Best Life Insurance Companies of 2021

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Best Life Insurance Companies of 2020

Cash's Best Picks

Northwestern Mutual: Best for Customer Satisfaction
New York Life: Best Mutual Insurer
State Farm: Finest for Immediate Term Coverage
Liberty Mutual: Finest for Quick ApprovalFinest Online Life Insurance 2020

Bestow Finest for no health examination -- the ideal way to find coverage through COVID19.
Haven Life: Super quick entry to MassMutual term life policies online.
Policygenius: Easily compare offers from multiple carriers.
HealthIQ: Your great health can lower just how much you pay for the policy.

Best Life Insurance Companies of 2020

More on Money's Top Choices

To locate the best life insurance businesses, we ran over 200 hours of market study, interviewed specialists in various regions of the market, vetted 28 insurance companies, and examined over 200 data points such as market share, client satisfaction, criticism ratio, policy options, and also claims procedure.

Northwestern Mutual: Best for Customer Satisfaction

A.M. GreatestA++
JD Power RatingOne of the Very Best
Medical Exam RequiredYes
Purchase onlineNo

Northwestern Mutual has the greatest financial and client satisfaction ratings given to any American lifestyle insurer, which explains the reason why it tops our list. Additionally, it has the greatest market share from life insurance companies in the country and a very low NAIC criticism ratio of just 7 complaints about more than 11 billion in premiums written.

As soon as it's a top mutual insurance provider, Northwestern doesn't have shareholders, therefore its principal focus is supplying advantages to its policyholders. The business has paid a record $6 billion in dividends.

Northwestern provides two chief forms of life insurance: term and permanent, which is united. Its duration policies may also be converted into permanent policies -- no matter your health condition -- and you can do this slowly over time as your needs change. The only real catch is that there's a predetermined window of time in which you'll be able to change your term policy into a permanent one, and it is usually shorter than the duration of this coverage.

Northwestern includes two term life insurance choices: flat premium and yearly renewable. As its name implies, yearly renewable policies renew automatically for a specified period (up to age 80) and also have cheaper upfront expenses. The amount premium choice, on the other hand, gives you 10 to 20-year provisions for a specific cost. The organization does not raise rates over the guaranteed maximum, possibly, which means that you may be certain that your premium will stay the same.

Life insurance via Northwestern has to be purchased through a licensed broker, but they can let you make a custom financial plan based on what you need.

Northwestern Mutual and Covid 19

Northwestern is providing a 90-day payment grace period for busy policies between March 1 and June 1 of 2020. Your policy will nevertheless covers any claims. If you can not repay your premium prior to the conclusion of the grace period contact your financial adviser, or telephone 800-388-8123.

New York Life: Greatest Mutual Insurer

New York Life: Greatest Mutual Insurer
A.M. GreatestA++
JD Power RatingMuch Better Than Most
Medical Exam RequiredYes
Purchase onlineNo

New York Life stands among the country's oldest mutual insurance companies. Instead of stockholders Much like Northwestern Mutual the provider replies to its customers. This implies its shares are owned by permanent life policyholders (determined by the particular coverage ) who profit from yearly dividend payouts, as well as the firm paid out 1.9 billion in earnings in 2020.

New York Life includes both term and permanent life insurance alternatives, and their expression coverages may also be converted into permanent ones in the future. Its duration policy choices include annual convertible and flat premium. The annual convertible coverage begins with a minimal premium payment that renews annually, and also the premium cost slowly increases annually.

The amount premium convertible alternative, on the other hand, has established provisions of 10, 15, or even 20 decades. Additionally, it locks in a premium payment for the length. The coverage price rises After the term ends. Obviously, when you prefer to convert both of those expression policies to permanent ones, then you are going to need to pay a greater premium.

New York Life has a J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Rating of Better than many and also an NAIC criticism ratio well below the national average for a business of its size and market share.

As a top mutual policy of human life policies, New York Life is a good alternative if you're looking for adaptive policies.

