Progressive Auto Insurance Policy Review for 2020

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Progressive Auto Insurance Policy Review for 2020

Before Flo became a Progressive spokeswoman, this automobile insurance company was famous for security and protection. Progressive premiered in 1937 two attorneys who desired to make automobile insurance and improve its accessibility, by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. The business went public and moved to Cleveland. Ever since that time, Progressive has introduced features and solutions that have become standards in the industry, with the objective of creating insurance easier for customers.

Progressive was the primary insurance business rather than yearly to provide services like premiums and statements payable. Back in 1995, Progressive became the first automobile insurer to establish an informational website, and an insurance plan could be purchased by clients. Progressive says these attributes were revolutionary at the moment. Most insurers have followed suit, and it's now commonplace for customers to research policies and insurance companies online.

Along with auto insurance, Progressive provides insurance for bikes, company vehicles, boats, power sports gear, and RVs. Having difficulty finding insurance? Progressive is pleased to speak with you.

Progressive Rating and Review

Rating: 3.91/5

Regardless of the customer-friendly picture of Progressive, it ranked sixth from the nine firms. Close to 58 percent of respondents were totally happy with the ease of submitting a claim with Progressive, and 57 percent were completely pleased with the customer support they received. Almost 56% reported satisfaction with the way. Progressive did not fare too in different classes, however, with barely 50 percent of respondents reporting total satisfaction with status updates on promises, and just 44 percent said they had been totally pleased with the value supplied by this insurer.

"Progressive doesn't have great client relationships," one respondent said. Still another reported,"They don't stand behind the client "

Communication appeared to be a different pain point for a number of clients, with one stating,"Along with bad management of my claim, they gave conflicting answers when attempting to incorporate my adolescent child as a new driver. Even if asking for managers, we couldn't find a consistent response."

Progressive Auto Insurance Policy Review for 2020

Over 30 percent of respondents were likely to urge Progressive to somebody. In our poll, 39 percent of artificial customers reported that they're extremely prone to renew their coverage with progressive. About 14 percent were unlikely to rekindle.

Progressive Pros and Cons


  • Progressive offers discounts that are useful, such as Snapshot, an app that may save motorists an average of 130.
    • The business is in good financial health and shows signs of steady expansion, which indicates continued equilibrium.
    • Representative rates that are aggressive are provided by progressive .


  • Greater than 50 percent of research respondents report total satisfaction with the value of the Progressive insurance plan.
    • Barely 30 percent of research respondents were very likely to urge Progressive to somebody searching for auto insurance.

The Way We Made This Progressive Auto Insurance Policy Review

In U.S. News, we are all about helping people make life's major decisions. Our faculty ranks set the benchmark. Our standing in different areas, like health care, government, and also the automotive world, help individuals and thought leaders make decisions that make lives better. Now we are continuing to enable you with the info you want to make the ideal choices for your own life with our very best auto insurance Rankings.

We surveyed 2,732 customers who registered a car insurance claim in the previous five decades, asking questions about their auto insurance provider. Of the poll respondents, a claim registered with Progressive. The following concerns covered satisfaction with the ease of submitting a claim, client assistance, maintain status communicating, maintain resolution, and total value. We also asked if they would recommend the organization and if they intended to renew their coverage. We used their answers to construct our very best auto insurance Companies ranking and also this head-to-head contrast.

Our Study Rates

To acquire comparative insurance premiums with this particular research, U.S. News additionally worked together with Quadrant Information Services to examine a record of insurance premiums in all 50 states from the two largest national auto insurance businesses, although not each business operates in each state. Quadrant obtained publicly available rate information that automobile insurance companies file with state regulators.

Our analysis prices are based on profiles for both female and male drivers aged 25, 35, and 60. Vehicles utilized include the 2015 Honda Civic, 2015 Toyota RAV4, and 2015 Ford-F-150, with yearly mileage including 6,000 and 12,000. Three auto insurance coverage amounts were utilized, as were charge tiers of great, fair, and bad. Clean driving documents and documents with a single injury, 1 speeding violation, and yet another DUI was also utilized in the calculations of specific driver archetypes.

