Erie Renters Insurance Review and Quotes

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Erie Renters Insurance Review and Costs


  • If bundled with automobile insurance policies are priced on the low side, especially
  • The Business has an A+ financial strength rating from A.M. Greatest


  • Renters insurance is only available in 12 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Data and tools are restricted, and no program Is Given


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Erie Insurance is a firm based in Erie, Pennsylvania. It is probably best known for its automobile and leisure insurance, but in addition, it supplies land, homeowners, tenants, life, and business insurance. It was established in 1925 by 2 guys who worked for the Pennsylvania Indemnity Exchange and has become the ninth largest home insurer in the U.S.

Erie is viewed as having cheap tenants' insurance. Its insurance is offered from the mid-Atlantic and Midwest areas through 12,000 independent representatives. The business has over 5.8 million policies inflow.

Erie was criticized because of its accessibility. While it is known for support and information it considered by men and women who wish to buy the insurance and manage claims using a program or themselves online. The site of the company has restricted performance, and it does provide a program.

Erie includes A+ ratings in the Better Business Bureau and also A.M. Best. Additionally, it has received high ratings over quite a few internet platforms because of client care and its alternatives.

What's Contained Under Renters Insurance Coverage By Erie Insurance?

Erie's renters insurance comprises:

  • Private property policy
  • Loss-of-use policy
  • Private liability policy
  • Customer health care

Erie insurance coverages comprise a policy of household critters around $500 low rates, guaranteed policy, and policy of money and metals around $500. Erie will cover renter expenses following other reduction or fire, in addition to for a lease, a resort, food, and other costs. Additionally, the organization offers liability and personal belongings policy when there is a tenant currently traveling.

Renters insurance coverage provides. Should you have such as artwork, jewelry, musical instruments, or a costly bike, Erie urges you include an endorsement for your coverage. Coverage can be found via valuables insurance coverage.

By utilizing agents to market policies and manage customer requirements, Erie supplies clients with their insurance specialists who can help them at the procedure of claims and insurance.

What Renters Insurance Packages and Packages Are Provided by Erie Insurance?

If they have other or automobile insurance coverages through 16, Clients can get pricing reductions. Its website claims that in some scenarios, an car insurance discount will cover some or most of the renters insurance coverage.

What Renters Insurance Discounts Are Provided by Erie Insurance?

Erie provides discounts to customers who package a different kind of insurance and insurance together. The business also provides discounts for clients who reside in properties which have sprinklers or alarm systems . So they are not subject to large increases in their premiums Additionally, clients can lock in costs.

What Added Renters Insurance Coverages Are Provided by Erie Insurance?

Additional policies include:

  • Loss assessment coverage
  • Driver replacement
  • Construction improvements and adjustments

What Riders Are Provided by Erie Renters Insurance?

Other accessible riders pay:

  • Sewer or drain copies
  • Earthquakes
  • Identity recovery
  • House Sharing
  • Criminal shield
  • Cost settlement
  • Incidental company expenses
  • Valuable possessions
  • Obligation for watercraft up to 100 horsepower

Additionally, there is a rider available to reevaluate your allowance.

Other Questions About Erie Renters Insurance

Can Erie's renter's insurance cover water damage?

If the reduction was the effect of a event water damage is covered. Coverage could be purchased, although the foundation policy does not cover losses brought on flood or by water copy.

Can Erie's renters insurance cover theft?

Erie's renters insurance insures items in addition to items.

Can Erie's renters insurance cover flood?

Flooding is not covered under the foundation tenants coverage.

Can Erie's renters insurance cover broken windows?

Windows aren't covered and are not considered a part of the renter's personal property.

Can Erie's renters insurance cover flame?

Items damaged or lost because of fire are insured under the base coverage.

Can Erie's renters insurance cover earthquakes?

Protection is required by earthquakes .

Can Erie's renters insurance cover bedbugs?

Bedbugs are not covered under a renters insurance coverage.

Can Erie's renters insurance cover mould?

Limits may apply, although mold is covered.

Can Erie's renters insurance cover moving costs?

Costs are not contained in a tenants insurance coverage that was foundation.

Can Erie's renters insurance insure both roommates?

No. Each roommate must get their coverage to insure their possessions.

How can I offset Erie's renters insurance?

Telephone Erie or will need to get hold of their Erie broker.

Can Erie possess a mobile program, and what can you really do with it?

Erie does not provide a program. Estimates can be reviewed by Clients online but will need to get in touch with a broker buy a policy and to validate the quotation.

Can Erie provide dividends?

Dividends are not offered.

What Other Specific Services Can Erie Insurance Supply?

Other services include perils and replacement cost loss settlement. Erie supplies personal crisis liability insurance which provides an additional $1 million to get claims for physical injury, psychological anxiety, libel, slander, or unintentional damage to another individual's property or your loved ones.

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