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AskMID, the automobile insurance company that offers coverage in more than 90 countries, has recently been acquired by Intuit. This acquisition has been happening for quite some time but only recently was announced publicly. If you live in the United States, you are already aware that this is an excellent company, as most of the top auto insurers now have deals with them. In fact, most major insurances companies have deals with AskMID and use it as the reference for quotes when customers request those quotes.

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What is ASKMID and how can it help you?

ASKMID (the acronym stands for Automatic Sky Linking Identification Device) is a service provided by automobile insurers. This is a tool that enables the driver of an insured vehicle to check their records online if they are driving somewhere and see a mistake on their report. If the driver sees a mistake and knows the details, they can contact the insurer and get their vehicle repaired at no cost to them. The ASKMID database contains the history of all vehicles in the United States and records the location of every insured vehicle.

Although this technology is great for everyone involved, it is particularly beneficial to the underinsured motorist. If you are driving with an uninsured driver, your rates will be much higher than if you had no coverage. Here, we will talk about why you may want to check with askmid.


Insurers use ASKMID to find out about your driving habits without you knowing. This is because this online database stores a lot of data on hundreds of thousands of drivers. Once your profile is entered, asked will send you a notice if you have a quote on your file that is higher than you have been paying. Even if you do not own a car, you can still check with asked to find out whether you qualify for lower rates.

There are several ways to use askmid. You can first try to see if you qualify for any discounts on your policy that you have not applied for. If you have an alarm installed or a security system in your vehicle, asked will be able to check those against your policy and come back with a price estimate. If you have been a good driver and have never made an accident, you will probably qualify for an even lower rate. If you have ever had a traffic citation, however, asked will not check because it does not make a distinction between your good driving and bad driving record.

When you have ASKMID quotes that are lower than what you want, ask for a discount. You can ask for a discount based on your ASKMID membership status. If you have more than three vehicles on a single policy, ask for a discount based on multi-vehicle policies. You can also ask for discounts based on age, gender, driving history, credit history, deductibles, locations you live in, your current auto loan and more.

To find out if you are eligible to receive a discount on your policy, ask your agent for the exact terms. It may be as simple as taking a short test or getting an insurance card. Once you have the card or completed the short test, show it to your agent. The agent will then give you the results of your ASKMID check and ask you whether or not you qualify for a discount. If you do qualify, the discount will generally be automatically applied to your monthly premiums.

In order to get the most out of your ASKMID savings, you should check several times each year. ASKMID rates change each year, so it's important to check your rate for the current year as well as previous years. You don't want to wait until it's too late to take advantage of great rate cuts, so make sure you're shopping for car insurance policy with ASKMID every year. By doing this, you'll ensure you always have the best rate possible.

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