Midland National Insurance Reviews 2020 important - Midland National life complaints

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midland national life insurance reviews

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  • Proinsurancereviews standing: No. 15.
  • Must utilize a broker to purchase a policy.
  • Limited merchandise information is available online.

Launched as Dakota Mutual Life Insurance Co. in 1906, the insurance company became Midland National in 1925. It is now a member of Sammons Financial Group Inc., a group of financial firms that also contains the North American Company for Life and Health Insurance. Midland National offers permanent and term life insurance and annuities. The business is licensed to conduct business.

Midland National life insurance

Midland National ranks No. 15 on Proinsurancereviews listing of the greatest life insurance businesses. Proinsurancereviews assesses the nation's biggest life insurance companies based on customer complaints and financial strength, customer satisfaction.

Life insurance choices from Midland National comprise:

Term lifestyle. The firm doesn't provide product information or market policies online, although term life quotations are offered on Midland National's site for coverages which range from $100,000 to $ 5 million. Visitors need to email the sales department to obtain an agent.

Universal lifestyle. The business delivers many different universal life products. A few of the policies enable you to tap on a part of their advantage if you are diagnosed with a severe illness before you die. Product details are available not online, via representatives.

Variable universal life. A wide variety of investment capital is available for allocating the cash value of the policy. Prospectuses for the factor policies of the company are available on its site.

Midland National introduced a less-invasive and more rapid procedure because of its duration life insurance and a few life policies in 2018. Using available information, the firm may determine if a candidate qualifies without even requiring a medical examination or laboratory tests. Adults 50 or older who meet height and weight conditions and do not have health conditions that are significant may qualify for the application procedure.

Midland National customer satisfaction and complaints

Midland National has complaints to state regulators anticipated based on the evaluation of information of Proinsurancereviews from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Midland National rated below average for total client satisfaction in J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Life Insurance Study. The insurance company rated No. 23 overall from 24 life insurance firms assessed.

Customer satisfaction classMidland National's score
Total satisfactionBelow typical
Billing and paymentBelow typical
CostBelow typical
Policy offeringsBelow typical
InteractionAbout typical
CommunicationAbout typical

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Proinsurancereviews analyzed complaints received by state insurance regulators and reported on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 2016-2018. To evaluate insurance companies compare to another, the NAIC computes a criticism index measuring share of premiums from the business, or its share of complaints relative to the dimensions. To evaluate the complaint history of a company, Proinsurancereviews calculated that a similar indicator for every insurance company, measured by market shares of each subsidiary. Ratios are decided for home, car, and life insurance.

Midland National Insurance Reviews 2020 important - Midland National life complaints

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Have to file a complaint?PIR is here to assist. We'll lead you through the procedure.

Complaint Sort: Billing/Collection IssuesStanding: Answered

03/24/2020Midland has needed me to cover an enormousOverdue Payment although I have been making automatic withdrawal payments monthly or repay my loan in full. Midland delivered me an overdue note for repayment on February 15 in 60 days of my loan although I have been paying my loan yearly and put everything up . I've called them 3 times on it and also the first time they stated just like they promised me they'd do in August, they did not place my 1st payment towards my two payments.

They added my loan balance and the rest together and then place it. So I sent it on February 24 and needed to write a letter of exclusion and got a confirmation email. After awaiting their answer, I phoned back on to find out what was happening with my letter along with the loan, because I had not heard anything. They stated that they never received it and that I had to send the letter. Then I resent my letter describing my very first payment was designed to pay for second quarterly obligations and my initial and then I had been put up to cover a sum that is smaller on.

After waiting with no answer I called and was advised that they sent a letter saying that although this was my fault, I was responsible for the payment in total to me. I have to pay the payment that is late Though I've been making my obligations along with my payments didn't go in all the remainder of this loan towards the payment.

What am I making payments of they do not pay? This looks like a way to assert the payments did not proceed towards the loan to get cash from their customers then ask for a sum within a note, in addition to the payments. All payments must proceed towards any invoices due added into the loan and also not considered payment. I'm not giving money from the goodness of my own heart to them.

Desired OutcomeMidland must have imputed my quarterly invoice together with the obligations that I've and had paid rather than send me an overdue note. In addition, it should not add the remainder of this loan and any obligations without depriving your charge.


04/16/2020Midland National expands our sincere apologies and regrets the frustration expressed by our Contract Owner. We endeavor to give customer support that is exceptional and it seems we didn't meet with expectations. Concerns introduced and midland National enjoys the chance and says all orders are completed and conveyed to the party. As Midland National is convinced the worries of the Contract Owner have been solved.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

03/11/2020Death assert made multiple errors and won't fix them. On 1/28/2020 there has been a departure claim filed for 2 customers for 2 contracts. Midland messed up all four distributions making the checks payable into the incorrect party on both non-qualified contracts which resulted in delays and lack performance form the customer. Concerning the inherited IRA's; Midland delivered one check to the address along with the check payable into the party.

The check payable into the wrong party remains not in the customer's own rather than a single customer support representative has managed to help in discovering when we'll obtain these funds. A stop payment has been asked on 3/2/2020; upon my telephone call now (3/11/2020) the agents are stating the check has not been re-issued plus they don't have time as to if this customers money is going to be sent outside.

Midland National Insurance Reviews 2020 important - Midland National life complaints

I was told a day or 2 before you might get into me, upon requesting a manager. The ineptitude and unwillingness to aid a customer moving through the loss of her sister's disgraceful. Nobody should work for this business.

Desired OutcomeThe capital for the fixed death claim have to get re-issued instantly and delivered via overnight mail each of the right directions.


03/20/2020Midland National expands our sincere apologies and regret the frustration expressed by the Complainant. We endeavor to give exceptional customer support and it seems we didn't meet expectations from the processing of their claims . Midland National enjoys the chance to examine and reply to the opinions and concerns introduced and says all orders are completed and conveyed to the concerned party.

