What is Real Estate Owned (REO)? 2021

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Real Estate Owned (REO) Definition

Real estate owned (REO) is home possessed by a creditor, like a bank, which hasn't been sold in a foreclosure auction. A creditor a lender or quasi-governmental things like Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae --requires possession of a home once it fails to market

What is Real Estate Owned (REO)? 2020


  • property owned (REO) is the expression for a property possessed by a lender since it neglected to purchase a foreclosure auction following the debtor defaulted on their mortgage.
  • Banks try to market their REOs utilizing a realtor or by setting the properties on the internet.
  • REOs are usually sold at a reduction by banks and other creditors. But, they are typically sold "as is" and are often in disrepair.

Recognizing Real Estate Owned (REO) Properties

When a debtor defaults on their mortgage, the pre-foreclosure period often entails either a property short sale or even a public auction. If goes the foreclosure procedure can finish with the creditor --a lender, for instance --accepting possession of their property. A bank might try to sell REO properties within their portfolios without the assistance of realtors. Banks list their REO properties If this is the situation. Clients searching for houses about the REO properties may be also notified by bank loan officers.

What is Real Estate Owned (REO)? 2020
Stack of moving boxes and chair in new house

REO Specialists

A lender's REO specialist handles its REO properties by promoting the properties, reviewing any supplies, preparing periodic reports about the status of possessions in the lender's portfolio, and monitoring down deeds. The REO specialist works closely with the lender in-house or contracted property supervisor to prepare a home for a vacancy or to make sure properties are winterized and protected. The REO pro undertakes these project functions to assist its possessions are liquidated by the lender economically and quickly.

REO Properties and Realtors

To provide REO properties the broadest exposure, REO pros often contract the assistance of local real estate brokers to record the properties at the multiple listing service (MLS). List REO properties in the MLS guarantees that curious property seekers using sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, and Trulia--and local property sites --will observe the listings. The listing broker of an REO property brings any offers he receives to the REO specialist. Realtors negotiate for the sale of REO properties together with all the REO 17, the commission they'll get.

To help ensure a smooth closing, buyers must also search public records to make sure all exemptions connected with a house are paid.

Benefits and Pitfalls of an REO Property

Since banks can offer them since these properties aren't typically their business line REO properties could be appealing to homebuyers and property investors. But, banks generally sell REO properties "as is," meaning that the bank won't make any repairs before selling. These properties are often in disrepair, so it is vital to have a comprehensive review and be ready to create (and cover ) mandatory renovations.


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What is Real Estate Owned (REO)? 2020
Stack of moving boxes and chair in new house

Related Terms

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Bank-owned property is a designation granted to properties that weren't sold during a foreclosure sale and are added to this bank inventory.

What Is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the legal procedure where a creditor seizes and sells a house or property following a debtor is not able to satisfy their repayment obligation.

Other Real Estate Owned (OREO)

Another Real Estate Owned is a bank bookkeeping term that pertains to property owned by a lender which isn't directly about the bank's company.

Pre-foreclosure: What Happens Before the Bank Forecloses on a House

Pre-foreclosure identifies this point that the home is at during the early stages of repossession because of this land owner's mortgage default.

Real Estate Short Sale

In real property, a brief sale is when a homeowner in fiscal distress sells their home for less than the amount due on your mortgage.

Special Warranty Deed

A special warranty deed is a deed in which the seller of a parcel of property just warrants against issues or encumbrances from the property name that happened during his possession. It is typical of the property.

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