To acquire the analysis rates displayed here, we calculated the average rate for female and male drivers ages 25, 35, and 60 who drive 12,000 miles each year, have moderate coverage, fantastic credit, and a clean driving record. The prices shown below are for comparative purposes only and shouldn't be considered"typical" rates offered by respective insurers. Because car insurance prices are based on different elements, your auto insurance rates will differ from the prices displayed here.

Progressive Auto Insurance Prices

According to research data and also our driver profiles, Progressive's national typical agent rate is 1,373, which sets it about midpack one of the vehicle insurance companies we investigated. Study data indicates that Allstate, American Family, Nationwide, and Farmers have greater rep rates compared to Progressive, whereas State Farm, Travelers, Geico, and USAA come in with reduced agent prices. What you pay depends on many things, such as how much coverage you opt to purchase, your age, where you live, your driving record, plus far more.The Cheapest Auto Insurance Businesses in 2020

Average Yearly Prices:

Progressive Car Insurance Rates by Age

GroupNational Average Rate
Single 25-year-old feminine$1,626.68
Single 25-year-old man$1,669.88
Married 35-year-old feminine$1,352.98
Married 35-year-old man$1,274.29
Married 60-year-old feminine$1,136.81
Married 60-year-old man$1,174.41

Like many insurance companies, Progressive charges the most to younger motorists, based on research information. The driver profile to get one 25-year-old female has a typical representative rate of 1,627. The driver profile to get one 25-year-old man has a typical agent rate of $1,670, which represents a 43 rise within the agent rate paid with a female motorist profile of the identical age.

The driver profiles for wed 35-year-olds see a change where the female's ordinary representative rates are greater than the man's, at $1,353 and $1,274, respectively. Together with the married 60-year-old driver profiles, the man pays a greater average study rate. According to research data, wed 60-year-old female profiles possess a typical representative rate of $1,137 -- that is $37 significantly less than the typical representative rate paid by wed 60-year-old male profiles.

To locate the average rates in our analysis based on sex and age, we generated motorist profiles for females and males at each of these ages: 25 decades, 35 decades, and 60 decades ago The profiles also have a clean driving record, insurance policy for 12,000 miles each year, a moderate level of insurance policy, and a fantastic credit score. We utilized three automobiles for our driver profiles: the 2015 Honda Civic, 2015 Toyota RAV4, and the 2015 Ford F-150.

Progressive Car Insurance Rates by Annual Mileage

Annual MileageNational Average Rate
6,000 miles$1,367.99
12,000 miles$1,372.51

Progressive's typical representative auto insurance rates by yearly mileage show that clients who drive don't really pay more for policy, based on research data. The driver profiles for Progressive clients who stand up about 6,000 mph have an ordinary representative rate of $1,368 Driver profiles for people who drive 12,000 miles per year have an ordinary representative rate of $1,373 -- that is an increase of only $5 on the agent rate paid by profiles that place half as many miles on the odometer annually. Obviously, there are lots of different costs related to the long run, however, Quadrant's data demonstrates that raising insurance premiums shouldn't be a cause for concern.

To locate the average rates in our analysis based on yearly mileage, we generated driver profiles for clients who drove 6,000 miles each year and clients who drove double that sum. The profiles have a clean driving record, a moderate level of insurance policy, and a fantastic credit score. We utilized the 2015 Honda Civic three automobiles for our driver profiles, 2015 Toyota RAV4, and 2015 Ford F-150.

Progressive Auto Insurance Policy Review for 2020

Progressive Car Insurance Rates by Coverage Type

Coverage FormNational Average Rate

For our driver profile using car insurance policy with Progressive, the representative rate is $1,274. A typical agent speed that paid by profiles using policy is paid by the motorist profile with moderate coverage. For policy that is high, the representative speed goes up to $1,489 -- a figure that is $215 greater than the rate paid using policy by a motorist profile. That is a gap of less than just $18 a month to get coverage.