New York Life and Covid 19

For policies issued before March 24, 2020, and coverage owners that have made their very first premium payment, New York Life has pioneered a payment flexibility interval, granting a temporary dip on cancellations due to non-payment of premiums until June 23, 2020. There will not be interest charges for late premium payments, late fees, returned payment charges, or adverse credit coverage to the significant bureaus for any missed payments until said date. There's not any action required on the customer's end. When the grace period ends, all missed payments are expected.

State Farm: Finest for Immediate Term Coverage

A.M. GreatestA++
JD Power RatingOne of the Very Best
Medical Exam RequiredYes
(Except for Immediate Response Term Insurance)
Purchase onlineNo

State Farm stands out because of its top-ranking customer support record -- One of The Best based on J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Life Insurance Study -- and preceding level financial evaluations. With only a single criticism, State Farm's NAIC criticism ratio is also considerably lower compared to the national median for a business of its size.

If you are in the 16-45-year-old age range, you might be eligible for State Farm's Instant Answer Term Insurance, which comprises $50,000 in policy and does not need a health examination. You're able to get rate estimates by speaking to one of those organization's accredited brokers, but policies can only be accepted at the workplace.

State Farm also has Select Term and Return of Premium life insurance. Select Term can be obtained for 10, 20, or 30-year phrases using a guaranteed benefit. Premiums remain the exact same for the first duration until it is revived. It is also possible to customize this coverage with discretionary riders for example children's term rider (temporary insurance for children around age 25) and waiver of premium with a handicap, which safeguards your income from an unforeseen disability.

The Return of Premium option can be obtained for 20 or 30 year periods, and as the exact same implies, you receive back the value of your coverage should you outlive the first term. Should you renew the coverage for an extra term, however, your premium increases. Unlike word policies, the Return of Premium option builds cash value, which you may borrow from throughout the level premium period. You could even convert this coverage into a permanent one up to age 75, irrespective of your health condition.

Though there isn't any chat option, state Farm agents could be reached by telephone or email. Be aware that this insurer isn't licensed in NY, MA, or WI.

State Farm and Covid 19

State Farm is currently encouraging life insurance policyholders that are currently going through hardship to get hold of an agent or via their program. The business is offering that a coverage yield charge, which you can benefit from if you've bundled life and auto coverages to automobile policyholders.

Liberty Mutual: Finest for Quick Approval

A.M. GreatestA
JD Power RatingMuch Better Than Many
Medical Exam RequiredYes (Except for Exotic Term Insurance)
Purchase onlineNo

Liberty Mutual excels Passport Term, in its own issue term supplying. If you're searching for a fast turnaround in your policy program, it is a fantastic option.

Your acceptance may be processed in no more than 10 minutes, by completing a questionnaire submitted on the internet. No other company with this listing provides instant acceptance of difficulty insurance.

Liberty's Passport Term coverage includes level premiums for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years with the choice to renew the policy at the close of the duration and convert into a whole life coverage.

With above-average customer satisfaction evaluations, powerful financial status based on A.M. Best, and also a below-average customer criticism ratio, Liberty Mutual a solid candidate for people seeking to buy term life insurance, as well as quickly.

Liberty Mutual and Covid 19

Liberty Mutual's term life insurance policy is issued by Protective Life Insurance Company (PLICO), which is devoting a grace period to clients financially affected by the term. For info call 800-866-9933.

Greatest Online Options

If you're searching for a more effective and simplified method of shopping for term life insurance on line, some of the choices below might be a fantastic option.


Bestow is a market made for people who appreciate term lifestyle choices and a fast application process. The business offers 10, two, and 20 year periods, from $50,000 to $ 1,000,000 with policy options. The program can be completed online with no examination, in minutes. North American Company for Life and Health Insurance issues bestow's policies. Be aware that Bestow doesn't provide policies.

Bestow and COVID-19

Bestow says its prices are not impacting and it's still currently devoting policies. In case you've got a coverage through Bestow and also have been economically affected, phone 1-833-300-0603 or hit out via its live chat feature.

