Protective Life Insurance Review 2020 - Important

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  • ProInsuranceReviews standing: No. 17 life Insurance Provider.
  • Provides term life insurance and four kinds of universal life policies.
  • Fewer complaints than anticipated for a business of its size.

Protective Life Insurance Co. provides term life and four kinds of universal life insurance coverage, such as a low-cost coverage to equal term life insurance plan. Protective Life insurance

Protective Life ranks No. 17 on ProInsuranceReviews's listing of the greatest life insurance businesses. ProInsuranceReviews assesses the nation's biggest life insurance companies based on customer complaints and financial strength, customer satisfaction.

Look This Life Insurance 2020 – Best Guides

Life insurance choices from Life comprise:

Term lifestyle. Protective offers 10- to 30-year term life insurance policies with coverage of $100,000 to $50 million. Online quotes are available for coverages of around $10 million.

Universal life insurance policy made for affordability. The Custom Choice policy, advertised as a substitute for term life insurance, is priced lower than other permanent coverages. You pay a flat premium for coverage for a definite period. You start getting the coverage that is less, although the cost remains the same. The universal coverage was created for those that believe their life insurance needs will fall if they get old but still need some policy till they die. The coverage isn't meant to construct cash value that was significant.

Other kinds of universal life insurance.

  • Universal lifetime offers permanent coverage but provides the flexibility to increase or lower premiums and policy to accommodate your changing requirements. grows.
  • Variable universal life enables you to tie the development of the money value account to inherent stock investments.
  • Survivorship universal lifestyle, occasionally called joint survivorship or second-to-die life insurance, covers two individuals under a single policy. It is created for couples and could be utilized as an estate planning tool. The coverage pays out if the next spouse dies. The policy may be less costly than buying two separate policies.

Life insurance for kids. Guard My kid is a complete life insurance plan. It is possible to purchase $10,000 to $100,000 of policy on a kid 14 times to 17 years old. Life complaints and customer satisfaction

Over three decades, Protective Life has experienced fewer complaints to state authorities than anticipated for a firm of its size, based on ProInsuranceReviews's evaluation of information from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Protective Life has been rated" about average" for total customer satisfaction at the J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Life Insurance Study. The business scored 10th from 24 insurers assessed.

Customer satisfaction classProtective Life's score
Total satisfactionAbout typical
Billing and paymentBelow typical
CostMuch Better than many
Policy offeringsBelow typical
InteractionMuch Better than many
CommunicationAbout typical

More Regarding Protective Life

Besides life insurance, Protective Life provides a range of retirement annuities, such as instant, fixed, variable, indexed and enrolled index-linked varieties.


ProInsuranceReviews analyzed complaints received by state insurance companies and reported on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 2016-2018. To evaluate how insurance companies compare to another, the NAIC computes a criticism index annually for every subsidiary, measuring its share of overall complaints relative to its dimensions, or share of total premiums from the business. To appraise an organization's complaint history, ProInsuranceReviews calculated that a similar indicator for every insurance company, measured by market shares of each subsidiary, within the three-year interval. Ratios are determined individually for automobile, home, and life insurance.

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