Zillow vs. Trulia? Different Looks, Key Similarities 2021

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What is the Difference?

If you have researched on the internet to lease, buy, or sell a house, or when you've simply wanted to see just how much your house might be worth, you have likely used Zillow (Z) or Trulia. The two websites are property databases that offer for-sale and leasing listings to people and join individuals with property agents, plus they share some important characteristics. They are now also a part of the identical firm: The Zillow Group obtained Trulia for $3.5 billion in February 2015.

Both websites present listings with photographs, a thorough description, costs, and information regarding areas. Property information presented on each website is usually similar because they draw MLS listings. Visitors may use a particular set of criteria to look for houses on each site such as cost, number of bedrooms, type of construction, square footage, and good dimensions.

Zillow vs. Trulia? 2020 What is the Difference?

While both are rather similar, numerous important differences set the 2 sites apart. Zillow provides what it requires Zestimates, which are estimates of dwelling worth based on publicly available information. Graphically, every website presents lists in another manner, which offers the consumer with another encounter. By way of instance, when you search for listings at a town on Zillow, the search results are on the ideal side using a map of the region on the left side. The encounter is switched on Trulia, in which the lookup results are on the left using all the maps on the right side.

We are going to look a bit more at this, and in the 2 websites in detail, below.


  • Zillow and Trulia are property databases that provide for-sale and leasing listings and connect individuals with listing brokers.
  • Zillow supplies users with an extremely graphic experience while browsing for possessions, while Trulia includes a more straightforward site layout.
  • Zillow provides Zestimates--estimated market value for someone real estate --also lists properties in both the U.S. and Canada.
  • Trulia provides customers a visual breakdown of their monthly prices for a property in addition to crime map information.


Zillow was set in 2006. Based in Seattle, the company was formed by two former Microsoft executives, Rich Barton, and Lloyd Frink. According to its site, Zillow has been"the top property and leasing market" for customers, linking them into the information and property professionals that they will need to purchase, sell, or lease a house. Over 110 million properties are listed on the site, for example, those that aren't present in the marketplace.

Zillow vs. Trulia? 2020 What is the Difference?

Based on Statista, Zillow is the most popular property site, garnering 36 million unique visitors a month as of January 2020. The website is totally free to use for both owners, listing agents, and landlords. Nearly all its revenue comes from advertising, selling area on its own package of websites --Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, among others--to land management companies, mortgage lenders, and other companies.

In comparison to Trulia, Zillow's user experience is significantly more graphic. On the other hand, you are going to see a listing of available properties in your research field that match the criteria chosen. Scrolling over every pulls up a tiny thumbnail with the price tag, in addition to the number of bedrooms and baths.

Individual properties are situated on the side of the display, beginning with all the most recent listings in the marketplace.

Property information is available in Various compartments:

  • Together, on the other hand, it is possible to scroll through pictures of the house and click on to expand any you find intriguing.
  • Crucial information is pooled in the upper right-hand corner of this result including cost, the number of bedrooms and baths, square footage, and place.
  • Just under the vital information, you will get a synopsis of the property. This segment contains the number of times on the website, the number of views the house has already had, and the number of instances other users have stored it. There's also a thorough description of this property supplied by the realtor, characteristics of the house, other houses on from the area, and neighborhood details.
  • A"Touch" button lets you connect immediately to the realtor or individual responsible for the list by sending a message.

Another attribute Zillow provides is its own Zestimates. This is the website's estimated market value for an individual property. The site highlights that Zestimates are just a beginning point to find out the worth of a house and should not be taken as a formal appraisal. The Zestimate is calculated daily utilizing a succession of information accumulated from public sources and consumers. The website also supplies a Zestimate prediction, which predicts exactly what the cost of the residence will be following one year. This figure is based on the present house and marketplace details.

You could even stay updated on research and trends in the actual estate and home market through Zillow's study tab. This section is broken up into various sections for the most recent information, information, markets, buying and selling, leasing, and policies between the marketplace.


Statista reports that Trulia has been the 2nd hottest property site,
Getting about 23 million unique monthly visits as of January 2020. The business was established in 2005 and has its headquarters in San Francisco.

Zillow vs. Trulia? 2020 What is the Difference?

The same as Zillow, Trulia provides property listings for potential property buyers, sellers, and tenants. Exactly like Zillow, Trulia makes the majority of its money from advertisements.

Though the business is currently owned by Zillow, it provides users with another experience online. Search results give a map over the side along with listings on the left side. As soon as you click on a specific list, the vital info --cost, address, number of bedrooms and baths, square footage--is recorded on top, together with an estimate of their monthly mortgage payment. Property photos and record information such as realtor contacts are given below. This is followed by a comprehensive description of this property offered by the listing broker, characteristics, and comparable houses in the region.

Trulia asserts its 34 neighborhood map overlays offer customers more insight into what it is like to reside in a house and the neighborhood. Trulia additionally supplies a visual breakdown of their monthly prices for your property, such as your mortgage payment, real estate taxes, home insurance, and any institution fees, and mortgage insurance. This gives potential buyers a notion of if they could afford a specific residence.

Another among Trulia's different features is its offense map information. The site pools crime information for areas from local law enforcement and information reports, allowing users to determine security locally.

Special Considerations

Zillow, unlike Trulia, extends past the U.S. in its own listings. In 2018, Zillow declared a partnership with quite a few Canadian brokerages and property organizations to list properties on the website. According to the Website, properties are recorded for Many Different Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Kelowna.

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