Complaint Sort: Billing/Collection IssuesStanding: Resolved

01/30/2020Midland National increased their prices with no notice from $28 to $126 a month rather than delivered a note. Midland National increased their prices with no notice from $28 to $126 a month rather than delivered a note. After we captured them they said they had delivered a letter but we never received letter.

Plus how do you boost your prices by 1000%, not give detect because anyone with a sound mind would cancel this support? And after speaking together they maintained requesting repayment on the coverage amount and declined to repay the payments.

Desired OutcomeWe need our cash charge for the difference in prices and also our coverage canceled.


02/07/2020Dear Mr. ********* Midland National is accountable for this entry from Mr. *** ****** Concerning the above-referenced Policy which was forwarded from the Better Business Bureau to Midland National on January 31, 2020. As a first matter, Midland National enjoys the chance to examine and react to the concerns filed by Mr. ******.

Midland National is sending different correspondence straight to Mr. ****** that reacts to his stated concerns concerning the above-referenced Policy.

Midland National considers the documentation and information being delivered to the speech that Mr. ****** supplied the Bureau is completely receptive to the concerns filed. Additionally, while Midland National admits the deadline put forwards by the Better Business Bureau, please be aware that Mr. ****** should expect to receive a thorough response in about 2-3 business days. **************************** We expect that you and Mr. ****** locate the advice received to be useful.

That notwithstanding, Midland National stays willing to critique any further questions or concerns which Midland National could have.

If you Mr. ****** have any additional questions or concerns regarding Midland Nationalâ?? S correspondence or the above-referenced Policy, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Sincerely,


02/11/2020(The customer signaled he/she ACCEPTED the answer from the company.)

Complaint Sort: Billing/Collection IssuesStanding: Answered

09/04/2019This Insurance Company do not counsel you if there's an issue with your coverage. They sent detect your coverage has been terminated. I've had a coverage for 30 decades. I've followed the recommendation of clients service however all of them have given me wrong information. For Example August 1, 2019. I had been advised in June and July the sum to cover to receive my coverage present. This was compensated. 8/1/2019, compensated premium according to my announcement.

Yet I got an announcement for the following three-month premium for September. (I had been advised that $65 no.would maintain my coverage great for approximately 4 yrs) Once I called thinking that was an error I had been advised this amount only brought my coverage current and that I shall still owe a premium to be paid for both months.

Wasn't advised of one of these modifications. When I had been advised that the premium which was being paid wasn't covering the cost of this coverage. I had been advised if it had been raised from $50 to $65 could be useful.

Desired OutcomeI should understand the amount required to maintain the coverage in writing. If that isn't feasible, advise me in writing and reunite my two month premium. I really don't owe this premium that is straight.


09/13/2019Dear Mr. ********: Midland National is in receipt of the email dated September 5, 2019 that comprised ***** ******â?? S issues with the Policy. We appreciate the chance to examine and react to Ms. ****** concerning this issue. Please note that we've sent different correspondence into ***** ****** using a comprehensive explanation of her issue, together with supporting documentation. We think that the information offered to her is receptive to her worries. **************************** We expect that y

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

07/29/2019Misleading info, inadequate customer support, preying on the uninformed. I've been attempting to receive an overview of a family life insurance and I've achieved to the broker Paul"Donnie" Taverna who had been delegated to the coverage and he keeps giving me the runaround, saying he will focus on getting it to me personally, and it has been a month and I don't have it. I ended up phoning and emailing Midland National.

When I called on July 15th did it take more than 4 hours to reach somebody, but the agent was dismissive and rude.

They sent me an automatic response that did not even address my query that was submitted when I emailed them. This location is a racket, so keep out at any cost. They need to rope you into price annuities based on customer services that are inadequate and scare tactics.

Following 1 week of asking it with sent me a case in contrast. They stated it is currently going on 3 months with no coverage outline and they could find the coverage summary to my week. I've been telling all my family and friends to avoid doing any business.

Desired OutcomeA replica of a the complete in force illustration or policy summary within my palms.


08/08/2019Dear Ms. ********* Midland National is in receipt of the email dated July 30, 2019, seeing Mr. ******* ****â?? S concerns concerning the life insurance plan. We appreciate the chance to examine and react to you personally and Mr. **** concerning this issue.

We've sent different correspondence to Mr. **** and Ms. ********* concerning this issue, such as an explanation about the customer support seasoned, and data concerning the Policy we expect they find helpful. ************************* Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries or concerns. Sincerely,


08/16/2019(The customer signaled he/she DID NOT take the answer from the enterprise.) Whoever owns the coverage, Leanne *********, originally contacted the insurance broker, Paul"******" *******, on 6/30/19 asking a copy of her present life insurance policy case or in-force illustration. He reacted on 7/1/19 saying he was"pleased to ship Leanne any coverage or case you'd love."

On 7/2/19 he said that he"only talked to Midland and they'll email Leanne the information you're looking for in 3-5 workdays" About 7/11/19 Leanne reached outside to ****** again because she'd to hear from him or anybody from Midland National about her prior petition for her present life insurance policy case or in-force illustration.

****** Reacted on 7/12/19 saying"Regrettably Midland closes at 12:00 on Fridays but I'll call them Monday and see if I will shake the data loose. They're supposed to send me and I have not gotten anything.

These firms do operate slowly this time of year with holidays " ****** then reacted on 7/18/19 saying"I talked to Midland National and they stated Leanne should possess the information in 3-4 days." Leanne failed to get her entire life insurance policy case before receiving it within a written communication dated 8/8/19 (see attached file ) after an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau was filed.

Contained within this communication, Midland National says that they delivered a third party consent form and they haven't obtained authorization to supply me personally with particulars of this coverage. But, no third party consent form was obtained on 7/23/19, just a"Record of Insurance" that wasn't what was originally asked.


08/23/2019We love Mr. ****'s followup communicating and have sent additional information directly to the policy owner, Ms. *********, for her documents and utilize.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

05/17/2019I asked termination of my mortgage contract. It took 13 days to process and 4 times to get a check because I had been told that they had been backed up. Contract #XXXXXXXXXX. Transfer request obtained 4/19 by Midland predicated on the letter that they sent me requesting to rethink.