Our analysis proves that of switching from coverage, the expense isn't insignificant. The gain in this speed that is representative is well worth it when you think about the costs that may be incurred should you found yourself in a collision with coverage at fault. The costs connected with accident-related injuries and damages could be daunting, and higher policy offers protection which may protect your financing in cases similar to this.

Driver profiles were generated by us for low, moderate, and higher coverage, to locate the levels in our analysis based on policy type. The profiles also have insurance policy for 12,000 miles each year, a clean driving record, and also a fantastic credit score. We utilized the 2015 Honda Civic three automobiles for our driver profiles, 2015 Toyota RAV4, and 2015 Ford F-150.

Progressive Car Insurance Rates by Credit Score

Credit scoreNational Average Rate

There is A credit score favorable with Progressive, and based on study information, the motorist profile with credit indicates a rep rate of $1,365. The driver profile using credit that is honest indicates a representative rate of $1,690, based on our analysis information -- this is a rise of $325 within the speed to get a motorist profile with credit. And our analysis data demonstrates that credit will cost you. The motorist profile with a bad credit report sees that the typical representative rate to leap into $2,308 -- a rise of $943 within the analysis rate paid by the motorist profile with a great credit score.

Our analysis reviewed the credit score's consequences with motorist profiles that were female and male with ages of 60 decades, 35 decades, and 25 decades. We made a profile for every amount of credit rating (good, fair, and poor) and delegated the profiles that a clean driving record, a moderate level of insurance policy, and 12,000 kilometers of yearly mileage. 2015 Ford F-150, and the 2015 Honda Civic, 2015 Toyota RAV4 will be the vehicles.

Progressive Car Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Driving RecordNational Average Rate
Clean listing$1,372.51
With 1 speeding breach$1,802.52
With 1 injury$2,324.39
With 1 DUI$1,793.44

According to research data, the motorist profiles using a driving record that is clean cover the rep rates of clients that are Progressive. Driver profiles with one speeding violation cover an ordinary representative rate of 1,803 -- an increase of $430 within the agent rate for the motorist profile using a clean document. 1 DUI breach causes the representative rate that is typical to return to $1,793, which will be $10 less than the rate paid by means of a profile with a single ticket.

Obviously, our analysis data suggest that motorist profiles are penalized by Progressive than those using a DUI or even a violation more using one accident. The typical representative fee for the motorist profiles to get a one-time mishap is $2,324 -- $531 greater compared to the analysis rate to get a profile using a DUI.

We compared motorist profiles such as individuals having a clean document, those with a single speeding violation, people who have a single injury, and those which have a single example of driving under the influence (DUI). These driving listing representative profiles comprised 25-, 35-, and 60-year-old men and females having 12,000 miles of driving annually, a moderate level of insurance policy, and a fantastic credit score. Vehicles would be 2015 Ford F-150, 2015 Toyota RAV4, and the 2015 Honda Civic.

Who Need To Get Progressive Car Insurance?

Progressive is not a leader in scenario or any demographic, however there are.

For just about every category, the typical representative rates of Progressive fall in our analysis. Progressive may provide a benefit for drivers. Most insurance businesses reveal high average research rates for all these driver profiles within our investigation, but only 3 opponents are less costly than Progressive.

USAA vs. Other Insurance Firms

Progressive Automobile Insurance vs. Geico Automobile Insurance

In terms of rep prices, Geico has a large edge over Progressive: $1,168 to $1,373. Geico also defeats Progressive's typical representative prices for unmarried females and males for its 25-year-old driver profiles, in addition to the married mature driver profiles for both men and women aged 35 and 60.

Irrespective of how much you push, the total amount of coverage you would like, your credit history, or your driving record, you will likely do much better with Geico. In some instances, Geico's research prices are substantially lower compared to Progressive's. There's 1 exception: our driver profile using a single DUI includes a lower rep rate with Progressive compared to Geico.

