New York Life Insurance Review 2020

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  • Proinsurancereviews standing: No. 9 life insurance provider
  • Customer support evaluations are average.
  • Does not provide life insurance quotes online.

New York Life bills itself as the country's oldest mutual life insurance provider. As a mutual policy, New York Life is owned by its policyholders. Clients who buy particular goods, such as whole life insurance, are eligible for vote in board elections and also discuss in any yearly dividends. The business expects to pay out $1.9 billion in earnings in 2020.

New York Life insurance

New York Life rated No. 9 from the 20 greatest life insurance firms as watched by Proinsurancereviews. Proinsurancereviews life insurance firm rankings take into consideration fiscal asset, customer satisfaction and customer complaints. Scores the life insurance companies selling coverages.

New York Life provides both term and permanent life insurance policies. The Business provides two Kinds of term life insurance coverages, both of which may be converted to permanent life insurance coverage in a specified period:

  • Annual short-term life could be renewed every year. Premiums start low and grow every year. The cost changes in the event the coverage is changed.
  • Level-premium term life policies have conditions of 10 to 20 decades. The premium remains the same throughout the whole term. If the level-premium period ends, your superior raises. The price also varies if the coverage is changed.

New York Life provides a number of whole life insurance alternatives, including one which allows the policyholder personalize the payment program. This provides clients the flexibility to pay back the coverage premature, eliminating premiums in later decades. The business also supplies several life insurance coverage add-ons like coverage which protects you in case you become disabled or terminally ill.

Additionally, New York Life offers two different Kinds of permanent life insurance:

  • Universal lifestyle, which lets you adjust your premiums and benefit quantities if necessary.
  • Variable universal life, which permits you to decide how to spend the money value of the policy.

New York Life complaints and customer satisfaction

New York Life attracted considerably fewer complaints to state authorities than generally expected for a firm of its size throughout the previous 3 decades, based on Proinsurancereviews analysis of information from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

New York Life scores over average for client satisfaction complete, according to research company J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Life Insurance Study. The insurer scored"better than many" businesses in three classes and"about average" in 3 classes. It ranked No. 8 total one of the 24 firms included in the poll.

Customer satisfaction classNew York Life's score
Total satisfactionMuch Better than many
Policy offeringsMuch Better than many
CostMuch Better than many
Billing and paymentAbout typical
InteractionAbout typical
CommunicationAbout typical
Application procedureMuch Better than many

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More about New York Life

New York Life also provides additional financial services and products including annuities, long-term care insurance, mutual funds and office gains.


Proinsurancereviews analyzed complaints received by state insurance companies and reported on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 2016-2018. To evaluate how insurance companies compare to another, the NAIC computes a criticism index annually for every subsidiary, measuring its share of overall complaints relative to the dimensions, or share of total premiums from the business. To evaluate an organization's complaint history, Proinsurancereviews calculated that a similar indicator for every insurance company, measured by market shares of each subsidiary, within the three-year interval. Ratios are decided separately for automobile, home, and life insurance.

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