MetLife Insurance Review 2020 - Important

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MetLife insurance reviews and evaluations

metlife insurance company life insurance car insurance homeowners insurance
  • Total customer satisfaction is all about typical.
  • Has roughly the anticipated variety of consumer complaints relative to its dimensions for car insurance, and fewer than anticipated to get home insurance.
  • Provides health insurance for people as well as home and automobile insurance.

The business provides car, home, dental, and other kinds of insurance, although MetLife might be best known for selling insurance coverages through offices. A network of representatives all over the country sells policies.

For automobile and home, policy options which will pay the complete cost of replacing damaged property are offered by MetLife, policies may share a deductible, and, oftentimes, policies comprise identity theft coverage for no extra price.

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MetLife Car insurance

3.6 ProInsuranceReviews score

MetLife automobile insurance got 3.5 stars out of 5 for total functionality. Our editorial staff determines the evaluations of ProInsuranceReviews. The formula takes into consideration discounts and pricing, of submitting a claim, criticism data in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners strength, site transparency, and much more ease.

MetLife provides:

New automobile replacement. This choice repairs or replaces your automobile with a brand new one in the event that you complete your vehicle inside the first 15,000 miles or within a year of buying it (whichever comes first).

Important parts replacement. This choice will pay to replace parts like brakes and tires irrespective and tear if you are in a crash. It is not available in most countries.

Deductible savings advantage. You may earn $50 toward reducing the deductible should you make a claim you do not submit a claim up to $250, to utilize. It is not available in most countries, and motorists in New York should pay a minimum that is necessary allowance.

Usage-based insurance policy. The My Journey app dents and monitors your driving. You obtain a reduction of around 10 percent for registering. At renewal time it's possible to make a reduction of around 30 percent for driving.

MetLife's automobile insurance discounts comprise:

  • Great driver discount.
  • Ignore for carrying an approved defensive driving class.
  • Multi-policy discount.
  • Great student discount.

MetLife homeowners insurance

The policies are included by insurance coverages from MetLife, and clients can opt for:

Replacement cost policy will cover what is essential to reconstruct a ruined house, even though it costs more than the house was insured.

Contents replacement policy will pay to replace private property without decreasing the payout due to depreciation. It is not available in most countries.

For buyers that package car and home policy, combination policies are offered by MetLife .

Home insurance reductions include:

  • Membership in certain classes or employment with specific companies. If your employer or group makes you qualified ask.
  • Theft or fire avoidance methods, such as smoke detectors and deadbolt locks. The discount varies by country.
  • Bundling automobile and home insurance from MetLife.

MetLife life insurance

Life insurance from MetLife can be obtained only.

In 2017, MetLife spun off its U.S. individual life insurance and annuity business into another business, Brighthouse Financial, which provides permanent and term life insurance and annuities.

Complaints and customer satisfaction

MetLife had close authorities according to three decades' worth of information in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, for car insurance. It had fewer than a variety of complaints about and house life insurance.

Across the board, the customer satisfaction ratings of MetLife are lower or typical.

J.D. Power researchMetLife rank
Automobile Insurance ShoppingAbout typical
Car Insurance Claims SatisfactionAbout typical
Home InsuranceOne of the remainder
Home Insurance ConditionsAbout typical

More about MetLife

Site: MetLife's site features question-and-answer segments about its insurance products and overall how-to content about insurance, health, and money issues. It's possible to get car insurance quotes online.

MetLife's primary cell phone program enables you to submit automobile crash claims, see auto and home insurance coverage summaries, cover auto and home insurance statements, and much more.

My Journey program monitors driving for MetLife's usage-based auto insurance policy program. The program provides driving scores for every excursion, considering factors like mileage, speeding diverted driving using a telephone, and braking.

The MetLife Infinity program enables you to upload images, videos, and files to share with family members today or afterward.

Additional Kinds of insurance from MetLife
health insurance.RV and motorcycle insurance coverage.
Condo insurance.Boat insurance
Renters insurance.Landlord insurance.
Insurance accessible through an office: Life, health, disability, vision, injury and pet insurance.


The car insurance ratings of ProInsuranceReviews reward firms for practices and characteristics. Tests are based on weighted averages such as site transparency, customer complaints, financial strength, and worth. With our editorial discretion, we consider customer satisfaction polls. These evaluations are a guide, however, we invite you to shop around and compare insurance quotes to get the very best rate for you. ProInsuranceReviews doesn't get payment.

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