Auto Insurance Prices for 20-Year-Old Men and Women

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Auto Insurance Prices for 20-Year-Old Men and Women

Auto insurance for prices an average. This is a lot more affordable compared to the typical prices for a student just beginning college (18 years older, $7,179) but nevertheless a lot more costly than a young adult in their mid-20s (25 years old, $3,207). The prices reflect the fact that people are usually more risky drivers compared to their peers.

For 20-year-olds searching for the most inexpensive alternative, we propose beginning with Erie, the firm we discovered to offer you the least expensive complete policy auto insurance for 20-year-olds. But, an assortment of prices will charge based upon your own profile, so it is worth shopping around.

We looked at many different variables: business, sex, age, and location. Below, you may use our estimates as an overall guide for what factors may affect the price and how much vehicle insurance will cost. To receive the rate, you need to shop around for quotations as prices will vary from person to person -- yourself or use the quote box above to get one.

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Auto Insurance Prices for 20-Year-Old Men and Women

Just how much is car insurance for a 20-year-old?

Auto insurance for a 22-year-old prices $444 per month, or $ 5,333 each year on average.

Young drivers, especially those under and 25, are inclined to have auto insurance prices. But within that age group rates may fluctuate by age. Prices for a 21-year-old a year old -- fall by nearly $900. Conversely prices for a 20-year-old are nearly $2,000 less costly compared to 18-year-olds.

AgeAverage Yearly premium

These amounts are for a complete coverage policy for a 20-year-old, such as liability insurance, collision, and comprehensive coverage and uninsured motorist policy, as detailed within our plan.

One of the 20-year-olds, guys pay than women

Young men have a tendency to cover more than females for auto insurance. Twenty-year-old guys pay $5,590 each year on average, which can be 10% greater than equal females ($5,076).

The difference between prices for females and males will decrease with age, but dynamics to the ages are similar. While men pay greater Within our sample men pay 10 percent more than their female counterparts.

AgeAnnual premium - manAnnual high - femininePercent difference
19$6,311$5,73210 percent
20$5,590$5,07610 percent
21$4,647$4,2589 percent

Remember that certain countries have prohibited using sex. If you Reside in:

  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan (in some areas)
  • Montana
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania

... you will pay the very same prices for automobile insurance if you are male or female, given all other variables used in pricing stay the same.

Twenty-year-olds will have Auto Insurance prices with Each Insurance Provider

At twenty decades of age -- and in all ages -- insurance companies calculate rates with an assortment of factors. Consequently, prices for any age that is specific may vary by business, and drivers may benefit by shopping about.

From our sample, Erie Insurance, available in 12 states and Washington D.C., had the lowest prices for 20-year-olds at $2,513 annually. USAA, accessible to members and their families, has been the next. Among insurance businesses that were accessible, GEICO rated using prices of $ 3,304 annually.

InsurerAnnual premium
State Farm$4,733

In this instance, Allstate prices as pricey, with premiums as costly as the most pricey competition, Progressive. If you are a young driver searching for cheap auto insurance, constantly make sure you shop around numerous insurance companies and compare costs for equal coverage.

Our choices for the best car insurance for 20-year-olds by the nation

Auto insurance prices can vary a good state to say, therefore we looked at car insurance premiums for 20-year-olds from the 10 biggest nations in the nation (by people ) to observe how speeds vary.

Michigan is the state for auto insurance for young drivers. At more than 15,000, it doubles the prices Florida, of the 2nd nation.

North Carolina is your automobile insurance company for young drivers. The speed for our 20-year-old was 1,996 per year, and it had been the only nation with prices under $3,000.

ConditionAverage 20-year-old Yearly prices
North Carolina$1,996
New York$4,699

In nations drivers might have the ability to locate savings. Our sample 20-year old North Carolinian would cover...

  • $733 with GEICO or
  • $4,538 with Allstate

We have comprised a listing of the most affordable insurance firm for countries to assist your shopping procedure. However, all these are averages for a driver that is particular -- the ideal approach for you will be to search around to discover a rate that is inexpensive.

