Travelers Insurance Review 2021

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Travelers insurance reviews and evaluations

  • -Some of the largest car and home insurance companies.
  • -Travelers' customer satisfaction evaluations are lower or average.
  • -Travelers have fewer consumer complaints compared to the median relative to their dimensions for automobile and home insurance.

Travelers are among the well known and most enduring names in insurance. It is one of the country's largest suppliers of car and home insurance policies. If you need to purchase products from 1 supplier and're searching for an in-house experience having a broker, Travelers may be a fantastic fit.

Freight automobile insurance

Travelers auto insurance got 4.5 stars out of 5 for total functionality. Our editorial staff determines the evaluations of Proinsurancereviews. The formula appears at factors like strength and discounts, site transparency and account pricing. Other aspects include the ease of submitting a complaint and claim data.

Based on these evaluations, Travelers is one of the Best Auto Insurance Businesses of Proinsurancereviewsfor 2020.

Past the policy alternatives that are conventional, Travelers has automobile insurance alternatives out there.

  • Gap insurance policy safeguards your automobile loan or lease. Travelers pay the difference between your loan's balance along with the worth of the car when it is totaled if your vehicle is totaled before it is repaid or the lease is up.
  • Ridesharing insurance is available by Travelers in Illinois and Colorado for Men and Women who push for businesses like Uber or even Lyft. When motorists are to pick up a passenger and till drop-off, but not in between 26, ridesharing firms cover some liability. This policy isn't available in most countries.
  • IntelliDrive utilizes a program to monitor your driving rate, the time of day, and acceleration and braking customs for 90 days. It is offered in 31 nations. At renewal, you can find a reduction of around 20% for great driving -- or your own prices could go up in the event you've got risky driving habits (except in certain countries ). Notice: This program is only available in select countries.
  • Premier New Car Replacement may help you if your vehicle is totaled and can be just five years old or newer. This policy pays to replace the automobile also includes gap insurance to cover off any lease or loan balance once the vehicle is totaled. Registering in this application means you might get a lower deductible if the glass of your car has to be mended.
  • Travelers' Responsible Driver Software provides two varieties of forgiveness: One mishap and one minor breach are forgiven each 36 months, which means that your rates will not move up after an accident or ticket.
  • The Premier Responsible Driver Software involves the aforementioned accident and breaches forgiveness perks, in addition to a diminishing allowance ($50 off for each six months accident-free up to $500 off your deductible). Your allowance is waived in this system if your vehicle is totaled.

Traveler's automobile insurance reductions:

  • Multi-policy discount.
  • Multicar discount.
  • Home possession reduction.
  • Safe driver reduction.
  • Ignore for getting no gaps in policy.
  • Ignore for leasing or owning a hybrid.
  • New vehicle reduction.
  • Discounts for paying electronically, upfront or punctually. .
  • Ignore for obtaining a quote prior to your policy expires.
  • Ignore for motorists at high school or school that maintain a"B" average or better.
  • Student off at college reduction.
  • Driver coaching reduction.

Travelers homeowners insurance-

Travelers provide insurance to homeowners with All the coverage choices that are standard, and additional features you Can Purchase, for example:

  • Contents replacement price: is worth it to replace your things with fresh ones, instead of paying the depreciated value of your old things, if they're damaged or stolen by an event your policy insures.
  • Valuable Things Plus: In case your extra-valuable possessions are damaged or stolen, this excess coverage ensures it is possible to substitute them. It may cover things like musical instruments, computers, and jewelry.
  • Coverage for water copy pays in case your home is damaged when water slides upward throughout your sewer or sewer or overflows out of the sump pump.
  • Identity fraud policy pays around $25,000 for costs associated with safeguarding your identity if you're the victim of identity theft, without a deductible.
  • The green home policy can help fix, replace, or reconstruct with green substances after you submit a claim.

Traveler's House insurance reductions:

  • Multi-policy discount.
  • Current home buyer discount.
  • Ignore for clients who have not made a claim in a given period of time.
  • Security device reduction.
  • Greenhouse reduction.

Travelers complaints and customer satisfaction

Automobiles had fewer than the variety of complaints to state authorities for home and automobile insurance coverage based on three decades' worth of information in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Based on J.D. Power Studies, Travelers positions about average in client satisfaction scores for auto insurance, but less than typical for house insurance claims.

2019 J.D. Power StudyTravelers rankings...
Insurance Shopping (Auto)About typical
Car Insurance Claims SatisfactionAbout typical
Home InsuranceOne of the remainder
Home Insurance ConditionsOne of the remainder

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More about Travelers

Site: Travelers' login portal site allows you to access all your insurance policy information, pay bills, track statements, and much more. Elsewhere on the site, you are able to get advice to preventing flood damage, from driving.

Mobile program: you are able to pay bills, file a claim, call for roadside assistance, and view coverage records with wholesalers' mobile program, accessible on iOS and Android.

Voice helper: when you've got a system that uses Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant, you can deal with your Travelers accounts with Alexa.

Additional Kinds of insurance from Travelers
auto Insurance PolicyIdentity theft insurance
Renters insuranceBoat insurance
Farm and ranch insuranceCommercial Car Insurance
Umbrella Insurance PolicyBusiness insurance

Recap: Travelers pros and cons

Received fewer customer complaints compared to the medianCustomer satisfaction ratings are lower or average for automobile and house
Plenty of available policy options for auto and home insurance
Some of the largest insurance companies in the country


The car insurance ratings of Proinsurancereviews reward firms for practices and characteristics. Tests are based on weighted averages such as site transparency, customer complaints, financial strength, and worth. With our editorial discretion, we consider customer satisfaction polls. These evaluations are a guide, however, we invite you to shop around and compare insurance quotes to get the very best rate for you. Proinsurancereviews doesn't get payment. Read our editorial guidelines.

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