At $2 Trillion, Apple Is Bigger Than These Matters

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Apple Inc. (AAPL) became the world's first organization to capture a market capitalization of $1 trillion and then passed the $2 trillion thresholds in June. 2020. To place that staggering $2 trillion figure in context, we introduce five other enormous points that the giant technology business is larger than in terms of dollar value.


  • Apple Inc. leads all people businesses with a $2 trillion market cap.
  • This figure exceeds the GDP of most nations.
  • Additionally, it surpasses the entire value of shares on many exchanges globally.
  • Apple's market cap is enormous with some different comparisons.

Economies of Entire Countries

comparing us states to entire countries by gdp

International GDP was $85.9 trillion in 2018, each the most recent statistics in the World Bank, also Apple's market cap is 1.5percent of the figure. When compared with the U.S., the world's biggest market with a GDP of $20.5 trillion in 2018, Apple's market cap represents 6.3 percent.

Just 14 countries have yearly GDP figures larger than Apple's market cap, which is just under the 1.4 trillion GDPs per for Australia and Spain. The countries with GDP figures instantly below $1.3 trillion are Mexico, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Switzerland.

Also, GDP information is compiled by the World Bank for areas 263 nations or groups of nations with comparable characteristics. Of these, 216, or 82.1%, create less than $1.3 trillion in yearly GDP.

The Market Value of Several Stock Exchanges

The entire market capitalization of shares traded on the very top 72 inventory exchanges around the entire world was $84.9 trillion as of July 2019, per statistics accumulated by the World Federation of Exchanges. Apple represents 1.5percent of the total.

Exc chart 1 1024x923 1

One of those 72 exchanges 14 has market caps higher than Apple. Those exchanges behind Apple would be Brasil Bolsa Balcao the Taiwan Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, BME Spanish Exchanges, Moscow Exchange, and Singapore Exchange.

U.S. Budget Deficit

The U.S. government's costs far exceed its earnings generation, resulting in a burgeoning budget shortage that has been a topic of political disagreements. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that the national budget deficit for the fiscal year 2019, which ended on Sept. 30, was $984 billion, roughly $205 billion over in the previous financial year.


Huge since the yearly deficit is, Apple's market cap is bigger. On the other hand, the overall federal debt of $22.72 trillion is orders of magnitude greater.

$22.72 trillion

U.S. federal government debt at Sept. 30, 2019. That is 17.5 times Apple's market cap.

Price of the Iraq War, the Vietnam War, and WWI

While wars lead to the devastation of life that can't be quantified, a 2010 Congressional Research Service report estimated that the financial cost of every U.S. war between 1775 and 2010, adjusting the amounts to signify continuous dollar costs due to the fiscal year 2011. According to data from this report, Apple's market cap exceeds the inflation-adjusted prices to the U.S. of World War I, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq War, Amongst Others. The sole exception is World War II, having an estimated price of about $ 4.1 trillion in 2011 bucks.

america fought two wars

The Net Worth of the World's 18 Richest People

Jeff Bezos is the planet's richest man based on Forbes magazine, that anticipated that his web worth to be $118 billion as of Jan. 2, 2020.8 The combined wealth of the top 11 on the Forbes record, including other renowned titles like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, is projected at $897 billion, that will be under Apple's market worth. To equivalent the market cap of Apple, one needs to bring the 18 billionaires on this list.



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