and I'd when I could give zero stars. I've had this policy through my company for a long time. This was my very first attempt. I won't renew. My daughter needed an emergency operation in 2019. This is the deadline for this particular claim follows - if you address them, OH and KEEP GOOD NOTES.

Mid-October 2019 - I try to finish the claim online. The site won't let me upload my files. I call and email those and I am instructed to continue with no files. Nov 5, 2019 - since there wasn't any way to receive a status update when this really is a group policy through your 30, that I had been checking on the promise. Ryan informs me that what I supplied wasn't sufficient, I want to ship out a form that is UV4. Of the hospital will ship to me is an itemized statement instead of a UV4, although I attempt to ask one. This form is emailed by me.

Nov 7, 2019 - Letter from Aflac states that they want advice for my Hospital Indemnity to assert, and documentation that is necessary wasn't provided. Nov 8, 2019 - Another suggestion from Aflac since it wasn't a crash, denying my Accident Claim. As it had been a HOSPITAL INDEMNITY CLAIM that would. Nov 12, 2019 - Still another letter. They can't process with no diagnosis code. With supporting documentation please publish codes.

Nov 13, 2019 - that I talk to Laurie. I have to say to use the authorization to acquire any documentation and will have to get a signed consent form to recover the identification code. The form has to be signed in ink by my adult girl that lives 4 hours away. Although I'm sending PDF documents, they won't accept signatures that are secured. Away in the email, it belongs to my daughter. The promise closes while I wait patiently for the form.

Dec 16, 2019 - I open a NEW claim and ship the identical documentation I've previously in addition to all the extra asked cover letter and discharge consent form. Jan 24, 2020 - that I call to check on the claim standing since it's been more than a month and group policyholders can't have internet access to their account (you must call).

The identification code is still needed by them. (???) I clarify that I understand that, and that's why I added the forms to permit it to be got by them. Records are found I shipped and my claim has been shipped back into the AUDITOR (recall this, since it reveals again).

Jan 27, 2020 - that I receive a letter obsolete to Jan 23 that says that the claim is closed since asked documentation wasn't obtained and assert was incomplete. To add insult to injury, it further says the entry doesn't support board and room (they had an itemized invoice for all including lines such as"personal telemetry space and maintenance" to get a 5 day hospital stay). It states they left several efforts to get me. (No, they didn't ).

Feb 6, 2020 - I talked to look at the claim standing in Jan 24 after my telephone to confirm the claim did return to a AUDITOR. I have a notice that the final update was on Feb 4 - an email a case supervisor, to Lynn. I had to permit time for your hospital to react to the request of Aflac . Feb 28, 2020 - that I talked to look at the claim standing.

He says they are anticipating the identification code. Their form is wanted by the hospital. He says they're currently anticipating that to be returned out of ME. I inform him it has not come to me personally. I affirm my email address and telephone number. The promise is returned by him to the AUDITOR.

She says they are waiting for me to reunite the consent form of the hospital. Perhaps you have obtained it? NOPE! I affirm email, by telephone, and mailing address. She yields the AUDITOR the promise. Have you ever noticed a pattern here?

The claim was denied two (maybe 3) days for a variety of reasons, and the only time that they EVER contact me personally would be to inform me that the claim is refused due to their oversite or because they want more info - EXCEPT when it comes to sending me that this hospital consent form I never receive. Nobody emails me. Nobody calls me. Nobody sends me personally this kind.

I'm been trying to find this claim. Those advertisements about requiring your money on TV? Forget it. This cash was had by us. If ever we won't see it before July. Run as quickly as possible. Put the money you would have compensated thieves and liars right into a financial institution account for all these situations once you truly need it, rather than throwing it away to con artists.

Adam of Schaumburg, ILVerified Reviewer

What a joke. Do not think about it. I obtained Aflac thru the woman was helpful, then if my children were hospitalized and we'd additional invoices, Aflac stated you did not click staying overnight in the hospital, also claims were refused. They provide you with a technicality. Useless, if you don't prefer to bet.