Haven Life

Haven Life is just another solution for anyone seeking to buy term life insurance easy and fast online, together with the backing of a firm that is well-established. Its policies are underwritten by MassMutual, which retains an A++ A.M. Greatest rating and is among the oldest insurers in the country.

Haven Life provides 15 10, 20, or 30-year term life choices containing benefit amounts of around $ 3 million and level premiums. Policies also have a free rider, Haven Plus, which provides you free or discounted access to a fitness program, a program that makes it possible to avoid jet lag, along with a personalized, state-specific, and legally-valid will.

It is possible to find a quote out of Haven Life in moments, even when you're not certain how much coverage to buy since the organization's easy online form computes a death benefit amount based on your yearly income, number of family members, and joint debt. A 30-year-old female in excellent health, as an instance, can find a 30-year term coverage from Haven Life beginning at $37.12 per month to get a $500,000 advantage or around $99.36 to get a 1.5 million advantage.

Haven Life and COVID-19

Haven Life has been issue term life policies. If you are approved, your coverage would be successful immediately and insure departure from a pandemic such as COVID-19, so long as you're honest about your wellbeing and journeys throughout the application procedure. There might be questions regarding travel in waiting periods to get a choice and the process. Eligible applicants can either qualify for InstantTerm, no medical exam insurance or receive temporary policy set up while they finish a health examination and obtain their results.


While it does not issue policies, Policygenius is an independent insurance agent that associates with a range of businesses, which raises the chances to discover a policy that satisfies your requirements and budget. Insurers whose policies it provides are AIG, Banner Life, Brighthouse, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial, Mutual of Omaha, Pacific Life, Primary, Protective, Prudential, SBLI, and Transamerica.

Policygenius and COVID-19

Policygenius says its partners are taking steps for clients who were financially affected by the outbreak. Pacific Life, and AIG, Mutual of Omaha are currently devoting temporary extensions. Banner Life has rolled out a totally online program, and Lincoln Financial, Prudential, SBLI, and Transamerica are requesting customers to reach out by telephone if they want special aid.


HealthIQ is the alternative for the consumer. The organization partners with over 25 insurance businesses that are federal. They associate together are Transamerica, Mutual of Omaha, and Prudential. The assignment of healthIQ would be to benefit people active lifestyles. Instead of looking at your wellbeing history, HealthIQ takes health wellness, your health, and action levels.Apply for a Life Insurance Policy with Health IQ

HealthIQ and COVID-19

HealthIQ's spouses, Prudential, Primary, Mutual of Omaha, and Transamerica, are granting grace periods on premiums obligations or advocating policyholders to reach out whenever they have been financially affected by the pandemic.

To ascertain our listing of life insurance firms, we looked at three important areas: financial stability, customer service, and merchandise offerings. To rank in our top four, employers had to meet stringent criteria, such as with high marks in J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study, an NAIC criticism ratio well below the national average, along with strong financial evaluations (A and over ) in A.M. Best.

Although this eliminated several businesses from making our restricted cut, there are still lots that provide life insurance policies which could fulfill your requirements, funding, and criteria. All these are.


For several years the biggest life insurance provider in the U.S., MetLife remains a titan in the business with a 6.19% market share as of 2019. Because they spun off their industry life insurance policies are longer sold by MetLife. MetLife has a footprint in life insurance, offering both duration and group life insurance programs. This makes them a choice for business owners who would like to provide their workers coverage.

The Business is rated as about typical in J.D. Power's U.S. Life Insurance Study and holds a remarkable A++ rating in A.M. Best.

Is in its number of complaints with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners where MetLife fails to meet expectations. Their NAIC criticism ratio is six times greater than the national average. Even though it feels like a concern, a firm with MetLife's track record and quantity has the tools to boost those numbers and make it on to our listing.

Lincoln Financial

Lincoln Financial is your fourth-largest life insurance carrier in the U.S., supplying an assortment of coverages for universal and term life insurance. Some word choices even incorporate the chance to bypass medical laboratory work when the client is in great health and meets specific qualifications. The business also has an A+ rating out of A.M. Finest plus also a comparatively low NAIC criticism ratio.

