The Very Best Cheap Renters Insurance in California

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The Very Best Cheap Renters Insurance in California

Selecting the top renters insurance supplier entails picking a business with policy features that are sensible, cheap prices and customer services that is high quality. We gathered over 100 estimates from California to help you discover the best and cheapest renters insurance coverage from the nation.

Typically, the least expensive price we found for tenants insurance in California is $13 a month -- that is roughly $151 each year. We have recorded the insurance firm with our investigation of the other suppliers of California, in addition to the highest rates in the nation.


The Very Best Cheap Renters Insurance in California
  • We picked the best renters insurance in California
The Very Best Cheap Renters Insurance in California

If you want to see - Find the Best – Allstate, Progressive, Geico, or State Farm?

Best renters insurance for most individuals: Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual Provides some of the lowest-priced tenant's insurance from the state when providing a mixture of powerful policy and Decent customer service.

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The great:

  • Affordable Rates
  • Great customer support

The poor:

  • Perhaps not the cheapest alternative in California

Liberty Mutual is the best renters insurance in California for tenants. Coverage is economical, costing only $13 a month -- roughly $160 each year. This is 23 percent more affordable than the statewide average of California. Liberty Mutual is just 80 cents more per month compared to State Farm.

In spite of its cost, Liberty Mutual will be more economical from the biggest cities in the state. We discovered that Liberty Mutual's policies would be the most economical in Oakland, Fresno, and Los Angeles, where it is about $50 more affordable annually compared to State Farm.

Liberty Mutual has a number of policy choices and discounts which might help you cut your cost. A number of the discounts are attainable, such as purchasing a policy on the internet, opting to pay in total or signing for policy.

The customer support is appealing. Liberty Mutual receives. This is particularly impressive considering that the size of the market share of the company.

Most economical renters insurance: State Farm

The Very Best Cheap Renters Insurance in California

State Farm's renters insurance is the cheapest in the nation.

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The great:

  • Best cost in California
  • Practical add-ons to get Additional policy

The poor:

  • Very Few discount chances

State Farm is the tenants insurance in California, averaging $151 each year, or a price of approximately $13 a month. This is 23 percent more affordable than the price of policy from California, but it is significantly less than $1 a month compared to Liberty Mutual.

As with other businesses in California, State Farm allows policyholders to lower their premiums by bundling their tenants insurance. By updating your home's safety and security attributes you can save yourself money. All these are the two reductions.

The endorsements are practical. For Californians searching for earthquake policy, State Farm has an endorsement with this particular peril. You might add land policy and identity theft policy to your insurance.

The business suffers from a number of complaints Even though State Farm has excellent customer support. Information from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reveals that State Farm receives more complaints than ordinary because of its market share.

Best renters insurance for client support: Allstate

The Very Best Cheap Renters Insurance in California

Allstate Provides the maximum discount chances, and it's cost is not a deal breaker.

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The great:

  • Great customer support
  • Wide selection of reductions

The bad:

  • Quality support includes high premiums

Allstate renters insurance gets the customer support. Allstate receives. Furthermore, its position on J.D. Power's evaluation of renters insurance suppliers is elevated: It scored sixth of 14 nationwide suppliers.

In comparison to other suppliers, Allstate renters insurance is not the least expensive alternative in California. Typically, coverage prices $18 a month. This rate is 9 percent more costly than the statewide average of California. We discovered its own prices to be the cheapest, although allstate is the 2nd insurer at a town.

There are quite a few chances to decrease the purchase price of your premium. By bundling your policy Much like other suppliers, you can save. You might decrease the price of your policy when you've got a house, a great insurance policy coverage, and if you are at least 55 years of age and retired.

The highlight of the exemptions of Allstate is its own identity theft policy. For approximately $10 a month, you can add an assortment of services, and $50,000 of up to $ and costs for fraud. You might add your policy and Allstate liability coverage.

How we picked the best renters insurance

We compared three attributes of providers, to Locate the best renters insurance in California:

  • Affordability: What Automobiles can expect to pay for coverage in California
  • Coverage alternatives: The grade of a Organization's standard policy, in Addition to its accessible add-ons
  • Client support: A Organization's reputation for providing consistent, rapid and fair claims service

Affordability: What tenants can expect to pay for coverage from California

We found the price of insurance in California is $195 each year, or $16 a month. The price of policy in California is marginally more costly than in each the USA, in which we calculated that tenants insurance generally costs about $187 each year.

The tenants insurance in California is currently while Nationwide policies would be the most costly in the nation, State Farm, which sells policies to get a mean of $13 a month.

