Average price of Motorcycle Insurance (2021)

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Average price of Motorcycle Insurance (2020)

receive the very best rates for bike insurance near you by comparing estimates.

The normal price of motorcycle insurance is $702 annually from the U.S., but prices may vary by over 250 percent based upon where you are.

While most U.S. countries have made bike insurance legally compulsory, every rider gains from busy policy regardless of local conditions. Tens of thousands of quotes gathered from throughout the nation to discover how much it costs to secure your, your health, and your bicycle.

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Average price of Motorcycle Insurance (2020)

Average price of motorcycle insurance from the country

We ran an overview of motorcycle insurance estimates across all 50 countries and found that the typical cost of motorcycle insurance estimates in the U.S. has been $702 for a complete year of coverage. It is beneficial for more than 1 quote to locate the best price Since the price of coverage varies according to where you are.

You are able to see just how much motorcycle insurance prices on average per month from your state from the table below.

Cost rankStateMonthly rateAnnual rateDifference vs. national average
4New York$81$96938.07%
8Rhode Island$74$88926.75%
13South Carolina$65$78111.36%
15North Carolina$64$7638.71%
17New Mexico$63$7527.23%
29West Virginia$54$653-6.91%
33New Jersey$51$610-13.09%
36New Hampshire$50$601-14.30%
46South Dakota$39$472-32.67%
50North Dakota$32$382-45.56%

Display All RowsMonthly speed equals yearly rate divided by 12. But discounts that are pay-in-full are offered by some insurers.

Rates were gathered by us from around six motorcycle insurance providers according to a male rider that was theoretical. The policy limits we asked in our estimates

  • Bodily injury coverage : $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident
  • Property damage coverage: $50,000
  • Comprehensive and collision allowance: $500

Countries with the Cheapest motorcycle insurance

The five countries with the most inexpensive motorcycle insurance estimates all had prices which were at 32 percent lower compared to the typical from the U.S.. Apart from New Hampshire, the states with the cheapest rates all were situated in the Midwest and Great Plains areas.

Average price of Motorcycle Insurance (2020)

Countries with the most costly motorcycle insurance

Contrary to the states that were most inexpensive, no significance was shown by the most costly states for motorcycle insurance. They did often have warmer riding seasons and big populations.

Paying for your bike insurance coverage in 12 monthly payments is more costly than if you spend money on a coverage upfront. The reduction that is pay-in-full is normal at insurers like Esurance Progressive and also Nationwide. If you desire a lower pace or reside in a country, look at paying to 12 weeks' of bike insurance policy at one time rather than paying.

Average price of Motorcycle Insurance (2020)

How can motorcycle insurance prices vary with age?

Higher premiums charge to drivers, whom are seen as inclined to be involved in an collision.

Along with the city you reside in, the quantity of your history and policy you buy, motorcycle insurance firms compute your cost of policy according to your age and years of expertise.

Price of bicycle insurance by riders age

MotorcycleSort18 year-old21 year-old35 year-old50 year-old
2019 Yamaha V Star 250Cruiser$987$943$753$753
2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400Sport$1,870$1,787$1,413$1,413
2019 BMW R 1250 RTTouring$2,683$2,572$1,897$1,897

All yearly estimates are for a man rider residing in Los Angeles using a clean driving record who has had his driver's license because he was 16, and has been driving a bike for ten decades or because of his 16th birthday (whichever is shorter).

As you obtain experience however your premiums must decrease. By way of instance, 18-year-old riders tend to be billed more for insurance compared to 21-year-olds, while 21-year-olds frequently have marginally more expensive prices than mid-sized riders.

Insurance providers utilize all danger and security data available to them if placing your prices, so the sort includes a massive influence on your premiums. Insurers will think about:

  • Motorcycle worth: costlier motorbikes cost more to fix and replace, so insurance companies will cost you more to cover them should you buy collision and comprehensive insurance.
  • Motorcycle security: Bikes with additional security features -- for example anti-lock brakes -- are somewhat not as inclined to participate in a collision and will typically be cheaper to insure than bicycles lacking those attributes.
  • Crash speed: Particular bicycle models and fashions are included in more accidents than others. Motorcycle insurance businesses assume you're more inclined to submit a claim if your version of bicycle is included in crashes at a pace.
  • Theft rate: Insurance companies will often charge more to pay for a kind of bicycle that's frequently stolen. That is because there's a chance the insurance company might need to pay out for a claim. Because of this, expensive and flashy bicycles which are theft goals that are high are more costly to insure.