Progressive Automobile Insurance vs. State Farm Automobile Insurance

State Farm gained evaluations on every query in the research than Progressive. The 1 exception has been customers' satisfaction with standing upgraded throughout the claims procedure. Progressive earned a score that was higher .

According to our analysis information, State Farm has an edge in national typical agent speed: $1,234 to Progressive's $1,373. State Farm has representative rates compared to Progressive. Single male and female 25-year-old driver profiles possess lower rep levels with State Farm, as do wed 35-year-old female and male profiles and wed 60-year-old female and male profiles. State Farm costs policy type or agent rates.

State Farm provides agent rates for motorist profiles with credit. However, for anyone who has bad credit, Progressive's representative speed is reduced by $437.

Progressive Automobile Insurance vs. Allstate Automobile Insurance

Allstate slots in many areas above Progressive within our ranks, making the No. 3 spot on the list. The film is less rosy when we examine our analysis prices.

The federal agent rate of Allstate is $1,880, meaning that Progressive could be a less costly alternative for customers. The individual demographic statistics support that concept, because research information because of our driver profiles reveals Allstate is significantly more costly for unmarried 25-year-old females and men, wed 35-year-old females and men, and wed 60-year-old females and men.

Again, Allstate is much more costly than Progressive according to research data and representative prices when looking at elements that affect auto insurance prices. Of the firms, Allstate has some of the agent prices for drivers using violation or a DUI. Prices which are $ and 1,459 409 higher, normally, compared to the research prices of Progressive are faced by those driver profiles.

Kinds of Coverage from Progressive Car Insurance

The automobile coverage of progressive can be obtained with policies such as bodily injury, liability, and property damage policy, the latter of which covers damage you might cause to other people's vehicles or houses. Regular coverage includes comprehensive, which covers damage to your automobile from matters like functions of nature, theft, and fire. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is available and covers you in most circumstances in which you're hurt or somebody who can not or won't cover damages your auto. The complex offers a medical payment policy for help.

Your car following an accident and Along with the coverage types developed to assist you, Progressive supplies. Rental vehicle coverage ensures while your vehicle has been repaired, you may get round. Gap insurance ensures if it's totaled, that you won't owe money and the payoff does not cover your loan that is. In case your car breaks down, assistance will offer tow and you're stranded. Progressive provides insurance that covers automobile alterations like wheels, a custom paint job, or a system, which may not be covered under a policy.

The savings bank attribute that is allowable is an alternative that rewards you by lowering your allowance for having policy intervals. If you are a ride-share driver for a business like Uber or Lyft, then you may want to explore Progressive's ride-share policy, which will cover you when you are in a collision during the time that you're logged in to your ride-share program but do not really have a client and your own personal policy nor ride-share firm's coverage is in effect.

Progressive Car Insurance Complaints

Among the weakest regions of Progressive, based on survey respondents, is clients' satisfaction with the settlement of the claims. This issue seems to have an immediate bearing on whether clients are very likely to urge Progressive to family and friends. Clients expressed dissatisfaction following a claim that has been filed, that their prices went up. "My speed increased considerably after a little fender bender," whined one client.

A couple of respondents reported that they were dissatisfied with upgrades. One said,"I am disappointed with the lack of assistance and information given. I'd love to get a broker I could predict who phone me back and would answer inquiries. I'd love to talk to a single individual who responds to my queries and would ease my claim. I believe Progressive is quite impersonal and corporate"

Other clients said Progressive had been abandoned by them or were contemplating leaving in favor of opponents with greater rates. "When I changed businesses my speed dropped around half," said one respondent.

Progressive Car Insurance Discounts

Progressive Auto Insurance Policy Review for 2020

Like many insurance companies, Progressive offers its clients many different auto insurance discounts.

If your family has more than 1 kind of insurance plan that is Progressive, you are going to save about 5% on every policy. It is possible to combine many automobiles, you can join various kinds of vehicles and your automobile, anything that works for you, or you can throw into a homeowner's policy. Five percent is typical, though innovative doubles the reduction once you mix auto coverage and a homeowner. It is worth noting the multi-car reduction is 10% on average, and some other automobile signifies that is most frequently kept in the address on the coverage.