They sent a letter asking exactly the exact same thing. Repeated calls were made by my broker. He had been told that they were backlogged. The value that was internet lasted show again. They delivered another letter contract that has been renewed at $229,054 value, May 1.

On 5/3 a test went out for $229,191.71 successful 4/30. It seems that I missed 11 days of attention because of their backlog for another four days along with processing since they sent a check. Additionally, it seems that throughout the 30 day grace period interest was imputed at 1 percent rather than the 2.75% contracted worth.

I have asked for an accounting of attention for the time and their attention for April they required for processing. I didn't get a response. I do not believe I need to be penalized because of their backlogs and had more than a half-million bucks together.

Desired OutcomeAn accounting of this interest for April and charge at 2.75percent for the times in April. Interest blamed.


05/29/2019Contact Name and Title: ********** ****** Manager Contact Telephone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Email: *******@sfgmembers. Com Please be advised that Midland National Life Insurance Company is accountable for Mr. *****'s complaint filed through the Better Business Bureau and received in our office on May 20, 2019. The business is now exploring Mr. *****'s worries and will be reacting to him straight regarding his allegations regarding the handling of the transfer of his capital.

We anticipate responding to him. Meanwhile, we've delivered a letter of recognition right to Mr. ***** notifying him of the status of the review into this issue. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention and providing the chance to us.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

04/29/2019Never disbursed my mortgage to my IRA accounts at another institution after several requests. Account number XXXXXXXXXX About 1/11/19 I asked my mortgage be redeemed at a different credit union in total to my IRA accounts. Additionally, I asked my accounts with Midland be closed. As of now April 28, 2019 my account is busy and my funds haven't been disbursed and I've lost money for this.

Desired OutcomeAccount amount XXXXXXXXXX About 1/11/19 I asked my mortgage be redeemed in total to my IRA accounts at a different credit union. Additionally, I asked my accounts with Midland be closed. As of now April 28, 2019 my account is busy and my funds haven't been disbursed and I've lost money for this.


05/10/2019We've sent different correspondence to Ms. *** concerning this issue, such as a timeline describing the flaws and apologizing for the flaws that were the end result of the business not meeting its own internal support standards for processing a move once it's in good order. We expect that Ms. *** finds out our excuse and apology satisfactory.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

03/25/2019I wasn't told right when I have a money value in my entire life coverage should I use it VERSUS borrow it, that sum will lessen the coverage value A customer support representative did NOT tell me the distinction between what could occur if I had been given the money value amount VS carrying financing, which would cost me interest, that when I didn't choose the loan choice, my policy death benefit value could be decreased by this amount of the money value forever and couldn't be retrieved back again.

SO ANGRY, after paying to the policy for more than 25 decades. That can be business practices and they are NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

Desired OutcomeI need them to use me to grow the value of this coverage benefit value .


04/04/2019Please be informed that Midland National reacted directly to the Policy Owner concerning the complainant's concerns, since the complainant wasn't authorized to get information about this Policy. Midland National supplied a written excuse, confirming a Business Representative did actually state the death benefit of this Policy could reduce.

Nonetheless, in light of Ms. *******'s statements, we're worried that she might have researched the information supplied, so as a gesture of good will we've provided a solution to offer the hunted resolution. While we repent Ms. *******'s dissatisfaction we think this alternative will probably be amicable.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

01/07/2019Insufficient life insurance for my dad Agustin ********* account amount is XXXXXXXXXX my dads name was ******* ********* I am ********* ******* I am filing a complaint it'll be a year my father passed **** on Jan 23rd 2018 and we aren't in 2019 and I have not got any in depth info in my dads insurance he put me beneficiary I shipped his out and records through email, I've spoken to folks that are very vague on the circumstance and insufficient communication of what's happening.

Before my dad passing ** sent signed and info records acknowledging the shift on his life insurance. The shift was a result of an elder abuse situation the State of Texas has contrary to my sister ******* ********* who'd taken funds from his life insurance to buy a car along with other financial schemes she'd causing my dad to be set in a fiscal shock. I call and they all tell me is they will call me back and they perform it has been escalated into their managers without a callback.

I would like results and a resolution for this it's going and I am tired of calling and getting the runaround and nobody appears to know what's happening. I know that the who the beneficiary should be is being contested by somebody my dad did finish all paperwork before anything. I would like a person to reach out using a resolution of the situation to me.

When my dad passed *** business was quick to provide life insurance to me personally, however, I refuse to go for a company that is going to present my beneficiary's problems once I pass **** enjoy today. The account number is XXXXXXXXXX my dads name was ******* ********* I am ********* *********.

Desired OutcomeThat I would enjoy the payout to be finished to a settlement in detail about the delay and what's going to be carried out. Nobody has reached out to me.


01/17/2019Contact Name and Title: RJ Charlton, Sr.. Complian Contact Telephone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Email: *********@sfgmembers. Com

Please be informed Midland National reacted straight to ********* ********* about her concerns. Midland National regrets Ms. ********* doesn't believe the company has supplied her the advice she wants to proceed with a settlement. As Ms. ********* said in her criticism, there's a rival claim on the Policy as well as the Company has provided Ms. ********* with management about the best way best to solve this issue.

Midland National has provided that excuse to Ms. ********* and supplied additional info about another **** within this case when the parties are still deny to operate collectively.

Complaint Sort: Billing/Collection IssuesStanding: Answered

12/19/2018Drastic change to coverage cost w/ no conversation b/c of the charging practices much like the 2009 litigation"The lawsuit alleges that Midland costs more for the price of insurance and coverage costs compared to the coverage permitted. *** **** **** v. Midland National Life; 09cvXXXXX, United States District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin." Policy was held for decades. Cost has been $1100/yr the time, and has been supposed to be the year of this, for next year.

Because of Midland's own charging system problems - and with no explanation or debate - that the coverage cost changed to $1911.66. The representative suggested that, because of their billing system vagaries, an additional month - that as the entire season cost nearly as much for some reason - was tacked on to this coverage.

