Erie Insurance Review 2021

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Erie insurance reviews and evaluations


  • - Client satisfaction ratings are usually better than ordinary.
  • - It has fewer customer complaints than anticipated, relative to its size.
  • - You are able to lock in your vehicle insurance policy rate, which means that your premium will not change unless you make significant policy alterations.

Erie Insurance is a choice for car insurance. The Erie, Pennsylvania, insurance company works in 12 states and Washington, D.C., also makes most clients happy: Erie gets generally substantial marks for pleasure in J.D. Power evaluations and several complaints.

Erie Car insurance

Erie car insurance got 5 stars out of 5 for total functionality. Our editorial team determines the evaluations of Proinsurancereview. The formula takes into consideration a range of details such as reductions and pricing of submitting a claim, and simplicity. Other variables examined include fiscal strength site transparency and criticism data.

Erie is for 2020 one of Proinsurancereview Auto Insurance Businesses.

Car Insurance policies from Erie Insurance comprise extras that Might Not Be available in each state

  • Incident forgiveness, which stops you from confronting a surcharge after your very first at-fault accident as soon as you've been an Erie client for three decades.
  • Traveling expense coverage: As much as $75 per passenger for meals and accommodation if a coated mess leaves you stranded far from home.
  • Pet accident coverage: Around $500 per for health care for pets hurt in your car or truck in a collision up to $1,000.

Perks are thrown in by Erie Should You Purchase comprehensive Car Insurance:

  • Glass fix without a deductible, and a brand new pair of wiper blades if your windshield has been substituted.
  • Locksmith support up to $75 in the event that you lock your keys in your vehicle.
  • Personal things coverage of around $350 for clothes, luggage, and other possessions inside an insured car. Items aren't typically covered by Automobile policies. This additional is accessible with Erie's crash insurance.

Erie's Automobile Plus package, for $30 a year (roughly $25 from North Carolina), provides a Range of benefits, some of which vary by country:

  • Diminishing deductible, which reduces your allowance by $100 for each consecutive year you do not file a claim up to $500.
  • 10 additional days of rental vehicle coverage following a collision.
  • Greater limits for a few policies, such as locksmith expenses and individual products.
  • Waived deductible on your car coverage if an accident entails your home and it is also covered with Erie. If you strike on your auto against on your garage door your possessions would use.
  • A death benefit of $10,000 per individual if a person dies from a covered injury.

Erie offers Car Insurance choices such as:

  • Speed lock, which enables you to lock in your vehicle insurance rates till you remove or add drivers, remove or add vehicles, or transfer. In which speed lock is not accessible, injury forgiveness is offered by Erie without a wait.
  • New automobile security: If you've got a car around 24 months old and it is totaled, Erie will replace it with a brand new automobile of the present model year, however that is not available in each state.
  • Better automobile coverage: If your auto is at least 24 months old and can be totaled, this policy will cover a vehicle of the exact same make and version just two years newer, also it will pay back the car loan if there's one. This policy is not available in each state.
  • Generous rental vehicle coverage and alternatives the majority of auto insurers offer you rental vehicle coverage for an excess cost, which means you've got a means to get around in case your car is at the shop for insured damage. The policy is included by Erie free in its coverage that is detailed, however, you can cover updated possibilities, including SUV rather than a sedan or a luxury car.
  • Rideshare policy: If you push to get service such as Uber or even Lyft, the firms' policies protect you while you are carrying passengers or en route to pick up them, but while you are awaiting ride asks. That gap is covered by Erie insurance for motorists.

Erie's automobile insurance discounts

Based on where you reside, You Might Be eligible for discounts for:

  • Insuring more than 1 vehicle.
  • Obtaining Erie house or life insurance along with automobile policy.
  • Maintaining your automobile for at least 90 consecutive days.
  • Having security features such as airbags, anti-theft apparatus, and anti-lock brakes.
  • Paying your entire premium upfront.
  • For drivers under 21: finishing a driver training program, being unmarried and living together with kids, or being unmarried and have now been insured a few years on a different Erie automobile coverage, like a parent.
  • Not carrying a vehicle when living away from home to college.

Erie homeowners insurance

Erie's homeowners insurance offers the features, and some perks:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost ensures that your home will be covered in full when it is damaged or ruined, without a"wear and tear" taken into consideration. This is not available in most countries.
  • Hens are insured up to $500.
  • Theft or reduction of your things is coated with Erie's foundation homeowner coverage, unlike many competitors'.

You can add your coverage and alternatives that are customized, for example:

  • Coverage for equipment breakdowns, such as computers and smart house technology.
  • Antiques, artwork, and luxury valuables policy.
  • Coverage for firearms.
  • Identity theft retrieval.
  • Water copy and sump overflow coverage.
  • Coverage for underground utility lines and plumbing.

Erie's house insurance reductions

Based on where you reside, You Might qualify for discounts for:

  • With smoke alarms, burglar alarms, or automatic sprinklers.
  • Obtaining a house insurance quote no less than a week prior to your policy renews.
  • Having Erie life insurance coverage as well as home and automobile policy.

Erie life insurance

Erie's life insurance policy options include the term, whole, and universal policies, even though none is offered in New York. Term life insurance can be obtained for terms of 30 and 5, 5, 10, 15, 20 decades. As much as $90,000 of policy can be obtained without a medical examination; once you apply, you will find an answer within 15 minutes.

Maintenance is paid for by A number of Erie's universal and whole life insurance policies permit you to bring if you can take care of your self or ill.

Erie customer satisfaction and complaints

Erie had fewer than the variety of complaints to state authorities in accordance with 3 decades' worth of information in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Erie's homeowners insurance policy evaluations are combined, but it is the top-rated insurance company in J.D. Power's automobile insurance buying study in 2019.

2019 J.D. Power StudyErie rankings...
Automobile Insurance ShoppingOne of the top, winning the top award
Car Insurance Claims SatisfactionAbout typical
Home InsuranceOne of the Very Best
Home Insurance ClaimsAbout typical

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More about Erie

Site: Erie's site is handy. You locate an agent that can find a car quote, pay your invoice, get into your accounts, file a claim, and find a repair store.

Mobile program: Erie does not have a smartphone program for managing your coverage or submitting claims.

using the Erie program But, benefits can be earned by youthful motorists in Ohio and West Virginia. Utilizing a device customs are monitored by Erie such as telephone usage, braking, acceleration, speeding, and cornering. Drivers are entitled, and they could earn around $ 10 based on Erie, by forcing.

Retirement planning and other insurance: Erie's retirement preparation products include annuities and traditional and Roth individual retirement accounts. (Annuities out of Erie are not available in New York.) Erie has coverages

  • Renters, condominium, and home insurance.
  • Umbrella insurance.
  • Insurance for classic automobiles, all-terrain automobiles, and recreational vehicles.
  • Boat insurance.
  • Identity theft fraud and recovery settlement.
  • Business insurance.
  • Medicare supplement insurance.

Recap: Erie pros and cons

Low client complaintsNo cellular program for handling policy
Many perks and policy optionsUnavailable in many nations
Choice to lock your Car Insurance rate


The car insurance ratings of Proinsurancereview reward firms for practices and characteristics. Ratings are based on weighted averages such as site transparency, customer complaints, financial strength, and worth. With our editorial discretion, we consider customer satisfaction polls. These evaluations are a guide, however, we invite you to shop around and compare insurance quotes to get the very best rate for you. Proinsurancereview doesn't get payment.

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