These advantages Lincoln doesn't provide life insurance. Plus, the just rates as average at the J.D. Power Life Insurance Study, on the same as the other firms on this listing and lower compared to the firms that made it to our top .


With strong financial stability according to its A+ rating in A.M. Finest, Prudential produced our listing of life insurance businesses. Though it only offers universal and terms life insurance, they still have a high number of coverage choices to satisfy particular customer requirements, like needing to minimize taxation, making yet another source of income, or supplying money for family members.

Finally, however, Prudential simply had an average customer satisfaction score from J.D. Power's research. The absence of a life insurance policy and that made us select creditors for our listing. Nevertheless, it was shut and we can envision Prudential producing our record in the not too distant future.


MassMutual was heavily considered for inclusion on the record, as the sixth-largest life insurance provider by market share from the U.S. using a brilliant A++ rating in A.M. Finest and among the cheapest NAIC criticism ratios. The business provides complete, term, universal, and variable universal life insurance, including the possibility of accelerated underwriting for duration policies, if specific criteria are satisfied.

Didn't MassMutual create our cut? To be able to emphasize unique kinds of insurance companies, we did not wish to comprise mutual businesses. Therefore, the firms we picked as the best improved J.D. Power ratings compared to the"About Average" of MassMutual. That little factor was sufficient to leave MassMutual about the outside looking in.


TransAmerica is part of this Aegon Group, whose joint premiums made the seventh-largest life insurance provider in the U.S. TransAmerica provides a ton of goods, for example, whole, term, universal, indicator worldwide, and final cost life insurance. This number makes TransAmerica a choice for clients who would like to customize or to change their coverages, like correcting premium payments or altering death benefit quantities.

TransAmerica wasn't contained on our list due to 2 factors: client experience and criticism ratio. Its NAIC criticism ratio is 60 percent greater than the national average. Further, it's rated as"The Rush" by J.D. Power, putting 20th from 24 businesses in their analysis. Nevertheless, the business may garner attention for the listing when it makes strides to enhance these variables and deliver them up to par with their product offering.


Our research in the best life insurance firms takes into consideration such variables as a financial asset as evidenced by every organization's market share and A.M. Greatest evaluation; customer experience according to J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study; the NAIC's National Complaint Index Report; and opinions from experts throughout the business.

We consulted with life insurance agents, independent advisers, insurance agents, and agents, together with economists specializing in the insurance industry -- and agents from LIMRA. Following those consultations, we narrowed the range of our research to concentrate on the life insurance providers that regular Americans are often looking for: term life insurance coverage with simplified underwriting.

Life Insurance Companies by Market Share

  1. Northwestern Mutual: 6.48percent -- A business pioneer having a flair for assessing policy.
  2. New York Life: 6.35percent -- The earliest life insurance provider in the country.
  3. MetLife: 6.19percent -- Life coverages for small business owners that wish to maintain their workers covered.
  4. Lincoln Financial: 5.54percent -- Ideal for whole life insurance policies with an investment element.
  5. Prudential: 5.54percent -- Great for cancer survivors and others with health issues.
  6. MassMutual: 4.59percent -- Strong financial strength across an assortment of life insurance forms.
  7. Transamerica (AEGON): 2.80percent -- Excels with dwelling benefits policy.
  8. John Hancock: 2.77percent -- Offers a policy for all those who have diabetes.
  9. State Farm: 2.76 -- Personalized focus for people who would like an expertly-guided experience.
  10. Securian Financial (Minnesota Life): 2.71percent -- Ideal for people who are searching for estate planning tools, such as investment goods to enhance their life insurance.
  11. Guardian Life: 2.40percent -- Whole life policies for healthy people living with HIV.
  12. Pacific Life: 2.23 -- a broad range of permanent coverages; long term care benefit.
  13. AIG Direct (American International Group): 2.03percent -- This massive firm provides the ideal combination of financial strength, stability, and flexible underwriting.
  14. Nationwide: 1.91percent -- Many powerful set of online management attributes.
  15. AXA Financial (Equitable): 1.78percent -- Offers tools/guidance for life insurance as part of a larger budget.

