Phony calls about Medical Insurance 2021

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Robocalls may be more bothersome than a head cold. Lately, a few folks got robocalls that appeared to be about medical insurance and the Health Insurance Marketplace, however, the forecasts were a con. The natives were phishing for info. Don't make calls, and they never request personal details. Hang up if you buy a phone like this.

Phony calls about Medical Insurance 2020

The telephone numbers showed up using a local code. The recorded message appeared urgent: "You will need to purchase medical insurance or face a fine. To find out more, press ." Someone who operates in the Health Insurance Marketplace knew it was so that she pressed and obtained the telephone. The operator promised to work together with the legislation,' and asked for the individual's name, date of birth, telephone number, income data, and Social Security number. The man who got the telephone knew it was crap, so she wrapped up and contacted the FTC.

If you receive an earnings call, however, you did not offer consent to telephone you to the caller, the telephone is prohibited. Do not press 1 get your name removed from the record, and do not offer any personal info or to talk to the operator. You are probably going to receive calls if you react. If you'd like information regarding health insurance in your country, see If you buy a phone like this, please report it to the FTC.

Health Insurance Scam Attempts Spike During Open Enrollment

xxxxxx | November 1, 2019, |

Omgg same they phone all day requested to be removed from the record and they hang up, request a manager they hang up...I am so frustrated and angry I blocked multiple amounts and keeps phoning from several amounts.

xxxxxxxxxx | November 4, 2019|

Scammers calling stating they are wellbeing and want social security, your name address. 100 percent fraud identity theft caller.JackieK | November 11, 2019|

Quite frankly I believe that is absurd... The sole reason I'm getting these phone calls will be because at one point many years back I went to search for strategies. Then for many years the calls happen to be nonstop, you offered my advice and everyone has it

xxxxxxxxxxxx| November 12, 2019|

Ps they wrote to state these forecasts and I filled a complaint came from over seas and that I needed to file a complaint with the FTC -that I did - .Aged audio man

xxxxxxxxxxxx | November 15, 2019|

Dozens of calls each week:"open registration has started..." from heaps of distinct numbers. I receive 2-3 more daily and blocked. I've not hunted such coverage from almost any business, the government, etc..

Phony calls about Medical Insurance 2020
scam likely phone call

xxxxxxxxxxx I | November 19, 2019|

It's quite sad to me that the mobile phone carriers and our authorities have NOT come up to protect their customers. I use discernment to secure my loved ones and am able to read of the information our older are vulnerable unless they're lucky to have someone help them browse through the deceit and corruption and left unattended. I contacted Verizon was input your contact number. From soliciting that listing prevents the businesses. I was told by verizon they've done what they can to stay compliant with law. I wander how many does something about it.

xxxxxxxxxx | November 22, 2019|

They are still in it. They called me.

xxxxxx | November 26, 2019|

I wish these forecasts will stop. My company and my life is impacting.

xxxxxxxx | December 4, 2019|

I've blocked phone numbers that were 611 market robocall. When does this stop? Do something or I will need to talk with legal counsel concerning this harassment by a government service. After we pick our insurance absolutely no one, must be phoning.

xxxxxxx | January 7, 2020|

Can not tell you exactly how many calls that I get long from place codes all allegedly. I Must stop and pick up every time to telephone since I use the telephone for company

xxxxxxxxxx | February 13, 2020, |

They won't stop calling me!!!! When I request to be off the listing!!!! they hang I am sick of having 15 calls per day. Each time is a number that is different. How do they get this many amounts??? Assist!!!!!

xxxxxxx | March 4, 2020|

So this is a scam. How do government agencies go along with this to monitor the people which are currently breaking the law? This is offenders that will call anybody law enforcement officers, to perform through this little bit. Are we having difficulty locating them, since they call me all the time? It seems like that could be the simplest caper at the background of capers. What's being done about it, and how difficult can it be???

xxxxx | April 3, 2020|

I am receiving calls from this business daily. It is really annoying. I wish you can put a stop.

xxxxxxxxx | May 22, 2020|

Finding these calls on mobile phones every day and home. "Robert with 20/20 Healthcare Central." Always from another amount blocking does not any good.

xxxxx | June 9, 2020|

I am receiving calls multiple times every day. They come which I answer any call I do not comprehend.
Like Annoyed states, the amount can't be blocked by you as it has numbers from all around the united states. One after another. Sick of the.

xxxxxx | June 10, 2020|

I get calls. The following action has been thought by me Get individual and ask if they're currently wearing earbuds or headphones give a blast together with the airhorn to the phone.

xxxxx | June 19, 2020|

I calls all of the time it is a call. 15 telephone numbers have been blocked by me so far. Somebody should track down these people and put them in prison.

xxxxx... | June 19, 2020|

I receive 3 calls per day daily from 2020 healthcare providers, a listing tells me asked them to phone me. I never asked them to phone me. I dont desire or need their solutions. They will need to stop.

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