Auto-Owners Insurance Homeowners Insurance Review and Quotes

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Auto-Owners Insurance Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs


  • The company has an A++ financial strength rating from A.M. Best
  • Auto-Owners provides some special coverages.


  • Auto-Owners is inaccessible in many parts of the U.S.
  • No earthquake coverage is available
  • Insurance is sold only through independent agents

Auto-Owners Insurance Group, located in Lansing, Michigan, was established in 1916 by Vern V. Moulton and four associates working from a bank. It has more than agents in 6,300 offices and sells insurance in 26 nations. From its roots as a car insurance provider, Auto-Owners has expanded to other types of insurance including home, life, and company.

With over 5 million coverages and also a policyholder surplus exceeding $11 billion, Auto-Owners gets an A++ rating for financial strength from A.M. Greatest, since it's for 47 consecutive years. Unlike many competitors, Auto-Owners includes valuable possessions policy and offers some distinctive optional coverages and methods to save. But the company sells its policies through independent insurance agents that are licensed, without the option to purchase online or direct. There's not an app, and the website doesn't allow you to upgrade your own accounts, estimate premiums, or pay bills. It is possible to use the site to find an agent, yet, if you have queries, and there's also an email form and a toll-free phone number.


Along with home improvement, Auto-Owners writes policies for condominium owners, tenants , mobile home owners and farmers. In addition, it offers optional coverage for weeds and floods, in addition to an umbrella policy to cover liability beyond the limits of a normal policy. Auto-Owners will guarantee your pet.

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What Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options Are Accessible From Auto-Owners?

Homeowners insurance includes coverage for your house against damage from storms, fire, and other occasions. The dwelling policy includes an attached garage. Outbuildings such as a pole or shed barn are covered in a standard policy.

Standard property policy protects your furniture, clothes, and other possessions, including items while traveling anywhere, you bring. Standard personal and medical liability policy applies if others are hurt on your property. Additional living expenses policy pays for meals and lodging elsewhere while your house is being rebuilt or repaired after a loss.

Optional homeowners coverages include guaranteed house replacement cost to repair or rebuild your home even if you're underinsured. Like most companies, Auto-Owners does not cover sewage or flood or sewer backups but these choices are available to supplement your own policy. Property coverage that is special is available to your possessions, guarding from damage, stains or vandalism, or helping to replace a misplaced item. Ordinance or law coverage may bring your house up to current building codes after a loss that is covered if regulations vary, and equipment breakdown insurance pays for appliances, furnaces, electronics and items. Finally, identity theft coverage provides up to help restore your identity.

What Homeowners Auto-Owners Offer Insurance Discounts?

Auto-Owners Insurance offers three Chief homeowners insurance discounts:

  • Multipolicy reduction: You can save on homeowners insurance with Auto-Owners by adding automobile insurance, life insurance or other coverage at precisely the exact same time.
  • Protective devices discount: Smoke detectors, deadbolt locks, fire extinguishers and other preventative safety systems may decrease your premium.
  • Payment background: Policyholders who've paid their bills on time for at least 36 months might be entitled to a discount.

Auto-Owners offers

  • Paid-in-full reduction: Should you cover your annual premium on time and in full, you might receive a discount.
  • Green reduction: Opting for digital document processing and online payments may entitle you to a discount.
  • Advance quote: Auto-Owners provides a discount to new clients who request a superior quote before their policy takes effect.
  • Water shut-off system discount: A system which can detect a flow and automatically shut off the water source to your home may cause you to a reduction.
  • Automatic backup generator discount: A generator that comes on automatically in case of a power outage can help save you money on homeowners insurance.
  • Mortgage-free discount: Homeowners who have paid off their mortgage and any credit on their home may find a discount.
  • Favorable loss history: Customers who have not made a claim can apply to get a lesser speed.

What Added Home Insurance Coverages Are Offered by Auto-Owners?

Auto-Owners offers a variety of optional coverages not included in a standard homeowners policy. Check with an agent or visit the organization's site.

  • Flood insurance: Flood insurance is not only for those living close to a lake or other body of water. It can also cover damage from appliances or swimming pools. This policy may be required by your lender or condo association.
  • Homeowners Plus: A enhanced homeowner's policy, Couples Plus provides additional protection which includes damage caused by a leaky appliance, increased limits for spoiled food following an electrical outage, and much more.
  • Service line coverage: This covers you in case of damage to a buried gas, electrical, water, or another service line from digging or another cause.
  • Appliance seepage or leakage: Damage caused by a leaking appliance or inside sprinkler system can be covered.
  • Improved policy: Formore valuable houses, this provides around 25 percent more coverage to fix or replace your house if necessary, along with enhanced personal property policy.

Other Questions About Auto-Owners

What exactly does Auto-Owners homeowners insurance cover?
A typical homeowner's policy with Auto-Owners covers a house and outbuildings against damage from storms, fire and theft. Also included is private property coverage. Regular medical obligations cover people injured on your premises, and liability policy helps protect you against lawsuits. Additional living expenses coverage helps cover the cost of meals and accommodation elsewhere while your home is being repaired or rebuilt after a reduction.

What does Auto-Owners homeowners insurance not cover?
A standard policy doesn't cover damage from floods or earthquakes. Flood insurance is optional, but Auto-Owners doesn't provide insurance. Water damage from a drain or sump pump isn't covered in a standard policy however is available. Art, antiques or jewelry may call for optional coverage, as may a home office should you work in your home.

Can Auto-Owners homeowners insurance cover water damage?
Some damage from leaks might be covered by a standard policy, but much will depend on the circumstances on your claim. Flood damage is not covered by a policy, nor is damage from a collapsed sump pump, appliance, or backed-up drain. Optional coverage is available for all those, nevertheless. The best choice would be to consult a broker for a quotation.

Does Auto-Owners homeowners insurance cover theft?
Yes, a reduction from theft is contained in a standard homeowner's policy. But jewelry, artwork, or other collectibles can require coverage that is optional.Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

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