Sport and supersport bikes (also known as road bikes) are usually a lot more expensive to cover than other bicycles since they tick lots of these boxes: They are comparatively costly, frequently bemused, and therefore are high theft goals.

We collected average motorcycle insurance prices and found that in comparison to cruiser style bikes, sports bikes have been 362 percent more costly to cover, despite getting a typical Kelley Blue Book value of just 59 percent more. Touring bicycles were 47 percent cheaper to insure than athletic bicycles while using a higher average price.

Below, we have included the cost to cover touring cruiser and road bikes that reveals the average motorcycle insurance expenses.

DesignMotorcycleEngine dimensionsBlue Book worthAnnual premium
Cruiser2019 Yamaha V Star 250250cc$3,740$753
2019 Honda Rebel 500500cc$5,645$714
2019 Harley Davidson Street 750750cc$6,730$677
Cruiser typical:$5,372$714
Touring2019 BMW R 1250 RT1250cc$19,130$1,897
2019 Harley Davidson Road King1746cc$19,125$1,344
2019 Honda Gold Wing1833cc$19,125$1,959
Touring typical:$19,127$1,733
Sport2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400300cc$4,295$1,413
2019 Suzuki GSX-R600600cc$9,460$5,401
2019 Ducati SuperSport937cc$11,845$3,076
Sport typical:$8,533$3,296

Typical Yearly motorcycle insurance estimates were assembled from Progressive to get a 50-year-old single man rider without any accidents or traffic offenses Residing in Los Angeles. He was riding a bike for ten decades and has had a driver's license because he was 16.

Can a bicycle with a larger engine cost to cover?

Motorcycle's fashion includes a bearing on the cost of coverage.

By way of instance costs $5,401 annually for our sample driver. But prices just under $2,000 annually -- that is that the Gold Wing is as costly as the Suzuki.

All quotations are accumulated from Progressive to get a 50-year-old male bike rider residing in Los Angeles with 10 years' worth of bike experience.

Average price of Motorcycle Insurance (2020)

The very typical motorcycle insurance claims

According to study by Progressive accidents are the most common kind of bicycle insurance claim, instead of rear-end accidents in car insurance.

This implies that in regards to motorcycle insurance, riders are likely to be in their own claims in fault.

In 2012, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimated that direct losses because of bicycle crashes at the U.S. amounted to $16 billion. That quote included crisis services the apparent, property damage and medical expenses for example rehab. Additionally, it accounted in liability claims for matters like family productivity, wages and protection costs.

According to the latest statistics available, the amount of bike accidents annually has risen from 81,000 at 2011 to 88,000 at 2015. The price of health care has improved. It's safe to presume that a recent study would lead to a reduced in price that is direct.

The table under the claims of Progressive reveals the incidence of bike theft claims in comparison. Theft claims were not at the top five of auto claims, although bikes and stolen accounted for the fourth insurance claims.

RankTop bike claims by kindTop private car claims by kind
1Single carRear-end
2Rear-endSingle car
4Stolen plus unrecoveredItem coming out of the Street

Given their dimensions and weight, bicycles are more likely to be discharged than trucks and automobiles. Thieves hoist the bicycle into a van, which reduces the harm to the odds of being caught in the action and the bike.

Reported episodes of bike theft in the U.S. fell 6 percent between 2017 and 2018 to 41,674, based on calculations by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Since 2006, bicycle thefts are estimated to be down 38 percent from 66,774.

California had the maximum number of thefts in 2018 (7,035), but additionally, it has the maximum number of registered bikes -- over 800,000. Florida had the second-highest amount of bike thefts but was much behind California, with 4,279 bicycles.

Resources: Insurance Information Institute, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Progressive, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the National Crime Information Center of the FBI and the Motorcycle Industry Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does bicycle insurance cover?

If you're liable for an crash like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance insures your liability. Additionally, it pays for damage to a bicycle in an accident with collision protection, and due to causes of coverage that is comprehensive. Additions are also offered by some bike insurance companies like trip cancellation policy and roadside assistance.

What's my bike insurance so expensive?

The three chief things which affect how much motorcycle insurance prices is where you live, that you are, and which sort of bike you've got. Younger, people who have gotten in an accident or less experienced riders will cover more than passengers . You pay more if you reside in a place with a great deal of motorcycle theft. Along with also a sport bike will cost more to insure than a cruiser.

Do I need to get motorcycle insurance?

In most states, yes. Only Florida residents and New Hampshire can ride bikes. But how much coverage you must purchase varies. And private injury protection, but some don't is required by a few countries.

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