They had no solution apart from charging additional to switch to a quarterly or yearly payment program to aid with this. So gouging.

They have a mobile program that is labyrinthine, and also office hours which change frequently. It seems as though they need to push our company off as opposed to run the threat of payout of a second year. It seems wrong abusive, rather than at agreed to by us terms' parameters.

Additionally, it feels supposed to target the older and/or their caretakers, that are likely to function as people - since they are handling a lot, and also most of whom the only payout or give up.

Desired OutcomeAn apology to the bad communication. A communication detailing why and exactly what occurred. Better communicating being put into position. The year charged in 1100/yr's rate.


12/20/2018Midland National has searched Business records and is not able to find any client by the complainant's name. Therefore, the provider is not able to react without a policy amount to the allegations. In case Ms. ******* is ready to supply a policy amount, the corporation will examine her allegations incomplete. Thank you. ********** ****** Operational Compliance Supervisor


12/20/2018(The customer signaled he/she DID NOT take the answer from the enterprise.) Funny Presents to answer this one. The answer isn't accepted by me . I do accept they want the policy amount. I only require a safe choice to send that over to **********.


01/16/2019(The customer signaled he/she DID NOT take the answer from the enterprise.) The efforts that Midland made incl. One wherein an explanation was supplied, and it was supplied. The agent was dismissive and rude, and also not interested in speaking about it. After Midland had provided a guarantee of explanation this contact was completely driven by our calling Midland.

The time another client, before this driven contact, we talked after to a representative that was pleasant, and also at what occurred with the coverage confused. He handed *** concerns together to charging with the guarantee of explanation. However, in between nowadays, Midland, rather than discussion/explanation sent a different invoice. Those were which has been supplied regarding the rate increase.

We take the settlement on the charging that was supplied through October in the email. In addition, we accept the greater laid out. On the other hand, the conversation provided here still doesn't tackle Midland's poor preliminary communication options, and tries to fob all responsibility for all these off to the client, including using deceptive language surrounding the events - rather than using this chance to talk about how it plans to perform better moving forward.

It's apparent the Midland has related policies and communicating processes which require a lot of work.


01/29/2019Midland National strives to offer an outstanding customer service experience and apologize if we don't fulfill any individual client's expectations. Midland National encourages clients to contact us with any questions as this allows us to address the concerns of the alternatives, they have about every note sent.

We regret the frustrations Ms. ******* experienced while trying to solve her question nonetheless, we could affirm all of the service criteria were met in a professional way. Midland National has nothing further to provide and believes this matter closed according to Ms. *******'s previous announcement that she takes the settlement long and the comprehensive billing explanation supplied.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

09/04/2018Midland National utilized a bait and switch strategy. They lent me a top of $1425 but charged me 1847. RE Life Insurance coverage # XXXXXXXXXX I changed a life insurance plan form one possessed by my company. I sent in all of the paperwork but they returned my very first test since they stated the policy amount wasn't on the shape but it had been on a lot of different forms also filed in precisely the exact same time.

When I phoned on 06/22 to converse with their cust service rep ***** (conf #ZCXXXXXXXXXX) He explained that the grace period finished 06/27 and when I sent in the test of $2690 now, the premium to its new policy of $1425 ( I have a quotation from them for this ) will be honored and I'd be rewarded for the difference of $1265.

After waiting 6 months for my paycheck I phoned Midland on the rep and 8/13 Conf #WVXXXXXX said a person would return to me. Nobody did so I wanted a refund because I never got a reply and phoned on 08/16. I waited 10 more times afterward sent an email to **** ***** demanding a complete refund.

He responded by stating that he processed a refund for $843.33 that was just part of this 1265 that I was supposed to get. Because the shift has been created in August of taking 8 weeks of a greater amount his justification was absurd for many reasons. 1) I had been advised that about 06/22 per preceding I would get a refund of $1265 since I was in the grace period. 2) Midland cashed my check on 07/04.

Someone sat on it before my follow up the telephone on they made it successful 8/27 instead. The test was obtained by them and they need to have admired their commitment said on 06/22 to me personally. AS *** ***** formerly said - Lordy I expect there's a cassette of my dialog with ***** on 06/22. At this time due to coverups and their lies I need my check back of the transaction canceled along with $2690. I won't conduct business. I will trust them to honor.

Desired OutcomeI need a complete refund of my check for $2690.00 along with the coverage cancelled because they didn't hold up their end of this contract by devoting me about the top.


09/13/2018Thanks for contacting us concerning Mr. **********'s concerns. We've contacted Mr. ********** right to tackle the things introduced.Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

08/22/2018Midland National Life Won't cover Death Claim. My mother in law had a life insurance coverage Alma Anderson handed ********** Midland hasn't paid the claim as they're assessing the claim. I've called a lot of times getting the run around. I left a voicemail and have called three times. If this is being contested by somebody can't we understand who and I have ask this question. Just how long can they draw on out this?

Desired OutcomeI need out this paid. Just how long are they likely to drag feet.


08/24/2018Please be informed that Midland National additionally obtained from the complainant and question in the Indiana Department of Insurance on August 20, 2018 which addresses exactly the very same allegations. Therefore, Midland National will react to the Indiana Department of Insurance concerning the concerns of the complainant.

Midland National is dedicated to our evaluation, and will consequently respond in a timely way to deal with the concerns raised regarding the claim managing on the Policy of Ms. ********* Midland National's answer to this Indiana DOI is expected by September 17,2018.


08/29/2018(The customer signaled he/she DID NOT take the answer from the enterprise.) Midland has had nine months a second month, why? Midland has been called a lot of times it's like speaking each single time. How much time does it take to get there company in order. It's being evaluated why, I'd like to learn? Who ?

What type of proof if some wrongdoing I can only assume. That when the coverage was written was contested by my mom in law Alma Anderson. The broker said that this will probably be paid on proof of departure without any questions asked. Offering You ******* *****


09/12/2018(The customer signaled he/she DID NOT take the answer from the enterprise.) We've been here before you mentioned the parties have to come to an agreement what arrangement. If we do not understand who or why what arrangement? Midland believes this. This is a match between Midland and that?

