What are examples of Non Governmental Organizations? 2021

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What Is an NGO?

A non governmental organization (NGO) is a nonprofit, citizen-based team that functions independently of the government. NGOs, sometimes called civil societies, are coordinated community, national and global levels to serve particular political or social intentions, and are more cooperative, rather than commercial.

What are examples of Non Governmental Organizations?

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What are examples of Non Governmental organizations?


  • NGOs, or non-governmental associations, play a major role in international development, aid, and philanthropy.
  • NGOs are non-profit by definition but might run budgets of up or down to billions of dollars each year.
  • Therefore, NGOs rely on a variety of funding sources from private contributions and membership dues to government participation.
  • There are many different kinds of NGO, each with its own mandate.

Around NGOs

While the term"NGO" has various interpretations, it is usually accepted to include private organizations that function without government control and which are non-profit and non-criminal. Other definitions further clarify NGOs as institutions that are non-religious and non-military.

While others support a paid employees, Many NGOs rely on volunteers.

Two broad groups of NGOs are identified from the World Bank:

  • Operational NGOs, that focus on development projects.
  • Advocacy NGOs, that are coordinated to promote specific causes.

Particular NGOs may fall under both categories simultaneously.

Examples of NGOs include those that encourage human rights, advocate for health or encourage political participation.

Just How NGOs are Funded

As non-profits, NGOs rely on a Number of sources for funding, including:

  • Membership dues
  • private donations
  • the sale of goods and services
  • grants

Despite their independence from the government, some NGOs rely heavily on government financing. Large NGOs might have budgets in the millions or billions of dollars.

Kinds of NGOs

A number of NGO variations exist, such as:

  • BINGO: business-friendly international NGO (illustration: Red Cross)
  • ENGO: ecological NGO (Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund)
  • GONGO: government-organized non-governmental organization (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
  • INGO: global NGO (Oxfam)
  • QUANGO: quasi-autonomous NGO (International Organization for Standardization [ISO])
What are examples of Non Governmental organizations?


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