What's Bodily Injury Liability Insurance, And What Does It Affect?

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What's Bodily Injury Liability Insurance, And What Does It Affect?

Bodily injury liability coverage helps cover their medical expenses and lost earnings Should you make a car accident that injures another individual. In case you are taken to court over a crash this policy may help pay. Most states have.


What's Bodily Injury Liability Insurance, And What Does It Affect?

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Bodily injury liability policy may help cover the three Kinds of prices if you are at fault for an accident that injures someone else:

  • Medical costs: Bodily injury liability insurance will help cover somebody else's emergency services and hospital care should you cause an auto crash. It could also help protect their physician visits and costs that are related, like needing to purchase a wheelchair or crutches.
  • Compensation for lost income and wages: Say you hit the other car, and the driver is injured and wants to attend months of physical therapy. Or loses salary or earnings because he can't work or do the functions of the job. Bodily injury liability coverage in your auto insurance plan might help cover their reimbursement. The laws of your state may put limits on the total amount of compensation the individual can get for income.
  • Legal penalties: Following an accident leading to accidents, you might be taken to court by the injured party or the injured party's insurer. This might require that you seek out. Bodily injury liability policy might help pay.


Bodily injury liability insurance policy helps cover the expenses described above for one more individual or individuals that you injure together with your vehicle. This might have a driver in passengers, pedestrians, or another vehicle. This policy doesn't cover you or your household's medical expenses or lost income should the vehicle collision is caused by you. However, it can help pay in case you are taken to court within an accident you caused.


Bodily injury liability coverage is subject to some limitation, that's the maximum amount your vehicle insurance plan will cover toward a covered claim. Bodily injury liability coverage generally has two policy limitations: a limitation along with a limit.

Per-person restrict

The limit applies to every individual. State your limitation is $50,000. That means the maximum your bodily injury liability could cover all their medical expenses is $50,000 if somebody is hurt in an auto crash.

Per-accident restrict

The limitation applies to each accident in. Suppose your limitation is $100,000. That means in the event that you create a car accident that injures three individuals, the maximum your bodily injury liability will cover their joint expenses is $100,000 (and just up to this per-person limitation for each individual injured).


Limit drivers need to buy when picking bodily injury liability policy, recall state laws dictate a minimum liability policy. You might have the ability to purchase protection. Some countries may also permit you to pick out a combined single limit for bodily harm and property damage liability coverage. In the event that you select a limit of $250,000, as an instance, that means, your policy would pay up to this sum toward bodily injuries or property damage.

Keep in mind that in the event that you injure someone and their medical expenses exceed your bodily injury liability policy limits, you might need to pay out of pocket to pay for the expenses. That is why it's important to think about it.


A personal umbrella insurance policy permits you to buy additional liability coverage along with a different insurance policy's liability policy. That means in the event that an injury is caused by you and accomplish the liability limits of your vehicle policy, the umbrella coverage will kick in to help cover the remaining.

By way of instance, say your vehicle coverage has a physical injury liability coverage limit of $250,000, but the driver's medical bills are $300,000. Without umbrella insurance, then you might be liable for paying the excess $50,000 in medical bills from your pocket. A personal umbrella policy will help cover those expenses that are extra, as much as the limitation of the policy.


Liability coverage has two elements: property damage liability and bodily injury liability. Legislation in most states requires both policies.

  • Property damage liability coverage helps pay for damage you cause to another individual's vehicle or home. By way of instance, if you hit someone else's car, mailbox, or front porch with your auto, property damage liability policy might help pay to fix their property. And, like physical injury liability, the majority of states require that you carry a limitation of property damage liability policy.
  • Bodily injury liability coverage helps cover for another individual's expenses should you injure them at a car collision. This sort of coverage can help cover the medical bills of somebody else.

Should you need assistance knowing your nation's bodily injury liability policy limits, speak with a neighborhood agent. They can help you select limits that match your requirements and customize coverage.

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