ConditionInsurerAverage annual rate
CaliforniaState Farm$2,708
GeorgiaGeorgia Farm Bureau$2,832
IllinoisState Farm$2,605
New YorkNYCM$3,595
North CarolinaGEICO$733
TexasState Farm$3,261

We didn't include USAA in those recommendations, because its policies simply serve present or former military members and their households. It might supply the least expensive automobile insurance for 20-year-olds from Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas if USAA were contained.

The best method for 20-year-olds to locate Inexpensive Auto Insurance

The quotes we have gathered are averages, and the reality is that each and every automobile insurance quote will be unique to your driver profile. However, there are

  • Stay in your parents' coverage
  • Shop about between insurance companies
  • Use insurer discounts
  • Reduce Your coverage limitations

Belowwe provide advice on taking these steps each so that you may receive the savings that are available to you.

Stay in your parents' auto insurance coverage

Your parents keeping you will be the way if they allow you. In case you are kept by your parents in their coverage:

  • Their coverage will be more expensive, given the necessity to pay an extra driver...
  • ... however the increase of their premium is very likely to be lower compared to the expense of your policy.

On balance, being insured in the coverage of your family will cost less in total -- compared to two distinct policies, given your parents are eager to name you.

Shop about between insurers

Despite asking policy, the specific could observe a gap of hundreds -- or even thousands -- of dollars in prices between insurance.

As an instance, our sample motorist paid $ 2,708 per year normally, with Farmers. That is an extreme gap, but the gap between State Farm, the policy, and the most economical that is next, AAA, has been hundreds of bucks.

It is simpler than ever to receive an auto insurance quote that is speedy. Whilst maintaining coverage amounts consistently throughout insurer if you are a 20-year-old, search on the internet. Begin to the lowest price on your nation with our recommendations, but also expand your search as you don't know who may offer the least expensive rate.

Qualify for reductions

It charges you a much lower rate if you are able to convince your insurance company that you're a lower risk. Many insurance Businesses provide discounts for:

  • Great pupils (in other words, your grades have been over a certain cutoff)
  • passengers that take a defensive driving class
  • Individuals with good credit scores

Insurers have discovered that these attributes are connected with driving. If you feel you qualify, make certain to bring the chance to an insurance broker up to find out if you're able to receive savings.

Decrease Your coverage limitations

We advise buying insurance that is enough to cover you and damage to your car. That is why we urge full policy coverage, which covers the cost of harm or injury to others for which you are liable as well as the expense of damage to your vehicle.

But at a certain stage, you might be buying an excessive amount of policy, and you might save on your premiums by simply lowering your own limits.

You need to buy liability coverage limitations equal to worth to make sure your wealth is insured in case you're accountable to get an expensive and damaging injury. You might be paying more in premiums for security beyond.

You need to buy collision and comprehensive coverage, a portion of coverage policy, in case your car has actual worth. If you are spending tens of thousands of dollars more for collision and comprehensive coverage, but your car is not worth much more than just a couple million bucks, you might wind up paying more money than it worth, to guard your car.

All purchasing car insurance for your first time ought to balance security of policies and limits of getting those protections, with the expense.


We gathered quotes and across thousands of zip codes. We utilized females and men forcing a 2015 Honda Civic EX. All variables except those were retained constant to generate a comparison.

Coverage amounts in the policy policy were as follows, that can be more than what is needed for the minimum policy of almost any state:

Coverage kindResearch restricts
Bodily liability$50,000 per person/ $100,000 per accident
Property harm$25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured driver bodily harm$50,000 per person/ $100,000 per accident
Comprehensive & crash$500 deductible
Personal accident coverageMin. If demanded by state

When their policies were offered in at least a few of those 10 states though insurance prices were included in our listing of recommendations and rates insurance firms were included in the investigation.

Insurance rate information was used by the investigation of valuePenguin. These rates have been sourced from insurance filings and need to be utilized for comparative purposes only.

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