Direct Car Insurance

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Direct Car Insurance

Direct Car Insurance


  • Nice and Detailed Emergency Security Plan for automobile insurance
  • Less restrictive requirements for approving insureds


  • The organization has a pattern of bad customer support in resolving issues and billing problems
  • Automobile insurance just supplied in twelve Southeastern nations, and policy may be spotty within these countries

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Advantages of a Policy using Immediate General

Drivers may add the car insurance policy and services. Roadside Emergency Protection and Assistance. Specifically, the Emergency Protection bundle has a breadth of services that serve in addition to your policy as yet another layer of security. The program pays up to $125 per day up to a year old hospital stays up to $1,000 of injury medical expense reimbursement, $500 of fee reimbursements, and $100 towards ambulances. Rental prices are reimbursed (usually reimbursed only through leasing option with an accident and comprehensive coverage), and personal effects are covered. When these advantages are excellent, they are at a price of almost a third of quotations that are agents.

One more advantage of auto insurance policy from Direct General Insurance is they are more receptive towards motorists with documents that are driving that are non-standard. They insure a car insurance in addition. Immediate General countries that it comprehends will not demand checking accounts or charge cards which carriers may request, and dropped coverage from other carriers.

Greater than Average Complaint Records

There are high numbers of complaints. About delays in processing claims, policyholders lodged complaints with the NAIC for the most part. Immediate General obtained four times as many complaints because the automobile insurance company did. Put a different way, the talk of complaints of Direct General has been four times as numerous as its share of premiums that are federal. Of business agents' failure and delays in receipt of funds for repairing vehicles clients complain In the Better Business Bureau.

Insurer Ratings

AM Best Financial Strength Rating (2013)B (Stable)
Better Business Bureau (2013)B
NAIC Complaint Index (2012)4.09 (National Median: 1)

Automobile Insurance Policy & Discounts

Direct General underwriters Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia. Coverage in those countries is inconsistent. By Way of Example, in Florida, Direct General covers the towns of Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Port St. Lucie, but excludes the marketplace of Miami, FL.

The sample quotation for minimal policy for a 30-year-old single man driving a 2010 Honda Accord LX at Jacksonville, FL was projected at $383 for six weeks (make sure you receive two additional cost points to test that this really is a just and reasonable cost for one to cover ). The system was simple to navigate, and the questions were simple without requiring users to disclose personally identifiable or sensitive details. Notice, the business charges an automobile coverage charge of 25, in addition to various evaluations and MVR (motor car document ) fees. Immediate General not revealed Info on amounts and reduction accessibility.

The Way to Submit a Claim

Direct Car Insurance

Telephone Number: -LRB-800-RRB- 403-1077

The First Notice of reduction team is accessible through Fridays to 7 pm ET and Saturdays from 8 am ET into ET to submit a report while agents are available 24/7. Other agents may be present to document your data, but the claims form won't be filed before the FNOL team's normal hours.

  • Press 1 for New Claims
  • Press two for Present Claims

Customer Service Telephone Number: (877) GO DIRECT

About Direct General Insurance

Immediate General is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, also works throughout 400 offices around twelve countries in the Southeastern area of the USA. These states include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Along with the automobile coverage the organization also supplies life insurance coverage and bicycle insurance. Additionally, it partners to supply a MasterCard.

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