Should I Choose Privilege Car Insurance?

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To develop a list of the top Privilege car insurance providers in the UK and considered the quality of their cover including any extras which make cover for special consumer requirements. We excluded two top high-scoring companies, due to the strict restrictions placed on their cover that they offer. However, we have listed three of four providers in the top twenty, where they rate highly and clearly demonstrate their reputations for reliability and customer care.

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At the top of our Privilege car insurance comparison sites is First Party, followed by AIG. They both offer competitive premiums and offer added services. AIG has an excellent claim settlement ratio and provides adequate cover. Their website is very user friendly with good support available thru email and chat facilities.

Price comparison between AIG and First Party is revealing. AIG rates were higher than First Party's, which suggests the cost of car cover is becoming cheaper for consumers. AIG's competitive advantage over competitors may account for the relatively high premium, but the increased shopping around for the right cover may well have reduced the premium. For many people the online option means that they can find the most suitable car cover from the convenience of their own home.

Should I Choose Privilege Car Insurance?

Another provider on our Privilege car hire review, AIG, provides insurance cover for many makes of vehicle. They provide a range of vehicle cover, including motorbike and scooter cover. The AIG insurance website is very clear about the levels of cover available from them, giving the potential customer a clear insight into the type of cover they require for their particular vehicle.

AIG provides a high level of discount to cover for those who pay an excess, which means if you do not pay a deductible before coverage kicks in then the cost of cover will be deducted from any savings you make. Any money over and above the excess that you have to pay can be used towards your monthly premiums.

It is also possible to reduce the costs of insurance by raising the excess amount. Some insurance companies will offer discounts for policies that have high excess levels. Insurers will always favour paying out as much excess cover as possible to cover as many people as possible. This is because the lower the number of people covered, the cheaper the insurance premiums will be.

Comparison sites make it easy to compare several different insurers quickly and efficiently. These websites allow customers to easily identify the benefits and drawbacks of a range of different polices. You can then work out a budget based on your individual needs and requirements. This allows you to shop around and work out the best deal for yourself and ensure that you get the cover that is suitable for your circumstances.

If you need temporary car insurance then it is very easy to get good value for money. There are several different types of temporary insurance available. For example, some providers may offer temporary insurance for a day or a few hours. Temporary cover is ideal for those coming back from an event such as a wedding and will give you peace of mind while still being able to drive your vehicle home. Companies may also offer temporary car insurance if you need to drive a vehicle temporarily due to a renovation or remodelling project due to spring cleaning etc.

Comprehensive policies offer protection for damage caused both by yourself and another vehicle or person. There are two types of comprehensive policy; third party and collision. Third party only insurance protects you for damage to another person or car and collision only covers you for damage to your own vehicle or someone else's vehicle.

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