Michael of Franklinville, NCVerified Reviewer

High price VERY payout. Was put off lied to my invoices were coming, canceling ASAP, run individuals off. Run, why do people pay this amount for nothing, I am done.

Robert of Saint Peters, MOVerified Reviewer

If a claim is filed by you that they allow you to jump through unnecessary infantry. Their representatives are great to sign up for you and take your money but futile when it is time to aid with a promise. When a claim is filed by you they start making requests. I had a heart attack and also they claim I did not. They were told by my cardiologist I had also the ER Doc verified enzymes and also a heart attack. My artery was 95 and 2 stents were taken by me. 3 days at the hospital and NOTHING. Once I shipped them gobs of newspaper they refused my claim. If you don't would like to give away money Don't use Aflac.

Michael of Detroit, MIVerified Reviewer

My scenario has been disagreeable, being my mom next of kin I have had to manage her promises. It's now March and they have yet to receive it disabling me. Whenever I call back for a few clarity I've re-explained the experience that is painful around. I am convinced that in Aflac, the hand does not know what the left is currently performing.

Philomen of Carson, CAVerified Reviewer

I have been a member/customer of AFLAC for 19 decades. I was assisted by them. The indication of these times of woes, their firm has shifted & as they did previously, they do not honor claims. I was paying AFLAC and am 71 years old but am a fulltime worker. Back in December 2019, I had expected they could help me & an entire knee replacement but they delivered a letter saying I am beyond the age limit of 70. I persisted by phoning their call center but kept getting directions to get files & health info. That they had been finding reasons to deny the claim until it became evident that.

Once I reach that age limitation In my age is a variable they ought to quit taking my obligations. I believed they were taking the cash but not mistreating me. They stated it might need to become hospital confinement involved instances now DON'T call hospital remains! I wish to get out the word to other people AFLAC works.

People aren't treated by them as a valued customer that is poor. Since I've canceled they & the coverage asked me to rethink to remain together. Together with the understanding of using a hospital stay payment will be provided by them. I will save what I had been paying them until I rethink but in all fairness that they use to be a business that is great, thank you.

Deborah of Sherrills Ford, NCVerified Reviewer

I've left messages for my'representative' to find no reply and to assist me. I've already finished, While I attempt to go into a claim on the internet I get sucked in a romantic loop. Wait to speak to somebody when you telephone the helpline. I can not even work out how to cancel my coverage!! Don't recommend this BS.

Cheri of Morristown, TNVerified Reviewer

My husband had a heart attack on Jan 16 2020 and we began our claim on 1/17/2020 because of short term disability and his motorcycle coverage. We also have shipped and have no money. They need more. It is sent by us to them and they are saying they want because we've delivered in detail, of the information to be reviewed by a different 10-14 days. So we sit with no cash and 1 income even though our policies are paid by us on time and never skip a payment.

We've spoken for their agents with talk and over the telephone and not one of them are able to give us a response in order that they place you on hold for lengthy intervals and state hold 5 minutes and then finally tell us that they do not understand why it is not getting accepted. Very Frustrating. I wouldn't suggest them.

Stephanie of New Haven, CTVerified Reviewer

Each month I must call my company representative to urge The people who've working at team that are responsible for receiving your paperwork & sending auditor it are significantly less than I had my operation on Nov 2019. I phoned to make sure my Continuing handicap form was received by them. They informed me I had to understand! What a load of crap!! & they discovered it was called by my employer support individual! It is. NO FUNDS HAVE BEEN DEPOSITED IN MY ACCOUNT!!!! I go through this every 41 times!!! The people which are currently tackling our cases are somewhat After this I'll drop Aflac!!!

Christopher of all Ocean City, MDVerified Reviewer

Paying for Aflac for nearly 4 decades. Had two claims where I have a while. They refused both claims mentioning needing info. Every record was sent by me. Just keep getting the run. It's absurd. Aflac will never be used by me and no workers of mine will. It's a business that is crooked and back I would certainly pursue this as they didn't honor their side of this contract if there was a method to receive my obligations. I don't have any regard for this business that preys and is currently searching for some assistance with invoices. Should be zero stars.

