The Zebra Review: Everything You Will Need to Know 2020

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You may think about insurance comparison websites as only lead generation programs. However, The Zebra Differs.

Using its guarantee you won't receive telephone calls or any spam, The Zebra intends to streamline house insurance -- the process of buying automobile insurance and -- to a degree.

We'll have a look at The Zebra functions, what businesses you may get estimates from the cost quotes much more and up.

The Zebra Review: Here Is What You Will Need to Know

The Zebra is an independent insurance agency that writes policies in all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. You may find state licensing advice here.

They associate with over 30 suppliers like Esurance, Farmers, MetLife Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm and USAA, Amongst Others.

Automobile insurance has been the attention at The Zebra. They branching out that has a number of carriers to house insurance.

Along with automobile and home insurance, The Zebra provides quotes for kinds of insurance including condominium insurance, insurance, RV insurance, and much more.

I got quotations on The Zebra to get a couple of different kinds of auto insurance clients. It is possible to see the prices I was quoted here or see about my entire shopping experience!

How Can The Zebra Function?

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The Zebra permits you to enter some information about your vehicle your self and your driving history to get a number of quotes.

Entering my advice just took five minutes to me. Here is the Remaining information I had to begin after placing on this site in my zip code:


  • The year, make, model, and trimming of your automobile (s)
  • Whether you own or rent your automobile (s)
  • Your automobile's main use: Personal/commuting, enjoyment, farm or business/rideshare
  • An estimate of the number of miles you drive annually


  • Title
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Can you lease or own your property?
  • Charge rating: Excellent, good, poor, or average? (Consumers are prompted to pick"good" when they're uncertain )
  • the maximum level of schooling
  • Are you presently insured? For how long?
  • Select your present carrier

You receive your quotes When the Zebra system begins crunching numbers.

I must note that I did get a followup email almost immediately after obtaining my estimates. It recapped the few options for me.

However, I was happy I wasn't asked during the quotation procedure at any moment. That means spam calls.

What Do You Expect From the Quote Procedure?

The next decision you Need to Make is what degree of policy you need from four options after entering your data:

The dollar amounts of coverage differ but that is what I had been provided in my home state of Georgia:


  • Bodily Injury: $25,000/$50,000
  • Property Damage: $25,000
  • Collision: No policy
  • Comprehensive: No policy
  • Uninsured driver: No policy
  • Private injury: No policy
  • Towing: No policy
  • Lease: No policy


  • Bodily Injury: $25,000/$50,000
  • Property Damage: $25,000
  • Collision: $1,000 deductible
  • Comprehensive: $1,000 deductible
  • Uninsured driver: $25,000/$50,000
  • Personal Injury: No policy
  • Towing: No policy
  • Lease: No policy


  • Bodily Injury: $50,000/$100,000
  • Property Damage: $50,000
  • Collision: $1,000 deductible
  • Comprehensive: $1,000 deductible
  • Uninsured driver: $50,000/$100,000
  • Personal Injury: No policy
  • Towing: $75
  • Lease: $30/$900


  • Bodily Injury: $100,000/$300,000
  • Property Damage: $50,000
  • Collision: $1,000 deductible
  • Comprehensive: $1,000 deductible
  • Uninsured driver: $100,000/$300,000
  • Personal injury: No policy
  • Towing: $75
  • Lease: $50/$1,500

Was -- like many additional insurance comparison websites -- I felt shoehorned to the policy offerings.

I didn't have the flexibility to personalize my estimates -- state, including personal harm about the"Finest" coverage bundle. So as to accomplish that, I would need to reach out that I was quoted by The Zebra get a quote.

This is quite comparable to other insurance comparison websites on the market such as, however the absence of an ability to personalize your estimates on such websites is among my insurance policy buying pet peeves.

That is why I've reasoned that -- as with -- The Zebra is likely best utilized to acquire an overall awareness of this cost for the generic policy, not to personalize your ideal policy.

Are the Costs On Your Zebra?

Here was my critique of The Zebra's evaluation would be the cost quotations?

Quote One

I began with a quotation for a single man who owns a single speeding ticket, has a master's degree charge and a house.

These quotations are all for the"Greatest" degree of coverage the Zebra provided:

InsurerMonthly Premium
Liberty Mutual$365

Allow me to stop here and say this hypothetical insurance client is me. And I have policy I was quoted for, which I got from an insurance agent before I ever heard of The Zebra.

My premium -- that the premium I pay for coverage, not coverage that is hypothetical -- is less than half what I had been quoted on The Zebra. I found the quotations to be expensive.

But a more objective means to check at it can be this: Utilizing my profile, I also occurred within approximately a two-week interval to receive quotes on to get another post I was writing. And it happened I was quoted by for 2 of the very same firms I was quoted for by The Zebra.

If you compare these quotes side-by-side, The Zebra is the more expensive of the two insurance comparison websites to get monthly premiums:

  • Mercury: $226 (The Zebra) vs. $268 (
  • Liberty Mutual: $365 (The Zebra) vs. $368 (

Quotation Two

Attempting to find out the way The Zebra would be for clients additional compared to myself, I decided to get estimates to get a 22-year-old female with a college diploma who rents. Our girl has 1 mishap on her album, a mean credit rating, and pushes a 2007 Hyundai Sonata.

This time I picked the"Minimum" amount of insurance. Here Is What The Zebra came back together:

InsurerMonthly Premium
Workmen's Auto$142

Quotation Three

Finally, I needed to pull a quotation for a married couple, both age 60, living in St. Paul, Minnesota.

This couple therefore are high school graduates with no college degrees and drives a 2014 Buick Enclave. They have credit and a clean background. I picked the"Basic" level of policy for them.

Here are

InsurerMonthly Premium
Liberty Mutual$111
The Overall$224

I thought the estimates that I obtained for various sorts of clients on The Zebra were pricey. They were more economical than the estimates of a insurance comparison website.

I guess this story's moral is that in case it's the capacity '' The Zebra could be well worth a look.

Final Thought

When you have not shopped for insurance policy in a little while, the Zebra is a great starting point.

Car insurance is their principal business, but they are newer in the marketplace for a house insurance policy. Presently, they provide house coverages through nine carries.

They can package your house and car policies with four of these carriers -- Mercury, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, and Plymouth Rock -- which provides discounts.

In the last summation, I did not like I couldn't personalize my quotation. That is why I am advocating The Zebra mainly to get an"insurance checkup" -- when you have not shopped in a while and only need to be certain that you're not paying for an astronomically large premium.

But bear this in mind: Prior to changing companies, you need to check out our lists of this Best and Worst Auto Insurers along with also the Best and Worst Home Insurers. Be certain the insurance provider when the chips are down, that you're considering switching to possess a good reputation, and are there.

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