Sprint Mobile Phone Insurance: How It Works

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Sprint provides cell phone insurance through its Sprint Entire program. Sprint Total is handled by third-party insurer Asurion and costs between $9 and $19/month, based on which grade you fall too (there are five). With Sprint insurance, repairing a cracked display costs $29, device fixes between $25 and $140, and replacement between $50 and $275.

Seeking insurance policy for your cherished Sprint smartphone? The carrier's Sprint Complete application protects you in the event of damage, theft or loss. Since they don't do the best job of explaining this somewhat convoluted offering, we chose to measure. In this article, we will tell you what Sprint Total insurance is, how much it costs, what the various tiers relate to, and whether it is worth shelling out money for.


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What is Sprint Entire Phone Insurance?

Sprint Complete is the brand name used by the carrier for its device protection program. It's mostly just a front for Asurion phone insurance, the exact same third-party carriers utilized by Verizon and AT&T (and many others ). However, Sprint Total also includes Apple Care registration for devices.

Asurion arranges Sprint insurance policy by five tiers. The phone model you might have determines your grade. For example, iPhone XS owners fall into tier 5, iPhone XR 256GB owners fall to routine 4, iPhone 7 126GB owners fall into tier 3, etc. You can see the tier breakdowns here.

What Does Sprint Phone Insurance Cover?

Sprint insurance covers cracked screens (for most models), device repairs, and apparatus replacement in the event of theft, loss or complete breakage.

Cracked Screen Repair

Some phone models that are older aren't qualified for screen repair via Sprint insurance. Same goes for Alcatel, Vital, Kyocera, Motorola, Sonim and ZTE phones. Additionally, fresh Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC are ineligible for screen repair for the first 60 days following launch. After that, they're entitled.

Other Device Repairs

Sprint Entire insurance covers you in case of different forms of problems with your telephone, whether software or hardware associated. Deductibles increase by grade, and are greater than they are for screens that are cracked.

Device Replacement

If your phone has been lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, you are going to have the ability to replace it with Sprint insurance for a fee. Keep in mind though that in many cases you're going to be shipped a refurbished device as opposed to a new one.

Looking for the Cheapest Unlimited Plan?

If you'd like an unlimited plan but do not want to pay $60/month, then take a look. For just $35/month, you'll receive text talk and data.

This is a fairly basic program that does not include Hulu subscription or mobile hotspot, but for $35/month it 's still a great deal. It's also just offered switching to Sprint.

You can buy one or bring your phone to Sprint. Hurry, this strategy will not stick around.How Much Does Sprint Phone Insurance Cost?

The monthly charge for Sprint Complete is dependent on the device you have into. Sprint Total coverage for tier 5 (the latest and most expensive flagship mobiles ) prices $19/month and comprises Apple Care support for eligible devices. Sprint Complete coverage for tiers 2-4 prices $15/month and includes Apple Care. Sprint Complete coverage for grade 1 (older and/or cheapest phones) prices $9/month.

  • Measure 5: $19/month
  • Tiers 2-4: $15/month
  • Tier 1: $9/month

How Much Are Repairs With Sprint Entire Insurance?

Sprint Complete replacement and repair costs vary across tiers, i.e. phone models. Additionally, phones which qualify for Apple Care providers (Sprint Complete contains it) will cover a different amount.

Cracked screen repairs costs $29 throughout the board. Some devices are exempt from this particular repair as previously mentioned. Device repair and replacement costs increases by tier. If you have an iPhone eligible for Apple Care, then you are going to cover a different amount.

Sprint Total Insurance Repair Prices
TierCracked ScreenDevice RepairDevice Replacement

Apple Care Repair and Replacement Prices

Sprint Entire includes enrollment in Apple Care for phones that are qualified, as mentioned. Replacements and device repairs under Apple Care cost $99. Cracked screen repairs are $29.Is Sprint Phone Insurance Worth the Money?

The price of Sprint Total is $15/month for $19/month for its latest many phones and most expensive ones. This makes the carrier's policy pricier than Verizon's and AT&T's, though unlike those two carriers it also include Apple Care registration for devices.

Cost of Insurance by Carrier
CarrierInsurance PlanInsurance ProviderPrice per Month
AT&TMobile InsuranceAsurion$8.99
SprintSprint EntireAsurion
$9 - $19
T-MobileProtection 360Assurant
$7 - $15
Verizon WirelessWireless Phone ProtectionAsurion$9

As for if Sprint's insurance program would be well worth the extra monthly fee, that depends on a) how accident-prone you're, and b) just how much your peace of mind is worth. Breaking a $1,000+ smartphone without insurance may be seriously expensive, so if something happens to it, insurance makes a great deal of sense. And make it possible for you to sleep better at night and it may help to relieve anxiety.

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