Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Review 2021 - Important

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  • Earned No. 1 place at ProInsuranceReviews's standing of life insurance firms.
  • Ranked high at a J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey.
  • Eligible clients can get dividends.
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Northwestern Mutual is owned by its policyholders, several of whom are qualified to share in dividends once the business does. The business hopes to pay $6 billion in earnings the payout in its foundation.

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Northwestern Mutual life insurance coverage

Northwestern Mutual ranks No. 1 from 20 on ProInsuranceReviews's listing of the greatest life insurance businesses. ProInsuranceReviews ranks the nation's biggest life insurance companies based on customer complaints and financial strength, customer satisfaction.

Northwestern Mutual offers whole, duration, and universal life insurance policies. The term and life insurance policy choices of the company give customers flexible payment and policy options. Premiums remain level for this policy's life span.

Term life insurance policies may have degree payments that don't change within your duration or the duration and increase. The term policies of northwestern Mutual could be converted to whole life policies.

Furthermore, Northwestern Mutual provides two kinds of universal life insurance: The"Single-Premium" universal life coverage can be bought with one lump sum payment. The"Custom Universal Life" policy allows the policy owner to adapt the death benefit and also the cost for a policy as demands change.

Northwestern Mutual customer satisfaction and complaints

Northwestern Mutual has attracted on fewer complaints to state authorities.

Furthermore, Northwestern Mutual ranks highly for customer support, according to research company J.D. Power's 2019 U.S. Life Insurance Study. The business scored the highest total one of 24 of the biggest U.S. life insurance companies.

Customer satisfaction classNorthwestern Mutual's score
Total satisfactionOne of the Very Best
Policy offeringsOne of the Very Best
CostOne of the Very Best
Billing and paymentMuch Better than many
InteractionMuch Better than many
CommunicationOne of the Very Best
Application procedureMuch Better than many


ProInsuranceReviews analyzed complaints received by state insurance regulators and reported on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 2016-2018. To evaluate how insurance companies compare to another, the NAIC computes a criticism index annually for every subsidiary, measuring its share of overall complaints relative to its dimensions, or share of total premiums from the business. To appraise the complaint history of a company, ProInsuranceReviews calculated that a similar indicator for every insurance company, measured by market shares of each subsidiary. Ratios are decided for home, automobile, and life insurance.

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