State Farm Car Insurance Review for 2020

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State Farm Car Insurance Review for 2020

State Farm does not have a mascot or a spokesperson, however, there is a fantastic chance you are able to sing along with the jingle,” Like a fantastic neighbor, State Farm is there.”

State Farm was around for a century. State Farm was founded in 1922 once the farm was not bringing in cash, with a farmer who switched to selling insurance. George Jacob”G. J.” Mecherle took his insurance policy knowledge and began a business dedicated to supplying auto insurance to farmers. That is correct, State Farm got its start. From 1944, one million automobile insurance policies had been composed by State Farm. In the years since its founding, the business has expanded its business.

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State Farm Rating and Review


Rating: 4.06/5

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State Farm had a few of the cheapest insurance premiums for demographics and scored in our poll of its clients. Satisfaction was high among those, and motorists with bad credit may not obtain the rates, although it wasn’t the least expensive alternative.

Almost 78 percent of respondents reported they were satisfied or satisfied with the ease of submitting a claim. Over three-quarters of individuals were happy with how in which the claim was solved When the claim was at the machine: 65 percent were happy.

That leaves room for customers. 1 respondent stated that the”claim procedure wasn’t simple. I needed to ask the adjuster to come and take a look at the vehicle completely.” Another told me,”Service is quite bad, and it took forever to complete my claim”

But individuals are delighted. Four in five respondents stated that they were satisfied or fulfilled if they had experienced customer services when asked. Respondents appeared to think that this service comes. In 1 respondent’s view, State Farm has”excellent customer support and, although somewhat expensive, consumer attention exists”

The local representative of the customer appeared to make a difference. “Rude, rude, impolite across the board, by the office manager to some claims [adjuster],” said one especially unhappy respondent. Others, however, felt like this individual did:”Outstanding service from the company.”

Even though State Farm’s support may be commendable complete, respondents were enthusiastic about status upgrades from the business. Just 53% stated they had been totally happy with the claim status upgrades they obtained, with the other 17% stating they were fulfilled. 1 remark was typical of people who weren’t so fulfilled:”They’re slow to respond [together with ] no communication throughout the claims procedure.”

When asked how they felt about the value they obtained from State Farm, clients’ evaluations were lower. Just about 46% stated they were totally happy with the value that they get from State Farm. 1 person summed up the issue that way:”Service is amazing, premiums are too costly.”

However, would those surveyed urge State Farm to other people searching for auto insurance? Most said yes, with almost 70% stating they are either likely or very likely to advocate it. And they will be staying with State Farm themselves: Three respondents were more likely or quite likely to rekindle.

Over other insurance companies, State Farm appears to inspire dedication, or at least they are a comfortable dependence. 1 happy customer said,”State Farm has always taken care of me, whatever the kind of insurance.” Yet another more common respondent stated that they were planning to renew for one simple reason:”Convenience.”

Individuals that are seeking great customer service and ready to pay a bit more than the deal rate for automobile insurance will most likely be pleased with State Farm. Selecting the most appropriate regional broker appears to be crucial, so requesting recommendations from other people locally may help you locate the ideal fit. Filing claims is fairly simple, but resolving these claims could be harder, and communicating in your claim’s status could be spotty.

State Farm Pros and Cons


  • Filing a claim is simple
    • Fantastic customer support


  • Insurance broker quality can vary
    • High Prices for those with poor credit

We Made This State Farm Car Insurance Review

In U.S. News, we are all about helping people make life’s major decisions. Our faculty ranks set the benchmark. Our positions in different areas, like health care, government, and also the automotive world, help individuals and thought leaders make decisions which make lives better. Now we are continuing to enable you with the info you want to make the ideal decisions to your own life with our very best auto insurance Rankings.

We surveyed 2,732 customers who registered a car insurance claim in the previous five decades, asking questions about their auto insurance provider. Of the poll respondents, 463 filed a claim with State Farm. The following concerns covered satisfaction with the ease of submitting a claim, client assistance, maintain status communicating, maintain resolution, and total value. We also asked if they would recommend the organization and if they intended to renew their coverage. We used their answers to construct our very best auto insurance Firms Rankings and this head-to-head contrast.

Our Study Rates

To acquire comparative insurance premiums with this particular research, U.S. News additionally worked together with Quadrant Information Services to examine a record of insurance premiums in all 50 states from the 10 biggest national auto insurance businesses, although not each business operates in each state. Quadrant obtained publicly available rate information that automobile insurance companies file with state regulators.

Our analysis prices are based on profiles for both female and male drivers aged 25, 35, and 60. Vehicles used comprise the 2015 Honda Civic, 2015 Toyota RAV4, and 2015 Ford F-150, using yearly mileage including 6,000 and 12,000. Three auto insurance coverage amounts were utilized, as were charge tiers of great, fair, and bad. Clean driving documents and documents with a single injury, 1 speeding violation, and yet another DUI was also utilized in the calculations of specific driver archetypes.

To acquire the analysis rates displayed here, we calculated the average rate for female and male drivers aged 25, 35, and 60 who drive 12,000 miles each year and have moderate coverage, excellent credit, and a clean driving record. The prices shown below are for comparative purposes only and shouldn’t be considered”typical” rates offered by respective insurers. Because car insurance prices are based on different elements, your auto insurance rates will differ from the prices displayed here.