And we're inching as the date that the section we lost this coverage and a loved one was her fantasies but I figure there have been A men lips sealed and all is left is memories. So brother could drag out this since this is nothing but dollar signs. Thank you for your empathy.


09/21/2018Ms. ********* that the Policy's owner and insured, handed **** on or about November 24, 2017. Midland National received rival claims which prevented it by dispersing the sum payable under the Policy (the"Policy Proceeds") without exposing itself to numerous suit or several liability. Midland National accordingly filed a Complaint for Interpleader at Federal Court in the Southern District of Indiana, Case No. 4:18-cv-XXXXX. As requested, we Also Have reacted to the Indiana Department of Insurance.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

08/03/2018Will not change beneficiary Midland lifetime is not going to change my entire life to my hope as I asked. The moneys in my hope will largely go to the Salvation Army, ASPCA, the Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, and the Southwest Lending Closet (brings medical gear for free). They would like to donate it. An ex of 36 years with no claim. I have been trying for weeks and they keeping desiring something more.

This is their very last letter: (Oh, yes, the record is needed to read but it's the best that the court could do because of being on microfilm.

This can not alter. I obtained it. It just has one page since that is all. I can not ship page two ) We have obtained your petition. We are not able to process your request as extra info is needed by us. Inspection of this Power. The Decree of Dissolution of Marriage documentation registered in 1983 is illegible and incomplete (we're just in receipt of page 1). Our understanding is that this is the ideal backup and each the document accessible (might want to verify with the courtroom ).

As a proposal, you might choose to pursue additional information in the issuance of 33 years in terms of a beneficiary designation following a divorce. Another alternative is to pursue confirmation which the ex-spouse knows and agrees to this beneficiary shift if functional. We indicate that the Conclusion of the Reduction of Financial Interest form is completed and signed and dated by the coverage and Ex-Spouse's Owner.

Give a written verification dated and signed by both the proprietor and Ex-Spouse, which you understand and consent to this beneficiary change and sign and date the letter.

Desired OutcomeAlter the beneficiary since I led


08/16/2018Contact Name and Title: ***** ********** Contact Telephone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Email: ***********@sfgmembers. Com Midland National obtained the correspondence dated August 6, 2018 in the Better Business Bureau and ******* *****. Midland National is ongoing to critique Mr. *****'s stated concerns,

and after the inspection is finished, Midland National will be send the organization's correspondence addressing those issues directly to Mr. *****, pursuant to the organization's standard privacy protection process (s).

If the Better Business Bureau or even Mr. ******* ***** want to contact Midland National concerning the Organization's review and answer, please contact **********@sfgmembers. com. Thank you.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceReputation: Answered

07/31/2018I registered a claim for critical illness since I have cancer as well as now they still haven't paid it. On May 14, 2018, we filed a claim under the critical illness rider using Midland National (MNLC). I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2018. The coverage was bought by me in July of 206. I had no preexisting ailments and had been issued a Super Preferred Rate.

The very first thing Midland did was sending out describing bodily announcements (APS) to each doctor I've observed within the previous te

n decades. Their justification for this is because it had been below the two year incontestability time period nonetheless, in their correspondence dated June 27th, 2018 the said the following:"When we get all of the records we'll offer your claim our prompt attention." All of the documents requested on the 24th of June, 18, when they had already obtained! What's more, in precisely the exact same letter they said the following:"...

it will probably be crucial for us to run a typical inspection..." My representative talked to MNLC on Monday, July 9th, 2018 and he had been advised it would take in the most a week or 2 to complete the claim and the test would be sent; nonetheless, once I talked to Sam from the claims office yesterday I got a very different story. She said, and I quote: "it takes between 4 to 6 months to finish this claim"

That they stated it shouldn't take long, which they expected it to have a couple of weeks when we filed this claim.

Nevertheless, it's been over two weeks about doing so since we talked to the business. My situation isn't good, I have had to overlook a lot of work as well as my spouse is disabled. Whether this claim isn't processed immediately we can lose our house, our cars and our invoices continue to fall further and further behind.

The asserts person we spoke to had ZERO empathy *** our plight and it's wonderful how this insurance business may so readily take our money but they perform with these stalling games when it's time to cover any sort of claim, even one that's modest compared to the true death benefit of $750,000.

They told our representative when accepted, that they wouldn't deposit the amount and they wouldn't reevaluate the test Federal Express or any other service. They sure don't mind taking the cash Last week they eventually approved the promise and they did send the check via overnight mail nonetheless, they delivered the check for $12,000 less than the true benefit amount and they won't return our phone.

Desired OutcomePay us the right amount before July 25th, 2018


08/01/2018This customer formerly submitted a complaint to the Alabama Department of Insurance concerning this exact same issue. On July 24, 2018, the business reacted to the Alabama Department of Insurance in addition to using an outline of the settlement of the Company. We are aware that the customer's correspondence to say that a claim filed under the critical illness rider of the Policy. She opened her Coverage and had been diagnosed with breastfeeding.

In the time she had no preexisting ailments and had been rated Super Preferred. She says that after she filed a claim records were asked by us as a result of the two-year contestable period for the previous ten years. She's frustrated that her representative was advised 1-2 weeks, the inspection would require she had been given a period of 4-6 weeks.

As relief, she's asked that we cover the claim in the sum of $20,000. Midland National has finished a comprehensive investigation into this subject that has included a review of documentation related to telephone calls that were documented and the customer's Policy.

We sincerely apologize the customer felt there was a delay in payment, nevertheless the terms and conditions of the Policy, when a claim is filed within the two-year contestable period, a regular evaluation is conducted. We hope that you find this answer useful in understanding our stance. The customer has two life coverages with Midland National. Her Coverage was issued as a Term coverage with a $750,000 death benefit on July 14, 2016. On April 19, 2018, we received a petition to convert $200,000 of the term policy. Below is the timeline of events to if it had been paid out from once the claim has been received.

