BCBS 2021 - Basel II Supervision and Credit Supervisory Practices

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The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is an international intergovernmental organization concerned with the supervision of banking institutions throughout the world. The BCBS is composed of banking industry executives, experts from national central banks, and other members. The BCBS also publishes a bimonthly magazine called the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The BCBS was formed to advance effective global supervision of banking, to ensure adequate protection and advance fund management systems, and to strengthen supervision of market risk management. The BCBS was created for the global community.

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) was established by the Central Bank of the Swiss Republic and the Basel Association, with the support of all members of the BCBS. The BCBS is administered by the Basel Committee of Corporate and Financial Supervision. The BCBS brings together expertise from a variety of sources to assure a consistent and comprehensive approach to banking and improve supervision at all levels of the banking industry. Among its activities are the following:

  • - coordination and implementation of supervisory policies covering credit risks, including central clearing and clearinghouse functions.
  • - establishment of minimum capital requirements for banks to ensure adequate levels of liquidity.
  • - monitoring of bank balance sheets, including evaluation of risks on domestic and foreign debt and capital assets.
  • - identification and assessment of risks related to adverse changes in interest rates and inflation.
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision BCBS 2021

The BCBS supervises banking supervisors from Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and France. The Basel Committee supervises supervision at the national level in Europe and worldwide on the Basel Convention, which allows member banks to trade across borders provided that the supervision is consistent with Basel Convention provisions.

The Basel Committee supervises global supervision of international banking and makes recommendations as needed. The members of the BCBS are the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Basel Trustees, the European Central Bank, the International Organization for Standardization, the National Bank of Japan, the United States Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the European Central Bank.

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BCBS 2021

International banking supervision is the work of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which brings together supervisory experts from across the globe. Its work ensures that the functioning of all aspects of the global financial system is enhanced in order to meet the needs of the financial sector and provide benefits to the economy as a whole. The Basel Committee is scheduled to meet once every year.

Basel II implementation and the review of Basel III requirements continue to be managed through the Basel Committee meetings. This is part of the overall Basel System of risks and regulatory risk management framework. The Basel Committee continues to implement measures that build on the Basel II framework in order to strengthen supervision of the global financial system even during times when the risks have increased due to the global credit crunch and other factors.

The Basel Committee supervises global banking supervision at the national as well as the inter-regional level. It provides policy reviews at the Board of Directors level and the supervisory staff level. At the global level, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision also discusses and coordinates the actions necessary to achieve Basel II effectiveness, including improved risk management activities at both the national and regional levels. The Basel II guidelines cover international use of credit, interest rates, banking products, and supervision of the largest international banks.

Basel II requirements apply to all member countries of the organization. Although the Basel Committee does not monitor the activities of individual banks at the national level, it does continue to monitor the activities of global banks to ensure adherence to the Basel II requirements.

Supervisors can apply the Basel II guidelines to individual banking supervisors or to the entire global banking system as a whole. Individual banks are advised to develop and maintain effective supervisory risk management programs that comply with Basel II requirements. When an institution is identified as being in compliance with the Basel II Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, it is praised for its leadership in the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and given a credit rating that reflects its creditworthiness.

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