Policygenius Review: 5 Things to Know Before Obtaining a Quotation

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Policygenius Review: 5 Things to Know Before Obtaining a Quotation

Policygenius claims to take the hassle out of purchasing insurance by creating the practice of buying it easy, efficient and efficient.

I obtained quotes for also an insurance policy package and the term life and moved. It is possible to see the prices I was quoted here at February 2020 -- or see about my complete insurance-shopping adventure under!

Policygenius Review: Here Is What You Want to Know

As an insurance agent, Policygenius isn't beholden to any 1 company. You are gaining access to a range of quotes from insurers when you shop together. In theory, this means you've got a better prospect of locating.

We'll have a peek at Policygenius functions, which insurer associate with Policygenius the cost quotes pile up and much more.

1. Can Policygenius Work?

Employing Policygenius begins with inputting some simple info. I'll explain to you the way you can look for insurance quotes and the term life.

Term Life Shopping

I found shopping to be simple. Here

  • Gender
  • Date of arrival
  • ZIP code
  • Citizenship status
  • Marital status

After that, you'll input some lifestyle and wellness advice:

  • Height/weight
  • Tobacco use
  • Requirements (alcohol abuse, depression, higher cholesterol, etc.. )
  • Family medical history
  • Have you had your license suspended or revoked?

You'll choose your policy:

  • Coverage amounts are available from $50,000 to $10,000,000.
  • Policy spans are offered from a decade on upward; the default choice is a 20-year term.
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That is because the premium remains the same during this policy's life span. Additionally, it pays in the event that you die while the policy is in force. There is no investment element; you receive a death benefit.

Policygenius has teamed to offer you a term life coverage that was no-medical-exam that was brand new.

The Brighthouse SimplySelect coverage doesn't have any need for in-house testing or laboratory work, and underwriting could occur in no more than 24 hours, according to a press launch.

There's 1 caveat we ought to note here: Brighthouse Financial will not possess an A++ or A+ rating using A.M. Finest, a major credit rating agency for the insurance market. Clark recommends obtaining life insurance just from suppliers which have one of these two high marks from A.M. Best.

Auto/Home Insurance Shopping

It is another story when obtaining a house and automobile quotation, while obtaining a quote for life insurance is.

As of the writing, you are able to find a house insurance quote. However, an car insurance quote can't be got by you. If you are interested in automobile insurance that means, you are pressured into bundling it.

Bundling gives a discount to you. But if you are not a homeowner, then Policygenius might not be well suited for you. The best that you can do is wait patiently until its buying tool is launched by the business and input your email.

If the bundling thing does function for you, Policygenius makes it simple on the front end to enter your data together with their PolicyScan software.

PolicyScan enables you to upload photographs, screenshot, or a pdf of the declarations page. (The declarations page is your page which shows your existing coverage advice, and lists the numbers to your own coverage, deductible, and prices.)

PolicyScan will screen-scrape the information and input it As soon as you upload these files.

Pretty simple, right? However, not too fast...

Waiting for Quotes

After uploading my files things went a little haywire. My expectation was that I'd get quotations when searching for life insurance on Policygenius as I did.

As it was, searching for an automobile insurance policy package and a house on Policygenius has been anticlimactic. I had been told it'd take for my quotations.

Since the company notes:

"To be able to offer you accurate estimates (not only estimates!) For your scenario, but our insurance specialists also join with insurance providers, pull data, and examine the policy options. This personalized approach takes some time, but we believe finding you the ideal coverage is well worth it."

You really do have the option to expedite the quotation procedure by sending an email to [email protected], which I did. But I am not certain just how much difference that made.

Therefore this roadblock is a thing to factor in if you're needing a quote.

2. Where's Policygenius Available?

Policygenius is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C.

You may find state licensing advice here.

3. Which Insurance Businesses Use Policygenius?

Policygenius functions based on the type of insurance you are obtaining a quote to get.

I had been provided quotations from -- in order -- Mutual of Omaha, AIG Lincoln Financial Group, Pacific Main Life, Protective, Prudential, SBLI, and Transamerica.

One of the firms, Safeco and MetLife were for the package.

4. What Types of Insurance Could You Get Quotes For?

Policygenius presents several kinds of insurance quotes. Along with lifestyle and auto/home, which we discussed here, that they can provide you quotes for:

  • Cosmetic
  • Infection
  • Health
  • Long term care
  • Pet
  • Renters
  • Vision

5. Are the Costs on Policygenius?

OK this really is actually the crux of any Policygenius inspection?

To get a man in good health that has no history of illness and does not use tobacco, these are the five quotations I obtained with a face value of $500,000 to get a term life policy:

InsurerMonthly Premium
Banner Life$47.69
Pacific Life$47.70

One of the pleasant things about Policygenius is that the business delivers a"Life Insurance Price Promise." In the event that you discover a estimate for exactly the coverage that means, they will provide you $100. Terms and conditions apply.

When it came to the package that was auto/home, I matched my coverage limitations:


  • Bodily harm: $100,000/$300,000
  • Property damage: $100,000
  • Medical obligations: $1,000
  • uninsured drivers bodily harm: $100,000/$300,000
  • Uninsured drivers property damage: $100,000 ($250 deductible)
  • Collision: $1,000 deductible
  • Comprehensive: $250 deductible


  • Dwelling: $166,000
  • Other constructions: $16,600
  • Personal real estate: $116,200
  • reduction of usage: $49,800
  • Bodily injury and property damage: $300,000
  • Medical obligations: $5,000
  • Deductible: $1,000

So here is the deal: It took approximately 48 hours by the time I entered my information till I got a quotation.

Policygenius recommended that I remain with my current insurance plan for automobiles when I did. But that information ignored the simple fact that I could lose that reduction and I'm now in a package.

No matter I was delivered three quotations for the home/auto package by Policygenius. Inexplicably, one was for automobile insurance via Mercury -- although they suggested I remain with my existing automobile insurance company (which isn't Mercury).

Another two, which normally supplied significantly less policy than what I revealed Policygenius in my declarations page, are under:

InsurerAnnual Premium

Overall, I had been not impressed with all the home/auto insurance buying experience on Policygenius.

It took more than I anticipated to find a quote along with the policy that was not as great as what I'd. Additionally, it was more costly than what I have.

Final Thought

Policygenius has some awesome tech attributes like PolicyScan which make it simple to get the ball rolling shopping for a home or car plan to replace your current coverage.

However, I was not ready to acquire a quote that was bundled in your auto and the home. Policygenius says it requires time to serve up to you with a quote, not a teaser quotation. Don't log on hoping to obtain an automobile quotation and a house.

Nevertheless, buying life insurance to the website was, for me personally, a speedy and perfect encounter from beginning to finish. It is possible to expect an immediate quote for term life insurance.

We've got more advice about the best way best to look. Make Sure to check our listing of this Best and Worst Automobile InsurersBest and Worst Home Insurers, and How to Purchase Term Life Insurance.

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