04/19/2018 Midland acquired a petition to convert $200,000 of passing gain from Term Life Policy into some ***** Policy. 04/24/2018 Consumer's agent called in to check on May 14, 2018, and on the condition of the policy conversion. Life Death Benefit 4 Policy goes into effect. 05/15/2018 Agent called in to submit a care claim.

Agent asks the highest sum offered, (the customer is seeking $20,000) and he had been provided a time period of 3-5 days for the paperwork to be delivered to the customer, then her doctor (s) had to complete and sign the paperwork.

05/17/2018 The Accelerated Benefit Rider record was sent to the customer which asked an Accelerated Death Benefit of $. We obtained the Accelerated Death Benefit paperwork. We delivered documentation out to relay that because the claim has been filed over the contestable period a evaluation would be conducted. The consumer's medical records have been requested from nine distinct suppliers.

06/27/2018 All documents were obtained to begin the inspection procedure. 07/02/2018 Agent changed the customer and called in to block the present eft. 07/09/2018 Agent called to test the claim standing, he had been provided a span of 4-6 weeks to payment and the contestable investigation of this claim.

Her husband and 07/11/2018 Client contacted the Business on the claim standing to get an upgrade. 07/13/2018 Agent called to check on the status. 07/17/2018 The coverage goes into Grace Period for $3.16, which is needed by September 15, 2018, to prevent termination of a policy.

Their review that was typical had been finished by 07/19/2018 Underwriting as requested, and the claim has been processed. Assess XXXXXXXXXX for $8,000 was shipped for shipping on July 21, 2018. 07/23/2018 The organization received a telephone call from Agent saying consumer was assumed to be given a check for $20,000; nonetheless, she just received $8,000. A Claims Manager conducted Another inspection and each the telephone inspection, the representative asked the sum available under the terms of the policy rider.

07/24/2018 The Company verified with the customer that she'd cashed the first check for $8,000, therefore an additional accelerated advantage was processed to supply her with the further sum of $12,000, to total $20,000. As mentioned over the company sent Payment Notice and the Accelerated Benefit Worksheet on May 17, 2018 to her representative and the customer. Here is and the Accelerated Death Benefit Payment was for $ 8,000, not $20,000 as stated on that kind. We do regret the customer's dissatisfaction; nonetheless, we don't have any record of their representative calling to wonder why the payment will be for $8,000 compared to $20,000 if they obtained the Accelerated Death Benefit paperwork.

On May 29, 2018, we requested copies of their customer's medical documents Included in this contestable evaluation and these records were obtained on June 27th from the nine physicians. The customer says her representative told her the promise could be paid in a week to two in the slightest, no matter how the agent has been supplied the regular contestable evaluation interval of 4-6 months on July 9th.

Claims Services provided advice concerning the contestable evaluation into the user during her July phone which affirmed the week inspection that was regular.

We can affirm on July 19, 2018 along with there was a check sent to the customer on July 21, 2018. After sending the payment on the customer, her and her representative both contacted the Business explaining that they had been asking to quicken $50,000 to get a payment of $20,000, instead of an accelerated sum of $20,000 to get a payment of $8,000. We apologize to the processing mistake, since the sum available for your customer was asked by the broker, and can affirm.

When this mistake was affirmed by the Company, a petition was July 24, 2018 processed to quicken the advantage required to offer the extra $. The check for $12,000 was shipped out on July 26, 2018 to the customer for shipping.

We expect that your workplace discovers the information beneficial to your comprehension of the position of the Company concerning this issue. But if you have additional concerns please visit my attention or contact me in XXX-XXX-XXXX or through email at *******@sfgmembers. com. We believe the customer's concerns solved.

Complaint Sort: Delivery ProblemsStanding: Answered

07/23/2018Hoping to Cash out Annuity and have managed to do this as keep running into red tape. My mum who is in hospice and is older care in a living. Has an annuity in this location. She needed to cash advantages out and pay invoices. We didn't get the paperwork and asked to do around May 14th and had to request it.

Paperwork came and has been signed and sent. She was not able to respond because of health problems till July 13 and midland attempted to call my mother and has been told she'd have the check in hand in five times.

I called them the test and July 19th was not processed because of an address change they state carries more than 5 times. I believe they're holding to my mother's money and she will have to cover more for most of her bills because of penalties and matters because he's been wait 2 months for her test.

Desired OutcomeI'd like my mother to recieve her cash like yesterday.


08/02/2018Please be informed Midland National reacted directly to the Policy Owner concerning the Complainant's worries, as Mrs. ***** isn't authorized to get information about this Policy. Midland National clarified the timeline of events. We received the petition for a complete surrender using a telephone call on June 11, 2018, the entire surrender forms were delivered to the customer's address of record on June 13, 2018.

We obtained the types back on July 3, 2018 an address change necessary and was signaled confirmation.

On July 13, 2018 we could validate the new address together with the Policy Owner and informed that the speech change could require up to five days to process, then the entire surrender would be processed to be sure the test was sent to the right address. Our records show that the check was shipped by UPS on July 20, 2018 along with a confirmation of this monitoring data shows that it was sent on July 23, 2018.

Our records don't suggest any orders were obtained for a surrender, all orders were for partials that were processed within our service criteria.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

06/12/2018Its a situation where the surrender amount doesn't meet guidelines. Policy #XXXXXXXXXS I concede cash value is wrong in my view.

Desired OutcomeI possess the 25K coverage that's been in beginning since 1985. The sum which insurance is currently paying isn't right based on policy that my mom surrended exactly the moment.


06/21/2018Contact Name and Name: Jacqueline ******* Manage Contact Telephone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Mail: *******@sfgmembers. Com Please be advised that Midland National reacted directly to the Policy Owner concerning the complainant's concerns, since the complainant wasn't authorized to get information about this Policy.

Midland National clarified to the Owner that although the coverages insuring her son were issued to precisely the exact same date with exactly the exact same death benefit, there are numerous elements that determine surrender values, including the insured's age, gender, medical history, tobacco standing, along with premiums actually paid.

