Safeco Insurance Review 2021 - Important

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Safeco Insurance, car insurance life homeowners renters insurance health insurance reviews
  • Safeco's customer satisfaction ratings are typical for home and auto insurance claims.
  • Greater compared to the anticipated variety of consumer complaints, relative to its dimensions, for car insurance.
  • Offers ridesharing insurance in several states.

Safeco Insurance sells homeowners, car, and specialty insurance solutions. The parent company, Liberty Mutual Group of Safeco, is the insurance giant -- the automobile insurance seller.

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Safeco Car Insurance 2020

Safeco car insurance got 4 stars out of 5. Our editorial staff determines the evaluations of ProInsuranceReviews. The formula takes into consideration discounts and pricing, of submitting a claim, criticism data in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners strength, site transparency, and much more ease.

Safeco is for 2020 one of ProInsuranceReviews Auto Insurance Businesses.

Those features that set it apart from insurance companies are included by Safeco policies:

  • First aid settlement around $10,000 for first aid administered following a crash.
  • Crash forgiveness: After a specific number of years without any accidents or violations, Safeco will not increase your prices following your first accident.
  • Diminishing deductible: in case you don't create a car insurance claim, Safeco will lower your collision deductible annually by $100up to $500 or five decades.
When they are available such as adding, you can Pick from several coverage options:
  • Rideshare policy: Should you push for a business like Uber or even Lyft, your policy is frozen as you use the program. Meanwhile, the insurance of the ridesharing company is restricted as you are on the way, or between rides. Safeco can pay for the gap for under $10 a month for the majority of drivers in nations where this policy is available.
  • New vehicle replacement: If your vehicle is totaled or stolen and is significantly less than 1 year old, Safeco will pay to replace it with a similar new vehicle.
  • Personal property policy pays out whether your possessions are damaged in an accident or stolen out of your vehicle. Normally, tenants or homeowners insurance cover that in case you've got it.
  • The emergency aid package includes roadside assistance and private property coverage, plus around $100 for costs as well as $500 for food, lodging, and transport if you are in an accident over 25 miles from the house.
  • Gap policy: When your vehicle is totaled or stolen, then Safeco pays the gap between how much is left in your loan or lease and the value of your vehicle.
  • Electronic lock and key replacement are worth it to replace missing or stolen digital keys, remote controller pads and locks, and without a deductible.
  • CD and DVD replacement overlook if your audio-visual media like DVDs, CDs, and videotapes are stolen or damaged.
  • Custom gear coverage will shield equipment that wasn't installed in the factory or automobile, such as permanently installed audiovisual equipment, custom or modified motor, roll bars, custom brakes, murals, and stickers.
  • Pet policy for veterinary expenditures or death benefit if your dog or cat is hurt or dies in an accident.
Safeco's automobile insurance reductions:
  • Multi-policy (bundling) discount.
  • Safe driver reduction.
  • Incident prevention class reduction.
  • Ignore for utilizing Teen Safety awards, a selection of resources discounts and benefits made to assist your teen to become a safer driver.
  • Multi-car discount.
  • Low-mileage discount.
  • Ignore for incorporating an anti-theft device to your automobile.
  • Anti-lock brakes dismiss.
  • Ignore for owning your home, townhouse, condominium, or mobile home.

Safeco homeowners insurance

Safeco Delivers homeowners insurance policy, and clients Can Opt to Purchase additional options for example:
  • Identity retrieval: For $1 per month, if you are the victim of identity theft, this can pay you for expenses associated with safeguarding your identity, such as lost wages for the time spent managing the issue up to $25,000.
  • Valuable content security: Covers jewelry, fine art, antiques, collectibles, and precious things which you set up to an agreed dollar amount. There is no allowance.
  • Gear liability policy: For $2 a month, this policy replaces an appliance using an Energy Star-rated mill of"like kind and quality" if it suffers an unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown that is not due to regular usage.
  • Private property replacement cost: can help to cover new things to replace your possessions which were damaged, stolen, or lost, irrespective of their age or illness.
  • Single reduction deductible: When you insure your house and automobile with Safeco, you can pay just one deductible when both are ruined at precisely the same event, like a tree falling in your garage.
Safeco's house insurance reductions:
  • Multi-policy (bundling) discount if you mix your house and car policies, bike, boat, or RV policies.
  • Ignore if your property is under ten years old.

Safeco customer security and complaints

Safeco had fewer than the variety of complaints to state authorities for home and automobile insurance based on 3 decades' worth of information in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

2019 J.D. Power StudySafeco rankings...
Automobile Insurance ShoppingBetter than many
Car Insurance Claims SatisfactionAbout typical
Home InsuranceOne of the remainder
Home Insurance ClaimsAbout typical

More about Safeco

Site: Safeco's website is simple to navigate and enables you to log in and monitor a claim, receive a quote, pay your invoice, view, or get your coverage records and much more. There is one through the Safeco site if you want personal contact with an agent.

Mobile program: Safeco's program enables you to log in and manage your coverage, pay bills, check the status of a claim, and more.

Alexa: Utilize Alexa's"insurance adviser" ability from Safeco to check your risk understanding, discover an insurance broker, and find out more about insurance policies.

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Recap: Safeco pros and cons

Greater compared to the anticipated Variety of customer complaints for automobile and home insuranceSafeco's customer satisfaction ratings are typical for both car and home insurance claims or worse
Provides injury forgiveness and generous initial aid compensationLow client satisfaction ratings for house insurance
Lots of options to customize automobile policies' policy


The car insurance ratings of ProInsuranceReviews reward firms for practices and characteristics. Tests are based on weighted averages such as site transparency, customer complaints, financial strength, and worth. With our editorial discretion, we consider customer satisfaction polls. These evaluations are a guide, however, we invite you to shop around and compare insurance quotes to get the very best rate for you.

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