The Very Best Cheap Renters Insurance in California
InsurersAverage price (monthly )Average price (annually )% gap from CA typical
State Farm$13$151-23percent
Liberty Mutual$13$160-18percent
Average price in CA$16$1950 percent
Allstate$18$2139 percent
Farmers$18$22013 percent
National$19$22817 percent

Many factors influence the purchase price that you could pay such as where you are, the quantity and your history of earning claims. Estimates were sourced by us for the policy limitations:

  • Private property coverage:$30,000
  • liability policy: $100,000
  • Customer health protection: $1,000
  • Deductible: $500

Some details can help determine the price of insurance. For example, your age could affect your prices. Our sample profile proved to be living with no pets. Our profile had no history of earning claims.

Coverage alternatives: Range of features supplied by every tenant's insurer

The renter's insurance providers we've spotlighted All above have a couple of endorsements which it is possible to add to the coverage. The security afforded by coverage that is regular should offer protection that you are not required to buy updates to cover basic requirements.

InsurerPrivate property policyPrivate liabilityEarthquakeWater copy policyIdentity theft coverageReplacement cost policyValuables and
State Farm$10,000-+$100,000$100,000-$1,000,000X-X-X
Liberty Mutual$5,000-$25,000$100,000-$1,000,000X-XXX

Which are those policies?

  • Replacement cost policy: If your house is damaged, the replacement You Get would not variable in the deprecation of your items
  • Water copy: Coverage that protects against water damage originating from malfunctioning drains or sump pumps
  • Identity theft protection: Get account and credit tracking services and reimbursements for stolen resources
  • Valuables and: Boost the policy limitations for types of land or person items

Customer support: Assessing the quality of support provided by insurance

An insurance company needs to have a reputation for reacting to claims fairly and quickly. We assessed three dimensions to determine which tenants insurance company has the most powerful customer support: the criticism indicator calculated from the NAIC, J.D. Power's U.S. Renters Insurance Study and A.M. Finest's Financial Strength Ratings.

InsurerNAIC Complaint IndexJ.D. Power (of 14)A.M. Greatest
State Farm1.193rdA
Liberty Mutual0.6911thA

NAIC Complaint Index: The NAIC employs the Complaint Index to convey the complaints a provider receives relative to its market size. The normal amount of complaints that a business receives is represented by 1.0, meaning that an insurer using a Complaint Index of 1.20 receives more complaints than its size indicates.

J.D. Power Renters Insurance Study: J.D. Power rankings 14 national tenants insurance firms based on attributes such as claims service, coverage offerings and client interaction. Every provider is granted a general satisfaction standing based on customer responses to these factors.

A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating: A.M. Best assesses the capability of renters insurance businesses to satisfy their financial obligations to their policyholders by paying claims, particularly after a widespread crisis or financial recession. When most businesses are well rated by A.M. Greatest, it is a helpful tool to recognize risky insurers.

Will COVID-19 affects tenants in California?

Policies have been augmented by insurance businesses concerning claims-processing and paying invoices. Several done away with cancellations for payments as a consequence of the coronavirus and have eased penalties. In case you need to submit a claim, your provider might request that you finish the process. There are adjusters performing assessments that are in-person -- except for scenarios Because employees have begun operating from home.

California was among the countries to issue a moratorium on evictions for lease payments that are missed. They must pay lease, although renters ca be evicted for rent due to coronavirus. We recommend continuing to cover what you could while the moratorium is set up.

California renters insurance prices breakdowns

Enabled us to come across the town. Below, we have tabulated the price of insurance in the biggest cities of California. We have also shown how the typical cost of every city compares with the statewide cost of insurance of California.

Sunnyvale has $157 each year -- or the tenants insurance using a mean speed of approximately $13 a month. Contrastly insurance from Los Angeles is the most costly in the country at $22 a month -- $265 each year.

TownAverage price (monthly )Average price (annually )% gap from CA typical
Los Angeles$22$26536 percent
San Diego$15$178-9percent
San Jose$14$166-15percent
San Francisco$16$187-4percent
Fresno$19$22716 percent
Sacramento$16$1950 percent
Long Beach$17$2013 percent
Oakland$19$23319 percent
Bakersfield$17$2034 percent
Santa Ana$14$165-15percent
Riverside$18$2129 percent
Stockton$17$2023 percent
Chula Vista$14$168-14percent
San Bernardino$17$2086 percent
Modesto$17$1992 percent
Huntington Beach$14$171-12percent
Glendale$17$2087 percent
Santa Rosa$13$161-18percent
Berkeley$18$2128 percent
Santa Monica$19$22415 percent


To be able to locate the tenants insurance 121 estimates were got by us throughout the country from addresses. We utilized a profile without the pets using these traits: 30-year-old tenant .

We sourced estimates that coated $100,000 of liability $30,000 value of property and $ 1,000 of obligations to others. Our sample coverages carried a $500 deductible where possible.

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