Therefore, the surrender values to the coverage insuring Ms. ***** along with the coverage insuring her son had been distinct. Examples of statements were provided as proof of the values that were various.


06/25/2018(The customer signaled he/she DID NOT take the answer from the enterprise.) This really is an instance where the 25K policy just paid 8400.00 and ought to have been . I don't understand why a lesser amount owed myself as a policy is paid by the insurance provider.

The coverage was made in 1985 and also my mom had same coverage and redeemed exactly the same period where she obtained 16,000.00 versus 8400.00 I obtained. There was a 2700.00 gap in premium paid. I am able to know getting ( 16000-2700.00) however, the sum of 8400.00 isn't in line.


06/29/2018Please be informed Midland National reacted straight to the Policy Owner concerning the obtained rebuttal concerns, as Mr. ***** isn't authorized to get information regarding his mommy's Policy. Midland National clarified to the Owner in detail the calculation of surrender values and the way that it applied to both the coverage insuring her son.

As mentioned before, according to these differing variables of gender, age, health history and tobacco standing, the last surrender amounts were finally different.

While the coverages insuring her son were actually issued using the exact same death benefit and about the very same dates, the aforementioned factors would account for the various surrender values. They were each charged distinct hazard charges, paid distinct premiums, and were credited with distinct interest levels. Hence the last surrender values paid on the two policies were rather different. Examples of statements were supplied as proof of the values that were various.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

03/27/2018My late husband has a life insurance plan with Midland National Life Insurance. He expired 2/9/18, The funeral house attempted contacting Midland National Life Insurance along with the broker that sold us the coverage. Nobody returned the call from the funeral home or even myself. We had another coverage which did return the call and they paid the funeral home for the funeral and solutions.

After calling many occasions and remaining on hold several times and leaving messages return calls several times, nobody ever called me .

I eventually did make contact, the Insurance Agent Mr. Tarter, in X-XXX-XXX-XXXX. After telling him he never called he said that he did that really isn't the reality. After giving him the advice that was wanted, he asked me to phone him back on Monday so he can try to assist. I phoned him Friday and Midland Life closes early on Friday. I hung up the telephone and moved into Midland Life's site and also used the contact us to build a letter along with my own concerns. I got two calls where voice messages were abandoned.

To begin with,"I got your advice and will probably be looking into the matter" and next,"I looked into the issue and also a check will be sent to you tomorrow" This was 1 week past. I phoned Midland Life again and was informed,"I see your email however, we want advice from Settle-Wilder Funeral Home so we could cover the funeral."

I advised them to see the entire email as I have told them in writing and in a telephone conversation that the other insurance coverage paid off Wilder. I was then advised,"Ooh, I see that on your email address.

I will send over this to the proper department and request them to hurry a payment" I would like other people to understand that should they're depending on cash from life insurance to cover invoices, Midland Life really isn't the Insurance business to pick. They do not return calls and you sit on hold for more than an hour sometimes. Whenever you do get a person to speak to they don't have any clue what they're referring to or what to do.

I got a check from Prudential in 8 days of my husband's death and they compensated the Funeral Home immediately. It's currently more than one month because my husband died and I'm no closer to getting the insurance policy Currency now than I had been the day that he died. Don't utilize Midland Life. Product_Or_Service: Life Insurance

Desired OutcomeOther (demands excuse ) I'd like somebody to sent me the currencies that my husband left into me personally. He paid each payment on time. In addition, I need to have an apology due to their delay and absence of response.


03/29/2018Contact Name and Name: Jacqueline Conley, Manage Contact Telephone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Email: *******@sfgmembers. Com To Whom it May Concern: I notice that Ms. *******'s criticism was filed on March 13, 2018. On March 14, 2018, the business delivered a letter to Ms. ******* saying the death benefit on the policy was paid for her through electronic funds transfer on the exact same day.

We concurrently apologized for any frustration that the passing assert payment processed caused and provided our condolences to her family in their loss. We requested that she contact the Business using any questions that were outstanding and haven't heard further from her.

Given that the payment was created and the apology supplied to Ms. ******* before receipt of the criticism, we believe this matter resolved and won't be supplying additional correspondence to Ms. *******. In case you have additional questions concerning this issue, please contact me. Thank you. ********** ****** Supervisor, Operational Compliance

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

01/02/2018Midland created an unauthorized partial grant from my accounts for a sum of $10,762.40 using a surrender fee of $1,587.92 Since 2016 I have been shifting 10% of my accounts at Midland (coverage # XXXXXXXXXX)to a different account in Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (coverage # XXXXXXX). In November 2017 my representative stuffed the petition forms for the 10 percent move.

Subsequently, on November 14, I got a notification in Midland I want to know that a partial surrender of $10,762.40 using a surrender fee of $1,587.92. After alterations of 225.53, Midland delivered $ 9,400.01 into Life Insurance Company. After several telephone calls with my broker and the two firms, I discovered Midland led to my representative to submit the erroneous kinds, which I do not understand since the transfer finished in 2016 was made without mistakes. I do not have this semi cube reversed along with also my yearly announcement dated on December 20th reveals that.

Desired OutcomeI need Midland to repay all of the $10,762.40 for my accounts and use all of the attention accruited. Additionally, I want the yearly statement showing all of the corrections and present interest and values.


01/12/2018Dear Ms. ******: Midland National is in receipt of the email dated January 3, 2017 that comprised ***** ********â?? S issues with the above-mentioned Contract. We appreciate the chance to examine and react to Ms. ******** concerning this issue. Please note that we've sent different correspondence into ***** ******** using a comprehensive explanation of the concern, together with supporting documentation.

We think that the information offered to her is completely receptive to her worries. **************************** We hope that you discover the information above useful. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries or concerns.


01/17/2018(The customer signaled he/she DID NOT take the answer from the enterprise.) I got a letter in the organization's compliance adviser, Ethan Kennedy, suggesting the firm received a request from my broker to move $ 9,400 yearly for five decades and thus, Midland proceed using this.