Sarah of Chester, VAVerified Reviewer

I had been admitted in the Hospital back in the end of Sept. 2019. I registered my claim at Oct. 2019 an I'm still attempting to get everything settled and that really is Feb. 2020. Whenever I call in they keep stating they want more info or it's under inspection but when I call in to find out what they want I am told they have everything or they're awaiting some advice out of my agents. They aren't aware of any advice they might need, While I call my agents. I'm tired of getting the run around. I need somebody who can provide me some info or some answers.

STEPHEN of Union, SCVerified Reviewer

I had been refunded my money. I don't know whether this business is giving incentives to sales into the people attempting to sell their merchandise that will create salespeople try to sign up for you in the event that you don't want it. Like a bank that was specific, that got penalties and prosecuted for that. Or if it had been a salesperson. Nothing will be signed by me again just copies from now on after inspection. I want to learn that my personal advice was shared by them and if.

I attempted to make use of it and had services. They left it Impossible with what seamed to complete. When called to program if I need this solutions not ONLY DID I SAY NOOO, I had been asked I SAID HECK NO NEVER! I am dreading what type of NIGHTMARE THIS will ENTAIL to eliminate this support. AND NOT ONLY THAT WHO OR WHAT DID THEY SHARE MY PERSONAL INFO WITH.

Monica of Randolph, NJVerified Reviewer

My spouse had an injury on the job. He was delivered into the emergency room. They guessed a hernia. He had been advised to not return to work he saw that a workers comp doctor and has been cleared before. It took an appointment with a doctor for two weeks because of his caseworker. The doctor said he can go back to work in another 2 weeks and examined him. He had been out of work for a total of four months. Of the promises, forms were filed by me and the claim has been refused. They said that rewards start the 15 days of handicap.

John of Asheville, NCVerified Reviewer

My spouse and I were expecting our second child. Aflac was provided by her work. The insurance was bought by us after requesting the telephone centre and the broker that the pregnancy could be covered . It had been ancient, under a physician when the baby finally decided to make his appearance. We filed our promise, to have it refused.

Brenda of Caledonia, WIVerified Reviewer

We've paid to Aflac for 6 decades. My husband had surgery in mid-Nov, we obtained a partial test only because they put the incorrect date down (required 1 1/2 weeks to get that), it's Feb. Waiting for the remainder of the check. Been lied to in Wis the customer support representative by Jenny lied to again, said check has been pushed by a half and a week. Yesterday, called claims also check and that morning was cut! This will be insured as you're off not 3 weeks following surgery and 6 months to assist after you've been back to work!!! Completely Dissatisfied!! Aflac is falling as soon as the test is received by me!

B. of Chelsea, MIVerified Reviewer

Aflac has some policies that are fantastic. The policies which have payment Guidelines that are apparent is your thing to do. The term disability coverage is a Joke. Normally takes three or more admissions (minimum 6 months ). The latest was 11 submissions. Aflac doesn't, although come to learn the government believes stage 4 breast cancer a handicap. It's been a week's battle to receive my payment that is 50 dollars. I have had my coverage for 15 decades.

This continues 17 weeks therefore that I will worry only a bit less, about our own lives have been taken over by cancer physically and emotionally. This current short-term disability claim has been demonstrated to be overpowering, all intensive, hard torso pain giving, expertise.

Aflac writer review by Matthew Brodsky

Aflac is among the most famous insurance firms that are American. It gives various kinds of insurance.

  • Actual cost calculator on the internet: Users may figure out the probable expense of health care for injuries or disorders before starting a claim.
  • Health insurance in addition to disability insurance: Consumers can buy insurance to cover particular health requirements or general medical care in addition to disability insurance.
  • Auto disability insurance accessible: users may acquire temporary insurance to cover them if a temporarily disabling illness strikes.
  • Lump-sum policies ensure long-term illness: Though Aflac does not offer you long-term disability insurance, users may find a lump sum advantage to get a serious illness, letting them continue to encourage themselves.
  • Quick online claims processing: Users may file claims on the internet and upload files to receive their benefits within one day.

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