Your Own Life Insurance Questions Answered

We asked experts to deal with your questions about also the practice of buying it along with life insurance.

1) When is your ideal time to get life insurance?

Two ) I have life insurance through my company, is that sufficient coverage?

3) What is the best method to compute how long insurance I want?

4) What is it a life insurance policy death benefit cover once I die?

A life insurance policy death benefit can cover closing expenses (burial, funeral, outstanding medical bills), mortgage payments, debt, a kid's school tuition, national labour costs, estate taxes, and living expenses for living dependents.

5) What kind of life insurance is ideal for me? Term or whole life?The Fundamentals of Life Insurance

Once You Need It

Life insurance is a policy paid out at the case of your passing, that protects people who rely on you, and carried out in your lifetime. It may cover anything.

There are two forms of life insurance. Term lasts for a predetermined period (most commonly 10, 15, 20 year periods ), and then it expires. In the event that you should pass off before the term is over, a death benefit would be paid for the designated beneficiaries to pay funeral costs, help replace your lost income, and leave your household an inheritance.

The death benefit can be performed in installment, as a lump sum, or as an annuity. Your beneficiary gets the advantage simultaneously when you select a lump sum payout. If you decide to annuitize your advantage payout, then it is spread once out into installments.

Term insurance, based on Alison Salka from LIMRA, is also the one that is easiest and the insurance coverage to know.

Another option is insurance, including universal and entire life. This option is used as an investment because of its cash value element. Based on Chris Huntley in InsuranceBlogByChris, "whole life insurance coverage is oversold and never required in 90 percent of cases. It is marketed as more of an investment compared to life insurance coverage."

The most important difference between term and permanent is that word does not accrue a cash value, whereas permanent (whole, universal, along with other variants ) does. Based upon the coverage, you are able to borrow from that cash and use it like a investment vehicle or a savings instrument. But remember that, based on Huntley, it might take to break even on life policies due to their fees.

One other variable is that customers overestimate the price of life insurance. That is why term life insurance will be the clear and right alternative for consumers searching for coverage.

If You Don't Want It

You might be asking yourself,"well if I am single and do not have children or outstanding debt, do I really need life insurance?"

Then it's possible to go without any or much life insurance if nobody will be burdened with your departure. However, Salka encourages users to reach out to go over a policy that is final-expense, in the least.

Speak To Your Financial Professional

A life insurance plan ought to be an important component in the majority of families' plans. That is why experts throughout the industry urge you to speak to a licensed insurer.

Somebody who's knowledgeable about those products"may ask customers questions which will help them better understand their requirements, states Salka. "And from that point, they can make a purchase based on what works for them and their loved ones."

Many customers choose to prevent the subject of life insurance possibly while it does not hurt to talk to a specialist. Based on LIMRA's 2019 Insurance Barometer Study, individuals, and notably Millennials, are more prone to overestimate the cost of life insurance.

Four estimated high on a term life coverage for a healthier 30-year-old's price. Normally, they estimated that the policy would cost $1,000 annually more than the true price, which is $160 annually for a term coverage on a man. Your Coverage is Priced

It is helpful to comprehend besides speaking to some life insurance broker.Life Insurance Industry Trends

From Buying Life Insurance to Saving for Retirement

A current Gallup poll discovered that more than half of non-retired Americans do not believe that they have sufficient cash saved to get a comfy retirement. Along with the percentage was higher for people in the age assortment of 30 or elderly.

This is corroborated by LIMRA's study. When asked about buying a policy, LIMRA states, the vast majority of all Americans"who oppose the notion say they are saving for retirement or simply don't have additional cash at this time."

Accelerated Underwriting

We requested specialist at LIMRA, Alison Salka, to shed light on how the way customers shop have changed. We hunted their insights to how those improvements are currently impacting their coverages are underwritten by how insurers.

