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AskMen, the leading provider of life insurance in the UK, gives you the opportunity to compare various insurance products. It also lets you save on the cost per month by availing of multiple quotes that you can use to find the best policy at the cheapest price. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of the life insurance product. We look at the benefits and disadvantages of buying AskMID as compared to other life insurance companies. After reading this article, you should be able to make an informed decision about life insurance and decide what product suits your needs and budget better.

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AskMID Own

The company is a member of the Financial Service Authority (FSA) and Self-certification Limited (SCL) - two of the most respected professional bodies in the life insurance industry. AskMID works with clients to provide the best quality life insurance plans and at the lowest price possible. AskMID takes pride in offering services that are cost effective, convenient and customer friendly. They also take care of all the paperwork and calculations involved in life insurance plans and hence you don't have to do anything on your own.

One of the advantages of buying insurance plans through AskMID is that it allows you to purchase a policy for no age old. As far as the age is concerned, you will not have any restrictions whatsoever. Thus, you can get insurance for the first child you are going to have, for your junior child or for your teenage son or daughter. You can even buy a policy for yourself or a loved one when you reach retirement age or when you turn 50.

If you are looking for a cheap insurance product then you cannot afford to opt for AskMID as your insurance provider. However, if you need insurance for a very short period like a few months, they can be very useful as they give you very cheap premiums. AskMen also has special schemes that are geared towards students. There are low premiums for students as most of them do not have a permanent job and thus they have to look out for ways to support themselves. AskMen offers life insurance plans that help in paying tuition fees and other associated expenses. The same policy can be used to cover a home loan if you default on it.

You can also take the benefit of other life insurance plans offered by AskMID like term insurance plans. If you want to invest in your future then this life insurance plan is an ideal choice. The amount invested will be available to you during your term of employment. You should however remember that the investment made should not exceed the amount that you earn in a month.

You can also take advantage of another form of insurance offered by AskMID called life insurance renewable term. This form of life insurance covers your dependents up to the age of sixty-five years and you will get a policy at a lower premium rate. This is due to the fact that the premiums become affordable for older people if they take this plan.

The plan can also be taken by employees who sign up after thirty days of employment. The premiums paid by the employees will be tax-deductible, whereas those paid by the company will be paid to the insurance company. AskMID also offers flexibility in choosing the insurance company that you would like to deal with.

AskMID also offers policyholders the option of selling their plan to another company. With the help of this facility the plan holder will be able to transfer his policy to another company. Before you decide on this, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable life insurance company that is reputed and has good past record. AskMID also offers guaranteed returns. If you are looking for guaranteed returns then make sure you go through the terms and conditions offered by the plan.

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