What Mr. Kennedy didn't mention is that my representative consulted using a Midland agent on how to create big transfers without surrender fees and he had been instructed to utilize the types shown as Exhibit A. It seems that Mr. Kennedy didn't do his investigation to understand what occurred because shortly after I found the mistake, my representative and I phoned Midland to inquire why he had been given the wrong directions.

It should be notes listed relating to this episode. On December 7, my broker and I were working on the best way best to find back the money into my accounts because the receiving company didn't invest it. It's been about 10 months since my cash left my accounts at Midland. I think just now, the funds are moved back into Midland. I need to place my accounts present right off and also with interest for all those days in which the money was transferred.


01/25/2018Dear Ms. ******: Midland National is in receipt of the email dated January 19, 2018 that comprised ***** ********â?? S additional issues with the above-mentioned Contract. We appreciate the chance to examine and react to Ms. ******** concerning this issue.

Please note that we've sent different correspondence into ***** ******** having a comprehensive explanation of the concern, together with supporting documentation. We think that the information offered to her is completely receptive to her worries. **************************** We hope that you discover the information above useful. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries or concerns.

Complaint Sort: Issues with Product/ServiceStanding: Answered

10/10/2017Refusal to discharge monies accrued in a life insurance plan. After a few continuing, unresolved problems surrounding a life insurance coverage belonging to my wife including premium increases which weren't authorized or asked, rude, dismissive and hard customer support and compliance workers, incorrect and inconsistent record-keeping between my spouse's Social Security number, along with inaccurate examples; my spouse and I've asked that Midland National cancel and refund the coverage in full.

We asked the coverage to be canceled since, because of the aforementioned factors as well as others, we've lost confidence in MN to handle our cash or life insurance. We ask the random surrender charges be waived as we'd have to finance this coverage for 15 years earlier that's qualified. It's unreasonable to stay an MN client for this lengthy-time period, particularly in light of the incompetence surrounding this important coverage. Our petition has been denied. We ask the entire value of this coverage that way we could finance a new policy employing a capable firm.

Desired OutcomeRefund of this coverage in total, waiver of surrender charges.


10/11/2017**** ****** Dispute Resolution Specialist BBB Complaint Department Dear Ms. ******* Midland National is accountable for this Better Business Bureau's October 11, 2017 email correspondence regarding a complaint filed by ***** **** on behalf of Policy Owner ****** ***** Thanks for supplying the Company with a Chance to research and respond to Mr. ****' allegations. As a first matter, Mr. **** has submitted three complaints to the New Jersey Department of Insurance and also Ms. **** has also complained directly for the corporation.

Midland National has reacted to the New Jersey Insurance Department and Ms. **** with thorough answers denying their petition for a surrender of this Policy without applicable surrender charges. Mr. **** and Ms. **** have asked a surrender of Ms. ******* Policy without applicable surrender charges. Midland National, for the reasons mentioned below, respectfully declines that petition.

I hope that the information provided below is useful in your office's comprehension of the organization's ongoing position concerning this issue. Mr. **** has said that the Company shifted the Policy's proposed premium amount with no consent or understanding of Ms. ***** That isn't right since the broker said he discussed the shift in projected high level with Ms. **** and she expressly asked it be altered from $150/month to $291/year after the inspection of an example showing that the $231/year would take the waiver to maturity.

The broker urged that Ms. **** finance the Coverage with a marginally higher amount in case the Policy didn't function as illustrated. Further, Ms. **** has paid no premium with this Policy because the projected premium amount was shifted and thus the organization isn't aware of any monetary injury. Policy provisions permit the projected high amount to be altered at the request of the Policy operator, this was communicated to Mr. **** and Ms. ***** and they have refused to modify the sum despite their criticism that $291/year is unsuitable.

Mr. **** and Ms. **** also have alleged the waiver ought to be surrendered without applicable surrender fees because Ms. ******* social security number is incorrectly listed on the Coverage. The business knows this discrepancy might be bothersome, however, the social security number we've got on the Coverage is exactly the identical amount provided on the program paperwork that Ms. **** signed. Also, the business has tried to describe Mr. **** and Ms. **** the way to easily fix the erroneous social security number, both verbally and in writing.

Regardless, the wrong social security number isn't justification for a surrender of this Policy with no applicable surrender charges. At any time throughout the life span of the Policy, had Ms. **** deceased, the corporation would have been bound to cover, regardless of the wrong social security number, the death benefit to her designated beneficiary(ies) upon confirmation of the appropriate social security number.

Eventually, Mr. **** and Ms. **** have declared they ought to be allowed to get surrender charges payable because of inadequate customer support and mishandling of the Coverage. The business isn't aware of any portion of this Policy. Concerning the allegations of lousy customer support, the provider likewise has discovered no evidence to support a waiver of surrender charges. In reality, having listened to all or any listed telephone calls using Mr. **** and Ms. ***** that the business's many customer support agents have tried to answer their own questions professionally.

Mr. ****, on the other hand, was argumentative and even demeaning to workers. In reality, in a written reply to Ms. ***** I clarified that while the provider is ready to answer her Coverage related questions and supply her with servicing with this Policy, we do require those written communications and verbal interactions moving ahead be accomplished with mutual respect and professionalism. ************************* According to an investigation of Mr. ****' and Ms. ******* allegations, the business has discovered no evidence of wrongdoing that could warrant a waiver of surrender charges for the reasons described previously.

This information was communicated to both people before on the telephone and in writing. Thus, if Ms. **** wants to cancel her life insurance plan, she'll incur related, contractual surrender fees. In case you have any additional questions, then please contact me in XXX-XXX-XXXX or through email at *******@sfgmembers. com. I'd be more than prepared to go over this thing on the telephone with you in an attempt to bring this issue to the last conclusion.

I've attached under the letter I sent to Ms. **** fixing her concerns. I'd also be prepared, upon request, to supply materials already sent to the New Jersey Department of Insurance; nonetheless, they comprise the exact same info. Sincerely, ********** ****** Operational Compliance Team Fight

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