How Can I Get Discounts on Auto Insurance?

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How Can I Get Discounts on Auto Insurance?

AskMID is a free online service that allows you to check the Motor Insurance Database for up to the minute information on your motor insurance cover. The Motor Insurance Database is also the UK Government is trusted way of ensuring that each vehicle on the roads is fully insured and legally garaged. It contains information that could potentially help you if you were to come across an accident or required full or partial replacement of your motorbike. You can get details on how much your cover costs, whether there are any extras that you could be eligible for, and any rules and regulations which apply to you as a driver.

The aim of the Motor Insurance Database project was to make the buying process easier for customers and have everything centralised so that consumers didn't need to search around endlessly for a source of any relevant information. All insurers now have a single, easy to use interface which makes it easy to compare and buy insurance. The central record also enables you to see all the information which could potentially affect your policy - what you're entitled to, how much cover you may need, how much you pay out each year on premiums, and all the terms and conditions which apply. This information makes it easier for you to work out whether your chosen policy is affordable and meets your needs.

As well as the main benefits of ASKMID, the system has other benefits for drivers. If you currently have an uninsurable car, it's cheaper to keep it insured than to pay for repairs immediately. Also, if you're considering switching vehicles then you can get a basic quote over the phone or online. Even if you don't want to change insurer, ASKMID can help you find cheaper quotes on your current vehicle by allowing you to compare several policies at once.

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As one of the biggest car insurance providers in the UK, ASKMID makes it simple for people to check their motor insurance status online. Simply go to their website, enter your details and it'll take you a matter of minutes to have your quote sent to your email inbox. Once you've found your quote, you can check whether it's still the best deal available. You can request a printout of this document to take note of any additional information which you'd like. In the first few years of the new system, ASKMID automatically took over from the Trencher-Kerdi firm which had handled the public auto insurance search.

The first version of ASKMID used a database which comprised only of insurers who were members of the ASKMID scheme. Subsequently, Trencher-Kerdi was merged into ASKMID in 2000 and consequently the number of companies' insurers on the ASKMID system has halved. As the demand for the product increased, more companies decided to add themselves to the ASKMID database. It is now possible to check whether your favourite insurance company is an ASKMID member.

When you visit the homepage of ASKMID and enter your details (first name, surname, date of birth), you'll be able to see if you are eligible for discounts. This discount system is called ASKMID's Yellow Pages Discount. This means that you'll be asked to provide the insurance or vehicle registration number of the person who caused the accident in the first place. To make it easier for you, ASKMID has created a special search form for this purpose. Furthermore, you'll need to answer a few straightforward questions before you can apply for a discount.

If you are still unsure about the safety and insurance status of a driver, the Yellow Pages Discount won't help you much. ASKMID uses the Vehicle Registration Number (V5) and the Car Insurance Agency (CRA) to establish the insurance status. If you do not have a V5 or a CRA, you will be provided with the automobile's model and VIN number. If the police use a V5 or a CRA, you may not be entitled to ask for discounts on these two insurance products.

The best way to ask for discounts when buying automobile insurance is to ask for them when buying a vehicle. Even if you already have a V5 or a CRA, you can still ask for a discount. All it takes is to complete an online request form. You will have to provide information such as the VIN number of the vehicle, the age of the vehicle and the name of its owner, in order to get a discount on your insurance premium.

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