Revenue vs. Income: A Summary

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Revenue vs. Income: A Summary

Revenue is the whole quantity of income generated by the selling of services or products about the primary operations of the company. Revenue, also called gross revenue, is often known as the"top line" since it sits on the peak of the income statement. Income, or net revenue, is an organization's total earnings or gain. When analysts and investors talk about the income of a company, they referring to the gain or income for the provider.

Revenue vs. Income: A Summary

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  • Revenue is the Entire Quantity of income generated by the sale of goods or services about the Organization's main operations.
  • Income or net income is a business's total earnings or gain.
  • Both earnings and net earnings are beneficial in determining the financial strength of an organization, but they're not interchangeable.


The earnings number is the earnings before any expenditures are removed, a provider creates. Thus, when a firm has"top-line expansion," the organization is undergoing an increase in gross revenue or earnings.

They're not interchangeable, although both earnings and net earnings are beneficial in determining the strength of an organization. Revenue simply indicates a business is at creating earnings and earnings and doesn't take.

Revenue vs. Income: A Summary


Net income is calculated by taking earnings and subtracting the expenses of doing business, including depreciation, interest, taxes, and other expenditures. The main point, or net income, explains how effective a company is using its spending and handling its own working costs.

Since both terms refer to cash flow Revenue is considered a synonym for earnings. In a situation, the expression income identifies net income or the line as it represents the number of earnings remaining after accounting for income and all expenses. Net income seems on an organization's income announcement and is a significant step of the sustainability of a corporation.

As earnings is your best line, net income is the main point or the"bottom" figure on an organization's income statement.

Revenue vs. Income Example

Apple Inc. (AAPL) submitted a top-line earnings quantity of $260 billion for 2019. The earnings number of the company represented a reduction. Apple posted $55.3 billion in net earnings for the exact same period, which represented a 7 percent reduction .1

We can observe since income is caused by overall earnings minus all Apple's expenses that Apple's net earnings is smaller compared to its earnings. The example above demonstrates how income is from earnings when speaking to the financials of a company.

Sales growth and bottom-line growth can be accomplished in a variety of ways. A business like Apple may experience top-line expansion because of a new product launching like the brand new iPhone, a brand new provider, or even a brand new advertising campaign that contributes to increased earnings. Growth may have happened from cutting costs or finding a supplier, but from the gain in earnings.

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