Homeowners save approximately ten percent on a car insurance plan, even if they don't carry homeowners insurance that is Progressive.

Safe drivers, described as motorists that have traffic violations or no accidents within 3 decades, make a normal reduction of 31 percent.

Snapshot, Progressive's secure driver app, can help save an average of 130, but it takes you to offer Progressive accessibility to your driving info -- just how much you drive, where you go and when, and how secure of a driver you're based on braking and acceleration data. This information examined by Progressive and is accumulated by means of a system that plugs into a program or your vehicle. You won't receive a discount if Progressive thinks your information proves that you're a motorist. Progressive says a reduction is earned by clients but admits your rates have the capability.

Progressive offers discounts to clients keen to do a few things. You will find a reduction of about 8% In the event, you decide to sign your files online, you'll be qualified to go awry, which includes an additional discount. Get a reduction of 7 percentage, even when they talk to close the offer.

A number of additional discounts are available, but Progressive states these reductions change, and they do not disclose the typical savings. These include a constant insurance reduction which accounts for your time you invested using a rival prior to switching into Progressive; a teenager driver reduction for motorists 18 or older; a fantastic student discount, which applies to students who maintain a B average; a school student discount for students under 22 and registered in a college over a hundred miles off; and reductions for paying the two-year high upfront and enrolling in automatic payments.

Progressive supplies a tool which allows consumers enter a cost and will reveal their prices stack up to rivals.

Other Kinds of Insurance Policies From Progressive

The automotive policy of progressive extends to plenty of vehicles. Progressive will insure vehicles used for company, classic automobiles, bikes (such as coverage for bike safety equipment and personal belongings transported on a bike ), boats and personal watercraft, power sports equipment such as snowmobiles and ATVs, golf carts, Segways, travel trailers, and recreational vehicles or campers. Progressive says it's the automobile insurance provider in the USA.

Progressive offers house insurance for mobile homeowners, condominium owners, homeowners, and tenants. Should you rent your house out via home-sharing assistance, Progressive supplies supplemental protection for those times your house is used by tenants, which is normally not insured under a typical homeowner's policy. Flood insurance is just another coverage.

Business and Company insurance comprises products for all types of industrial vehicles and trucks, such as trucks of dump trucks, tow trucks, box trucks, an unspecified nature, and trucks. Vans may be insured under a commercial automobile policy. Other insurance for vehicles includes cyber protection, workers comp, business owners, contractors liability, and general liability.

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

Other Complex insurance providers include umbrella policy, medical insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, and travel insurance (such as policies especially for driving in Mexico), wedding and event insurance coverage, ID theft coverage, along with telephone and apparatus policy.

Progressive provides home financing and refinancing, and automobile financing and refinancing.

Progressive Financial Fitness

In accordance with the investor website of Progressive, the business has composed over $23 billion in premiums, and reports show an increase. Progressive appears to be in good health.

In conclusion, Progressive had a total of vehicle coverages. During this period of time, 1,766,600 property insurance coverages are also shown by Progressive with an increase of 35% in that region and coverages with a 9 percent increase in that region.

As of December 2016, Progressive's market share of the private passenger automobile insurance company (like motorcycle insurance) was 9.4 percent. At the end of 2015, the market share of Progressive was 9 percent. Outcomes for 2017 will be accessible when Progressive releases its second report for its next quarter of 2018.

The six-month period that ended June 30 also demonstrates that the organization's stock price increased 7.2 percent during that interval.

Additional Insurance Brands Related to Progressive

Even though Progressive has a lot of subsidiaries in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission, any other insurance businesses don't run.

Contact Progressive

Progressive could be reached online at or by telephone 24 hours per day in 1-855-776-4737. An internet conversation can be used by customers and may email the business at any moment by means of a contact form on the web site of Progressive.

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