What's gap insurance? 2020 - Important

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Gap insurance (also called loan/lease payoff) is an optional car insurance policy and applies in case your vehicle is totaled or stolen. Gap policy may cover the difference, In case the amount is greater than your car is worth. By way of instance, you have $25,000 in your loan and your car is only worth $20,000, your coverage's loan/lease payoff policy will pay for the $5,000 gap (minus the deductible).


Gap insurance functions

Gap insurance protects you. Its value begins to decrease sometimes significantly Once you get your vehicle. Should you leased the vehicle or financed, this depreciation ends up making a difference between what you owe on its worth and your vehicle. Together with Progressive's loan/lease payoff policy, we will repay the difference between your loan number and also what your car is worth (minus the deductible)up to 25% on your auto's value.

what is the gap insurance
gap insurance

The number you receive without gap insurance.


The number you receive with gap insurance.


Instance: You fund $30,000 for a new vehicle. You've had it for a couple of years and have been producing your payments all. It is currently worth $20,000 and you spend $25,000 in your loan. That is a $5,000 gap. Should you complete it, we will pay you $25,000 (minus the deductible). Without gap insurance, you would just get $20,000 (minus the deductible).

Remember, you should have comprehensive and collision coverage on your own coverage to meet the requirements exactly what some refer to coverage. See more on crash or comprehensive.

What exactly does gap insurance cover?

Gap insurance employs any time your car is totaled from harm and your insurance pays off. There are no scenarios where we will inform you your auto insurance insures your damages however your gap insurance does not apply.

Is difference insurance required?

No insurance company or condition requires gap insurance, but a few leasing companies may ask that you buy it.

Just how much is gap insurance?

Normally, gap insurance costs about $ 5 per month In Progressive. It is an affordable coverage which may offer value for the cost, particularly if there's a gap between the balance and your car's actual cash value.

On the lookout for an specific cost for gap insurance? Get a car insurance quote online and we'll show you.

Is difference insurance worthwhile?

Gap insurance is well worth the money if there is a gap between the worth of your car and what you owe on it. Listed below are a Couple of scenarios where the difference is broad enough to contemplate gap insurance:

  • You transcend the purchase of an automobile using a high rate of depreciation
  • You have just leased or bought a new automobile with a Tiny down payment
  • You are funding your automobile for over 48 weeks

Gap insurance might be worthwhile if your household can not afford to proceed for an elongated time period without one and has one car.

Just how long does gap insurance continue?

It applies for the length of your coverage As soon as you add difference insurance. Just make the change online if you decide to eliminate it or give us a call.

Where do I purchase gap insurance?

Some dealers provide gap insurance for both financed and leased automobiles, but you might wind up paying interest on your gap policy on account of this payment. That is why it's generally better to buy gap insurance via a car insurer, which most insurance businesses provide (you can see it called loan/lease policy when you receive a quote).

New Progressive clients

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Current Progressive clients

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