State Farm Auto Insurance Prices

State Farm’s typical study rate of roughly $1,234 was one of the cheapest of the insurance firms we surveyed. Just USAA and Geico provided lower agent premiums. The prices are for comparative purposes only. Individual rates will fluctuate.The Cheapest Auto Insurance Businesses in 2020

Average Yearly Prices:

We Discover

State Farm Car Insurance Rates by Age

AgeNational Average Rate
Single 25-year-old man$1,468.63
Single 25-year-old feminine$1,330.05
Married 35-year-old man$1,204.67
Married 35-year-old feminine$1,204.67
Married 60-year-old man$1,098.01
Married 60-year-old feminine$1,098.01

Married 35-year-old motorist profiles possess a typical insurance policy survey speed of $1,205 with State Farm, and wed 60-year-old profiles possess a mean of 1,098. The only 25-year-old driver profiles possess research rates of 1,469 for men and $1,330 for females. Normally, driver profiles save $130 (for 60-year-old female profiles) and $263 (to get 25-year-old female profiles) with State Farm in comparison to average rates by gender and age in our analysis.

To ascertain the rates based on age and sex, motorist profiles were generated by us at each of these ages: 25 decades, 35 decades, and 60 decades for females and males. The profiles also provide a fantastic credit score, insurance policy for 12,000 miles each year, and a clean driving record. We utilized the 2015 Honda Civic three automobiles for our driver profiles, 2015 Toyota RAV4, and 2015 Ford F-150.

State Farm Car Insurance Rates by Annual Mileage

Annual MileageNational Average Rate
6,000 miles yearly$1,113.59
12,000 miles per year$1,234.01

In regards to the research prices of State Farm, mileage is not a significant issue. $ 1,114 is paid by the profiles 6,000 miles annually. For those profiles with higher mileage, the study rate rises yearly. Driver profiles that put 12,000 miles save approximately 13 percent with State Farm in comparison to the national average.

We made two driver profiles to evaluate how yearly mileage may change auto insurance prices: one with low mileage (6,000 mph ) and one with higher mileage (12,000 mph ). The profiles covered females and men at the 25-, 35-, and also age classes using a level of a credit score, insurance policy, along with a clean driving record. The vehicles were 2015 Ford F-150, 2015 Toyota RAV4, and the 2015 Honda Civic.

State Farm Car Insurance Rates by Coverage Type

Coverage FormNational Average Rate

Contained in a group, the study rates for three levels of policy are In State Farm. Whereas the one with policy has a research rate of 1,326 the profile using insurance comes with a superior of $ 1,143. Given that the price of health care, liability claims, and home repairs, spending an additional $200 annually to get coverage may be well worth it.

We made profiles that were equal in our analysis then found out speeds changed with the 3 degrees of policy. The profiles were delegated a credit score, a clean driving record, and 12,000 kilometers of driving. We utilized both females and males aged 25, 35, and 60. 2015 Ford F-150, and the 2015 Honda Civic, 2015 Toyota RAV4 were the vehicles.

State Farm Car Insurance Rates by Credit History

Credit HistoryNational Average Rate

For the motorist profile with credit, the State Farm research rate is $1,231. The profile with charge sees a small leap. Bad credit is regarded as a considerable threat by insurance companies, and for all those driver profiles, the typical State Farm agent rate jumps all of the ways to $2,745. That is the rate for more than twice the speed of this credit profile that is fantastic and credit unions in our analysis.

According to profiles of female and men drivers aged our analysis confirmed that auto insurance prices affect, 25, 35, and 60. We made a profile for every amount of credit rating (good, fair, and poor) and delegated the profiles a clean driving record, a fantastic credit score, a moderate level of insurance policy, and 12,000 kilometers of yearly driving. 2015 Ford F-150, and the 2015 Honda Civic, 2015 Toyota RAV4 were the vehicles.

State Farm Car Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Driving RecordNational Average Rate
Clean listing$1,234.01
With 1 speeding breach$1,374.63
With 1 injury$1,486.96
With 1 DUI$1,680.87

It will come as no surprise that representative rates are seen by motorist profiles using a document compared to those with claims or offenses in their own histories. The study speed at State Farm is $1,234 for its profile that has a fantastic driving record, normally.

But errors are made and mishaps do occur. To $ 1,375, the State Farm study speed climbs for the motorist profile using a speeding ticket. The superior that is agent is raised by an accident roughly 20 percent greater than its rate. 1 DUI pushes on the study rate. That is just about 35 percent more than the speed for the motorist profile using a fresh record. The typical speed for a profile using a DUI of state Farm is the cheapest in our analysis, rivaling the very low prices of USAA.

To figure out how much of a result an individual’s driving record has on insurance prices, we left driving profiles using a blank record, with a single speeding violation, together with a single mishap, and with just one example of driving under the influence (DUI). These driving listing representative profiles were predicated on 25-, 35-, and also 60-year-old females and males using 12,000 miles of mileage each year, a moderate degree of insurance policy, along with a fantastic credit score. Vehicles were all 2015 Ford F-150, 2015 Toyota RAV4, also the 2015 Honda Civic.

