Amica Insurance Review 2021

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Amica Insurance Review 2020


  • -Amica has fewer consumer complaints compared to the market median relative to its size.
  • -Amica's automobile insurance consists of several free perks most insurers don't, such as free lock and airbag replacement.

Amica auto insurance

Amica auto insurance earned 5 stars out of 5 for overall functionality. The ratings of Proinsurancereviews are determined by our editorial staff. The scoring formula looks at discounts and account pricing and website transparency, as well as strength. Other aspects include ease of submitting a complaint and claim data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Amica is for 2020 one of Proinsurancereviews Car Insurance Businesses.

Amica offers the standard menu of auto insurance coverage, though its policies come with some built-in perks that are appealing, including:

  • Depreciation won't be taken into account if your vehicle is totaled within the first year of possession (not available in most states).
  • Free lock replacement if you lose your keys or they are stolen.
  • Free fix of an airbag following it deploys.
  • Reimbursement for lost earnings if you go to court at Amica's petition.
  • Free repair for damaged automobile glass (if a replacement is not mandatory ).
  • $1,000 for bail bonds.

You can upgrade a package that contains policy options, with details varying by state. Without owning the Platinum Choice Auto bundle, you may also add some of the following policies to your policy:

  • Incident forgiveness. You get points for great driving, time with all the business, referring new customers, or adding different policies. You may use the points for accident forgiveness if you get in an accident preventing a price increase.
  • Disappearing deductible. You might also choose to use your points to decrease or remove your deductible.
  • Identity fraud tracking. This agency monitors your credit files and personal information, provides access to some fraud expert if your id is stolen, and pays up to $15,000 toward solving the problem.
  • Full glass coverage. You pay no allowance for glass repairs or replacement.
  • Prestige leasing coverage. If yours is at an accident you get up to $ 5,000 toward the rental of a comparable car.

Amica's automobile insurance discounts:

  • Loyalty discount for remaining with the automobile insurance plan for at least 2 decades.
  • Discount for being claims-free in the past three years (other than glass or towing).
  • Multi-line reduction for pairing auto insurance with a house, condo, renters, life, or umbrella policy.
  • Multiple auto discounts.
  • Discount for paying your premium utilizing autopay.
  • Paid-in-full discount.
  • Ignore for receiving policy information and bills electronically.
  • Homeownership discount.
  • Legacy discount if you're younger than 30 and your own parents have experienced Amica auto insurance for five years.

Amica homeowners insurance

The company offers standard homeowners some upgrades that are unconventional, as well as insurance coverage.

  • Home company policy pays for work-related things if they're stolen or lost.
  • Catastrophic coverage pays for property damage from earthquakes or floods, not typically included in standard policies.
  • Dwelling replacement policy pays out whether your home needs repairs exceeding the policy limit -- up to 30% (varies by policy and state).

Amica's Platinum Option policy includes the optional coverages above (except catastrophic), plus:

  • Added coverage for liability and medical payments, company property, and loss or theft of valuables.
  • Replacement cost reimbursement for stolen or damaged items, instead of the depreciated value.
  • Water backup/sump overflow, if water copy causes harm up to $5,000.
  • Credit card coverage worth around $5,000 in case your card is used fraudulently.
  • Computer coverage, including tablets, smart TVs, and phones.
  • A loss assessment plan, which covers community property near your house.

Home Repair Assistance Program: Amica partners with Contractor Connection, a nationwide community of 2,000 accredited and insured contractors. Your claims procedure will be hassle-free as well as the professionals can be on the scene within hours of an emergency, Amica says.

Amica's home insurance discounts:

  • Loyalty discount for remaining with an insurer at least 2 decades.
  • Multi-line discount for combining your homeowner's policy with the automobile, life, or umbrella coverage.
  • Ignore when you've got no promises in the past three years.
  • Auto-pay discount.
  • Ignore if you receive policy information and invoices electronically.
  • Discounts for having an alarm system or apparatus that detect temperature changes or gas or water flows.
  • Ignore for insuring a new or remodeled home.

Amica life insurance

Amica offers whole and term life insurance coverages.

Level term existence is readily available for 10-, 15-, 20-, 25- or 30-year terms. The cost stays the same throughout the term, and you can purchase to over $ 1 million of coverage from $100,000.

The annual renewable term will cover you up to age 85 as long as you pay your premiums.

The company offers whole life insurance coverage including smaller life policies, ranging without a medical exam.

Amica customer satisfaction and complaints

Amica had fewer than the anticipated variety of complaints to state regulators relative to its own size for car, life, and home insurance, according to three years' worth of information from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Amica stands out for its customer satisfaction scores, making the greatest honors in three J.D. Power studies.

J.D. Power studyAmica rankings...
Auto Insurance ShoppingBetter than many
Car Insurance Claims SatisfactionAmong the finest, with high award
Home InsuranceOne of the best, with top award
Home Insurance ClaimsOne of the finest, with top award

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More about Amica

Dividend-paying coverages: You can elect to pay extra upfront to get a dividend-paying auto, home, marine, or umbrella liability coverage. As a mutual insurance company, Amica doesn't have stockholders or shareholders; the policyholders own the provider. The dividend payouts aren't guaranteed and aren't available in all countries.

Website: Amica's site offers many explainers, FAQs, and a clear rundown of product choices. Pay bills and track claims, you may log into a file and see or upgrade policy details.

Mobile program: Amica's apps for iPhone and Android allow you to record and track maintains, make payments, see auto insurance ID cards, and receive roadside assistance.

Additional insurance out of Amica

If you enjoy auto insurance products, you are able to certainly do so with Amica.

Other types of insurance from Amica comprise:
Condo and renters insuranceSmall business insurance
Marine insuranceMotorcycle insurance
Umbrella Insurance Policywedding and occasion insurance

Recap: Amica pros and cons

High client satisfaction ratings and low consumer complaints.May refuse coverage to a people deemed risky by the company.
Many coverage perks and discounts.
Possible for earning profits.


Proinsurancereviews auto insurance ratings reward firms for practices and features. Tests are based on weighted averages of scores in many categories, including customer complaints, financial strength, site transparency, and affordability. With our editorial discretion, we consider customer satisfaction surveys. These evaluations are a guide, but we invite you to shop around and compare insurance quotes to get the very best rate for you. Proinsurancereviews does not get compensation. Read our editorial guidelines.

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