Salka says among the changes is a result of the ubiquity of internet shopping. Including buying life insurance and shopping for.

"Insurance companies have been upgrading their technologies and investing in different kinds of data analytics to produce the [online] procedure simpler and quicker," she states.

Among those ways insurance companies are currently accomplishing this is through streamlining the underwriting procedure. Underwriting has made buying life insurance more easy and quicker for people who are searching . Underwriting is used. It is a technique that uses modeling and calculations to approve life insurance software and to review threat.

Americans Are Waiting Longer To Get Married

As stated by the U.S. Census Bureau, the median age for marriage has improved since the 1960s from 21 to 27 for girls and from 23 to 29 for guys. Couples are waiting longer to marry and have kids. And having kids and marrying are for buying a life insurance plan, catalysts.

Market Projections Timeline Based on Pros

Improved Personalization

Faster Underwriting

It Will Receive More Expensive

Tech Will Continue to Form The Procedure

Coverage Will Be Accessible

More Details

Our research in the best life insurance companies started with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Life and Fraternal Insurance Industry report, which lists both the 25 groups and businesses who underwrote the many life insurance policies by national premium in 2019. This report explains the typical market share for several of the significant life insurance companies in the U.S. (3.02percent ). We removed.

While market share does not shed light on client service criteria or a business's insurance offerings, it is sometimes a measure of stability. We gauged financial stability by considering every business's A.M. Best score, an independent measure of an insurer's financial strength, and the ability to satisfy its continuing insurance plan and contract duties. With the exclusion of agents and marketplaces, we chose only businesses or over.

One other selection criterion that is important is the client experience. Unless making changes to your coverage or you need to submit a claim, your interactions with your insurance carrier need to be few and far between. If they and straightforward as you can, it's a plus. To quantify customer expertise, we took into consideration J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study scores, assigning businesses who had a One of the very best or greater than Most evaluation.

We took each organization's NAIC criticism ratio for life insurance as an additional step to making sure our life insurance policy top picks were one of the very best. We did not think about any firm with a complaint ratio over the average. Have exactly the exact same amount or fewer complaints.

That left us with a record of nine firms that exceeded industry standards in the number of direct premiums written, A.M. Best Estimates, J.D. Power ranks, and a very low amount of complaints with the NAIC.

Each business was assessed based on its own product offerings. We paid particular attention to the attributes that were important according to industry specialists: the capability to alter issue choices that were suitable, adaptive exam needs, and policies.

Client Satisfaction

It is making modifications that you appreciate a business that provides customer services or when searching for quotations. That is why the main aspect to consider when shopping around for life insurance is that the insurance companies' track records for client satisfaction. We utilized J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Life Insurance Study and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' (NAIC) Complaint Ratio Report to quantify each organization's performance in regards to serving clients economically.

J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Life Insurance Study positions the total consumer satisfaction of the biggest life insurance companies in the USA. It utilizes an indicator model that steps insurers' functionality in interaction and orientation, communications, application, product offerings, cost, and announcements. The companies are rated on a scale: One of The Best, Better Than The Rush, About Average, and Most.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners' (NAIC) Complaint Ratio Report catalogs the Number of complaints filed against the insurance company, compared with all the other companies in the Industry.

Money favored businesses with a charge ratio, and also higher client satisfaction ratings.

Policies and Coverage

Life insurance offers are similar across the board, thus we favored companies offering the flexibility and a purchase procedure to customize a policy. We prioritized businesses that offered an assortment of riders along with term insurance products.

Financial Power

An insurer's financial strength is another element that is important when searching for life insurance plan. We utilized A.M. Best evaluations to ascertain each organization's ability to cover claims, picking only those who were deemed exceptional and exceptional in fiscal strength. Businesses with ratings under B (fair), were removed.

Financial stability issues, Although customers often overlook this variable. Once an insurance provider declares bankruptcy product portfolios and their customer are offered delaying any payouts. When you select a business with a high A.M. Greatest score, you are gambling on their ability to cover your claim out in time, without any major hassles.

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