Who Need To Get State Farm Car Insurance?

After studying all these ordinary study rates across various driver profiles, we contrasted State Farm into the remainder of the highest auto insurance companies in the country in all those categories. It is not the cheapest insurer for at least one of these profiles, but people that are middle-aged or married and older will perform much better with State Farm than with a lot of its rivals. A profile with a fresh record receives the lowest rate whichever company it is secured with, but normally, State Farm’s research rates do not appear as large as some rival carriers do following a ticket or a mishap.

State Farm Other Insurance Firms

State Farm Automobile Insurance vs. Allstate Automobile Insurance

The primary difference shoppers will probably see is that State Farm auto insurance policy research prices are generally less expensive across the board compared to Allstate’s within our investigation. For each and every profile at the report, Allstate’s typical study rates were countless dollars greater than State Farm’s representative prices. About 35 percent could be saved by drivers with State Farm, based on our analysis.

1 factor which contributes to the gap in research prices is the standing as a insurance carrier that is privately owned of State Farm. That usually means the policyholders would be their company’s proprietors; some business decisions which benefit the owners are also benefited by the clients because they are the men and women. Allstate is publicly traded, so it’s shareholders that are searching for growth and profits.

State Farm Automobile Insurance vs. Geico Automobile Insurance

Geico has reduced typical rep rates compared to State Farm for many, but not all, of our driver profiles. Oftentimes, the typical study prices of Geico and State Farm are within a few hundred bucks.

State Farm’s representative prices are approximately $300 reduced using one mishap for driver profiles. Geico’s typical research rate for profiles using a DUI is greater than 40 percent greater than State Farms. Geico is significantly more affordable for poor credit score profiles, but with a speed that is almost $900 lesser than State Farm’s.

State Farm Automobile Insurance vs. Farmers Automobile Insurance

According to our investigation, research rates that are lower are offered by State Farm. Farmers’ representative premiums tend to be roughly $400 more. For profiles having even a DUI or a collision, Farmers’ research prices are closer to $1,000 more.

Different Types of Coverage

State Farm provides a complete record of automobile insurance. It delivers comprehensive the collision, liability, uninsured, and underinsured motorist policies. Emergency road service is available, which contains an hour of mechanical labor, an hour of a locksmith’s moment, towing, or shipping of gasoline or battery life, depending on why you are stuck onto the side of the street.

State Farm provides drivers for businesses like Uber and Lyft insurance special. The majority of these businesses offer some insurance policy as you’re driving for them, however this add-on conveys your private insurance coverage above, even as you are using the app and picking up passengers. In case your own deductible with State Farm is lower compared to the ride-share firm’s deductible, you pay the lesser amount.

State Farm Car Insurance Complaints

Our survey revealed that for the large part, State Farm clients are very satisfied with the support they get and the settlement of the claims. But people who rated the business did not frequently detail what State Farm didn’t make their marks.

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A couple of respondents stated that State Farm doesn’t offer gap insurance, that covers the gap between the car’s worth and what you owe on the loan when it is totaled in a crash. The organization does provide Payoff Protector, which functions much the exact same manner as difference insurance, but it is available only in the event that you finance your vehicle through State Farm Bank. You do need to have State Farm auto insurance.

The number one complaint people needed, and the reason that they were cross-shopping other insurers, was that their prices had been climbing with State Farm. The majority of these answers said their prices went up following a promise, although a few saw speeds go up without a current claim.

State Farm Car Insurance Discounts

There are lots of discounts accessible from State Farm that may decrease your rates. In case you’ve got a car with OnStar, then you are able to register in Drive Safe & Save, an app that uses that program’s driving info to ascertain your personal speed. Drivers using a record can register a safe route for policyholders under the age of 25, in Steer Clear. Other reductions are average throughout the industry, for example, speed reductions for three accident-free years in a row as well as 25% savings for students who receive good grades.

Additional Kinds of Policies From State Farm

If you’re able to use it to get from point A to point B, then State Farm is likely able to cover it. The business provides bicycle insurance for everything from scooters to track bikes. Boat coverage contains yachts, jet skis, and kayaks, and off-road insurance covers ATVs, campers, snowmobiles, and much more. There is also policy for van campers, and motorhomes, trucks.

State Farm also insures higher value (and higher risk) vehicles such as sports cars, antiques, and collectibles. Additionally, it covers vehicles.

State Farm Financial Fitness

The State Farm Group gets the greatest share of the insurance marketplace. It’s a healthy lead over the second-largest insurance company, Geico, that will be owned by Berkshire Hathaway and contains 13 percent of this marketplace. Progressive and Allstate every holds about 10 percent of this marketplace. These four companies account for half of the insurance marketplace. Insurance Brands Related to State Farm

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, as it’s officially known, possesses many additional insurance subsidiaries, however, they’re all obviously branded as State Farm firms.

Contact State Farm


Headquarters: One State Farm Plaza, State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, IL 61710

Telephone: 800-782-8332

Car Insurance claims: 800-732-5246

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