What Is Medicare Advantage Plans? 2021

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Medicare Advantage Plans (Medigap) are an affordable alternative to receive your Original Medicare, plus Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, at a more affordable cost. Medicare Advantage Plans cover everything that Original Medicare covers, plus some things that Medicare does not cover. They are available from various private, Medicare-authorized insurance companies such as Humana. Most Medicare Advantage Plans have no monthly fee for enrollment and are guaranteed issue, with no expiration date. There is three different Medicare Advantage Plans: Standard Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan (SSA Medicare Supplement Insurance), Medicare Advantage plan(s), and Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage Plan.

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Medicare Part C

Humana is one of the Medicare Advantage Plans that participate in Medicare Parts A and B. Humana Medicare Advantage Plans cover pharmacy services, nursing home coverage, physician visits, vision care, and other health care services provided by physicians and hospitals. The Medicare Advantage Plans cover two types of individuals; those who are self-employed or are eligible for Medicare Part C and those who are not eligible for Medicare Parts A or B. All Humana Medicare Advantage Plans offer premium protection with no waiting period and take effect immediately once enrollment is complete.

Medicare Advantage

Humana Medicare Part A

Humana Medicare Part A - Covering general hospital expenses, routine doctor visits, diagnostic tests, and certain medications, the Medicare Part A plan is considered one of the "growable" Medicare Parts. Humana Medicare Part A plans to cover a maximum out-of-pocket expense of 12 percent of the expected Medicare benefits. There are deductibles and coinsurance for patients enrolled in Humana Medicare Part A. There is no age limit for enrollment in Humana Medicare Part A. Humana Medicare Part A also does not require any payment when the insured becomes disabled.


Humana Medicare Advantage Plans cover common expenses associated with hospitalization such as prescribing drugs, medical equipment, diagnostic tests, imaging services, laboratory services, and surgical supplies. Other optional benefits offered by Humana Medicare Advantage Plans include extended hospital stay benefits, coverage for doctor visits, complementary health care services such as chiropractic and registered massage therapy, and coverage for extended care planning and prescription drug coverage. Humana Medicare Advantage Plans does not provide coverage for children's health insurance. PPO programs are managed by a third party organization that participates in the Medicare Advantage Program.

Medication Savings Plans

Medicare Part D Plans - Prescription drug coverage is required for every eligible senior citizen age 65 and older. Medicare Part D Plans offers several options to manage the costs of prescription drugs. The most popular Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, Medicare Part D, offers an easy choice for seniors who are not able to receive Medicare due to their Medicare coverage being canceled or unable to pay for their medications. Medicare Part D plans can be selected from among the following: Chafing Plus, Comfort Scents Plus, Navigator, and MasterPass. All Medicare Part D Plans contain a Medicare Advantage Plan component, which allows seniors to pay for the same Medication Savings Plans they already have.

A Medicare Advantage Plan can be selected from among the following Medicare Supplement Plans: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Preferred Provider Network (PPN), Standard Medicare Supplement (SFS), and other Medicare Advantage Plans. Humana has several preferred provider organization (PPO) plans that cover different areas of health care including ambulatory care, specialty services, inpatient care, non-acute care, and hospice.

Two other Medicare Supplement Plans offered by Humana is the Preferred Provider Network (PPN) and Standard Medicare Supplement (SFS). Also, Humana provides members access to the Medicare Part B Select program, which allows seniors to choose from a selection of different medications and doctors.

A Medicare Advantage Plan also may offer different options that are not available with a PPO policy, such as a managed care group or an insurer that pays the Medicare Part B deductible. Medicare Advantage Plans can also cover additional types of services, depending on their specific Medicare Supplement Plan. Humana's Guide to Medicare provides information regarding all of Humana's Medicare Supplement Plans, along with explanations of each plan's Medicare Advantage options.

Medicare Part D Plans

Medicare Part D Plans, which is required for senior citizens who receive Medicare while working, provide two basic choices: either the traditional Medicare Part D Plan which pays a monthly fee for prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and certain vision prescriptions; or the Medicare Part B Select program, which covers some prescriptions. Humana's Medicare Supplement Insurance Guide provides information about the differences between Humana Medicare Part D and Medicare Part B. Medicare Part D Plans can also be selected from the Medicare Part A Select program, which covers outpatient hospital expenses only; or the Medicare Part B Select program, which covers inpatient care and certain vision prescriptions.

Medicare Advantage Plans are intended to fill in gaps in Medicare coverage, allowing seniors to gain extra service options. Medicare Advantage Plans provide the same benefits as Medicare Parts A and B, plus certain optional features, such as health insurance assistance and vision insurance assistance. Medicare Supplement Plans are not available in all areas of the country.

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