How to cancel your Progressive Auto Insurance - 2020

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Cancel your car insurance online, however, watch out for potential penalties.

cancel progressive insurance

Like many automobile insurance companies, Progressive boasts an online platform to handle your policy. What sets it apart is your choice. Most suppliers do not allow a cancellation, Although this alternative is only available in certain countries. If you would prefer to talk with an agent right or to have all in writing, you may cancel in person, by email or on the telephone.

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Can I cancel my Progressive policy anytime?

But do not just stop paying off your insurance premium. You have to notify Progressive which you would like to cancel your coverage.

Cancel your policy with the hassle-free cancellation coverage of Progressive. If you cancel before the end of the term, minus the penalties Additionally, it supplies refunds. Based upon strategy and your condition, you might be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 10 percent of your premium. But, policies, refunds, and cancellation charges change, so it is ideal to call a broker for additional information.

How can I prevent paying Progressive's cancellation fee?

Normally, a cancellation fee does not charge. By waiting before your policy comes up to cancel However, if this isn't true in your condition, you can prevent a premature cancellation fee.

The best way to cancel your Progressive Car Insurance policy

Auto insurance is so it is no surprise to canceling your coverage, it might be needed by you. Some nations need legal paperwork, therefore online cancellation is only available in certain nations.

Many states require the DMV to be informed by you when canceling or altering your automobile insurance, ask your broker if this is essential or so check your country's guidelines.


Log into your account, if you are located in a country which enables cancellation and check out your choices. Call email or a broker in a cancellation letter, if you do not find an choice to cancel.

By telephone

Telephone 866-416-2003 to talk to a certified agent. Cancellations via telephone are effective quickly, or you could schedule for if you would like your policy the date.

The broker will request your policy number, title, Social Security number, and date of birth to get these documents prepared beforehand. Based upon your state of residence, you might require evidence of insurance, plate invoice, or forfeiture of sale.


In-person, you could cancel your insurance plan for reassurance. Pay a visit to your branch that is Progressive and talk with a broker about trimming.


To cancel your automobile insurance plan some countries require a record, but it's often the easiest method. It's possible to utilize the petition of the cancellation type of Progressive, or you may draft your letter.

Leave time for processing and shipping by mailing your correspondence a minimum of one week until you would like your coverage but two or three weeks. Send your correspondence

The Progressive Corporation
6300 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, Ohio

What information do I want to cancel?

Get the following information available, or add it

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Your current policy amount, and the time and date you would like your coverage to finish
  • Your outdated signature
  • Your new insurer's name, policy number and begin date to your policy, OR
  • Evidence you will no more be driving (bill of sale, plate forfeiture, etc.. )

That's the perfect approach to cancel my coverage?

The fastest way would be to call your broker. You could find a sales pitch to remain with your supplier. Then you may want to email in a petition or cancel online if this alternative is offered to you if that is something that you'd like to prevent.

Some people today feel much more comfortable using a assembly. If that is you, then go down to the office of your agent.

Do I have to get a brand new policy before canceling with Progressive?

Like many insurance companies, Progressive does not ask that you have a different policy in place. If you intend on driving the car, Nevertheless, your state may require evidence of a policy. Once you cancel, or you will have to offer proof that you have surrendered or moved a bill of sale or your automobile plates to your automobile.

It is illegal to drive without car insurance, so be certain before get back to the street you know your state's needs for auto insurance. Some countries require that you carry insurance until you turn on your license plates be mindful that Progressive may notify your state's DMV of your lapse.

What should I consider before canceling my coverage?

  • Does your state require evidence of fresh insurance? It's illegal to drive without auto insurance, so be certain that there isn't any lapse in your policy by getting new auto insurance in place before canceling your present policy.
  • When is your ideal time to cancel or change suppliers? Life changes like getting married, purchasing a home, or having a baby may be great times to look around for a new policy. Experts advise annually, shopping around for a policy.
  • Just how long do I want to change policies? If you are canceling by telephone or in-person, cancellation is generally effective immediately. However, if you're mailing in a petition, give sufficient time to get the Progressive process and to get your correspondence to yourself.

Can I cancel or adapt my coverage?

If you, therefore, are pleased with your supplier and had a poor experience, canceling may be the ideal alternative for you. Or if you're wanting to spend less, you may be offered client discounts. But compare all your automobile insurance choices to get the appropriate supplier for you.

There are advantages to adjusting your coverage and staying with your own provider. Progressive offers discounts to deliver the price of your insurance down. Telephone 800-776-4737 to find out what reductions may be applied to your coverage.

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